A Rattle snake and a Wedding…

A Rattle snake and a Wedding…

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, there’s a lot going on here at Clarity Towers – A W H O L E H E L L U V A L O T !!! So before I head into the office, and get caught up in all the sales stuff and next week’s retreat prep, let me tell you a story. A TRUE story…

Picture the scene. Brother Steve, girlfriend Sheila, Dave and I are staying at the old Schoolhouse in New Mexico – a place I bought years ago. Great place. Pretty wild; would make a fantastic Wild West Film location! We’re all doing our own thing in this room or that, when suddenly Steve shouts “Sheila! Snake!” (We had been to the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque the day before, and she had mooted she would like to see a snake in the wild). Well, you can imagine. We all shot to the back door where Steve was, just in time to see a very long snake slither across the path into the brush.

Lot’s of excitement. We opened the glass door and ran out to see what kind of snake. I know. Pretty bloody daft, right? So there we were, all grouped around this snake (???? Hindsight is a great thing).

Steve: I think it’s a rattle snake.

Barb: No way!

Steve: Well, it looks just like that diamond back we saw at the museum yesterday. Same markings.

At that point, this snake suddenly postures, shoots up and arches in the air like a cobra, and starts rattling like you have NEVER heard!! Oh boy. You have never seen 4 brits run backwards in flipflops so fast in your life. It was like a Benny Hill Show in reverse! Shiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!

Once we were all safely inside behind the glass door, noses pressed up against the pane watching at a distance, we got a couple of pictures. Not sure why we laughed till we cried, nerves perhaps?

But that rattler stayed there rattling away for a good half hour. I called the Ray the Forest Ranger and asked what we should do, and he just said if we got bitten, to call 911. They would come and airlift us to Albuquerque quickly, because you’ve only got about 30 minutes before your organs start shutting down. Thanks, Ray. That’s handy.

Barb: It’s 4ft long and rattly.
Ray: Got a gun?
(seriously. that is what he said)

We’re chuffed to be launching the new Clarity Matters blog today, and you’ll soon see why! There’s a bumper weekend Die Sale just started at www.claritystamp.com to celebrate too! CLICK HERE

I just got my pocket calculator out and worked out what this Weekend Die Sale actually comes out to. It is pretty good!

Let’s just go with the regular £15 dies. At 35% off they come down to £9.37. Gold Members pay £8.77. Diamond members pay £8.29 (maybe it’s time to join one of our clubs! We have a Die Club you know!!) Anyway, back to the abacus…

There’s an additional offer running parallel. Buy any 6 dies and you can pick a 7th one free. So the Clarity Club member who picks 6 £15 dies and then a 7th one free, actually saves more than he/she is spending! £105 worth of dies for under £50! Time to die-ve in!!!!

A good friend of ours is getting married next week, so I got up early today and made a quick card with one of my favourite dies.

If you would like to see the photo step by step, then come back here tomorrow! It’s a perfect project for those of you starting out on the die trail (that sounds wrong!) and I will show you a couple of other pottery things I made using just this design too….

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx


29 thoughts on “A Rattle snake and a Wedding…

  1. someone must still be on US time! (some of us had to get up to sort out a cat fight with the water pistol – you just squirt the plain water nearby and they are off!) – no cats were harmed. Great to hear about the offers, I think I’m getting into the dies more and more, not quite ready for the club – yet – though. Not sure how I’d feel about a rattle snake, probably S*** scared.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. Well Barbara you would not even have got me out of the door to begin with. Although I have held a snake , a safe one, at my grandson’s party. I only did it to try to help another little girl get over her nerves, little did she know I was terrified. Fabulous story though and glad you all ok. Die sale is an amazing offer. Thank-you. X

  3. Hi Barb,
    I’m with Lynne in that I wouldn’t have even opened the door to attempt to look at the snake – I would’ve gone in the opposite direction!! The die sale is fabulous – thank you. I’ll be going through mine to see which ones I need to get – I know the allium is certainly one of them. Great to have you back, love Alison xx

  4. Definitely an early blog today, great to hear your tale of the snake but like several of the other readers I would not have ventured out but as you say hindsight is a wonderful thing. Have checked the die sale, looks fantastic but need to go upstairs & check my stash as I don’t want to double up !!
    I tried the link to the new blog but that just takes you to the sale at the moment, perhaps the rest of the blog team aren’t up yet !! Look forward to reading it later. At least two blogs to read each day from now on – great – less time for housework !!
    Must go & vote on the Craft Awards as well before I forget.

    1. I found the new blog by putting claritymattersblog.com in the search bar for anyone else that’s looking for it.

  5. I think I would have s*** myself and then fainted if it had started rattling at me! When I was in a Native American reservation near the Grand Canyon there were signs everywhere saying about rattle snakes…luckily I didn’t see any or I would have been the one running away! I don’t do snakes.
    Love your wedding card, I keep coming back to these bird designs, just beautiful. Xx

  6. Morning bloggy friends, rainy here today so I’m off to the cinema to see Toy Story 4. Have my tissues ready as I’ve been told it gets a bit sad! Xx

  7. Well you can tell you’re back on the horse!
    I don’t think I would be venturing outside to look at a snake! Hateful creatures!
    Have a great day. I am off to look at the die sale now. I have already been on the new blog!
    Love and Hugs xxx

  8. Loved this post Barb, had a chuckle. I would not have left the house, you were very brave.
    The die offer is great, you do spoil us. Thankfully I have all I need from this and the other offers and am saving my pennies for the Weekend Wow.
    Looked at the new Clarity Matters Blog, tried to post a comment but it took me round in circles and when I hit the back button there were 4 copies of the blog page but no comment although it did accept my details for the record. Still it is early days, will try again later.
    Looks like you are up and running in the fast lane again. Take care of yourself.

  9. Everyone, the link to the new blog is at the end of Barb’s blog.

    Hi Barb, wonder if it’s the same rattle snake you encountered the last time, maybe he just came to say hello!!! Can’t imagine what it must be like to encounter deadly things, we’re so lucky in this beautiful country. Mind you folk think our wee midges are pretty deadly…!!!

    Thank you for the very generous sale.
    Hope the good feelings from your holiday helps ease you back in to work.
    Love you xx

  10. Rattle snakes – awe inspiring but from a distance. You obviously invaded his space and he let you know. Great story.
    I am going to look at the Die sale but must make sure I don’tI double up which I am very prone to do.
    I hope the meetings and stuff don’t give you a headache Barbara.
    I hope the holiday is not a distant dream yet. xx

  11. Despite telling myself I ought to be good, just had to order a couple of dies, thank you for a great die sale. Love your story, but, wouldn’t have ventured outside for a look, I’m not that brave. Will check out the new blog now. xx

  12. How exciting to see a rattler up close and personal. And so scary too. Did you know some people eat them and say they are good eating. I wouldn’t know how to cook one but that is what I hear. I have a rattler in a little tin can that my daddy killed many moons ago. Not the whole snake just the rattle part. LOL

  13. My first husband (notice I say first, meaning I had the sense to move on) collected rattlesnakes. We had a house full of them and I used to go with him when he would catch them, throw them in a bag, and set them at my feet! Whew, what awful memories you brought up, LOL!

  14. I’d have been behind the window too, I’ve nothing against snakes and wouldn’t mind holding one but one with a rattle is a different matter ! A gun ? Imagine taking a shot and missing ! Heaven knows where snake and you would end up ! Glad all ended well. Love the sale ! Must go and look. X

  15. That brought back scary memories for me! The same thing happened to us in South Africa, when we were visiting friends and my daughter came running, saying there was a snake. Turns out there was a Cobra behind the low wall in the garden, which fortunately had not spat at her. We all legged it and left it to a practised South African to deal with. Talk about squeaky bum cheeks!
    Love the new blog and I must remember to check in there every day as well. Hugs. Annette.

  16. Hi Barbara ,
    Well you were all very brave , I would have run for my life.
    We took my stepdaughter to Tenerife, and dad and daughter went into the reptile house , guess where I was waiting outside for them both ,!!!!!!no more need to be said.Lynn
    Lynn xx

  17. Noooo! The ‘s’ word! – I am terrified of them. I cant even look at a picture (or your photo) of one either in a book or on TV. – I saw one on the golf course a few years ago and just ran and ran and ran, then ended up hyperventilating. Once I stopped back in the club house I burst into tears. I am that frightened of them.
    So, please dont make a stamp or die of one! – I may run away ! – Although hubby may be pleased to see me running away from craft supplies!! Lol xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    I love hearing about your holidays, your stories are always so funny. Not sure I would have left the house to have a look though, I would have been inside standing on a chair just in case! I’m off to gave a look at the die sale and tge new blog, how exciting.
    Love Diane xx

  19. You were very brave Barb, you wouldn’t have seen me for dust. Snakes and large spiders scare me stiff. Thank you for the die sale you are so generous. Must look over the weekend to see what ones I need. Also look at the new blog.xxx

  20. Well that encounter seemed rather too close for comfort Barbara, and best to get the photo from a distance I think. Lovely for you all to get away together, a bit of family time too. x

  21. OMG, your snake story had me laughing! What a great story. I do believe the better picture would have been of you all with your nose pressed against the glass. Thanks for sharing! And I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Well earned.

    1. That would have meant one of them going back outside with the snake to take it, guess there were no volunteers…!!!

  22. Seem to be going back wards read blog yesterday but don’t think commented glad you had great holiday. Scary tale of the snake the other year and least know one was hurt not long know and s fun few days great having you back and your all rested apart from jet lag cxx

  23. Hi Barb, Pity nobody was filming all of you, you could have sent it into Funniest home videos. Mmmm snakes, not my thing anymore, was not a problem when I was much younger. Wow what a great offer on dies, pity there is so much month at the end of the money this month! Need to go look at the Clarity Matters blog. Take care all. Bx

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