A Quickie Wedding Card Project.

A Quickie Wedding Card Project.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. It’s all go here! Paul and I are gearing up for the Clarity Retreats which start on Monday. So much do do and so little time left! But it’ll all be alright on the night! We’ve got some smashing projects lined up for our guests – a really good mix. All set for a splendid week of crafty art and fun.

Speaking of projects, here’s a simple Fresh Cut Die one which I did the other day, in advance of a friend’s imminent wedding. I am not going to have time to shave my legs next week, let alone make a wedding card! So best get it done early!

Using the Birds in a Tree Die, designed by Mel. Definitely on my Top 10 Fresh Cut Dies List!

The Mega Fresh Cut Sale is going on right now. It really is epic. 35% off all dies, (plus your club discounts). And if you buy 6 dies, you can pick a 7th one absolutely free. Die-ve in!! CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE

Having just had a little wander through the Fresh Cuts Department on the Clarity Website, adding links to the products I used in the blog, I must say, #PROUDMOMENT. Our aperture designs are pretty special. In fact, I’m going back in now, to draft a TOP 10 List. I shall enjoy doing that. And then I’m going to use one of them to make a step by step project for the Sunday blog tomorrow.

Have you got a top 10 list of the designs? Go on. If you have time, do the same as me. head on over, and have a proper look at the designs. I bet you find some you didn’t know we had. I did!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. And don’t forget to wander over to the new Clarity Matters blog later. They’re not up as early as me (Mrs Jetlag), but should be surfacing before noon!!

30 thoughts on “A Quickie Wedding Card Project.

  1. Wow, you certainly are up with the lark and raring to go! This blog took me by surprise as it’s in a different format!! Love it!

  2. Fab design! I’ve got some dies sat in my basket but got to go upstairs and check on what I’ve already got ! Have a good day x x

  3. Beautiful card. I love Freshcuts dies. I’m desperate to know if there are any new Christmas dies coming up so that I can save my pennies.

  4. Hi Barb, thank you for your step by step, and blog post. I was up early too, well early for me, 8.30am. Had been awake for a bit, watching Hochanda, so thought “why not just get up”, regretting it now though…!!! I hope your prep for the retreats gets done super quick so you can put your feet up for a bit. Love you xx

  5. So glad you had a truly technological free break away from it all with the people who really matter in your life. Love this step by step so guess where I’m off to now……(this could be expensive but what the heck). Really looking forward to the retreat next week xxx

  6. I love those dies. I already have them and find them so useful. I hope the Retreats go well next week. I would love to be there but unfortunately I started back to work yesterday after a nice long break. I will need to plan my holidays better next year. However, I am going to Leyburn and the Parchment workshop which will be great and they are not all that far away either! Have a good weekend. Hx

  7. Great step by step. Have this die set so may have a play later. Ordered 2 dies from the sale, now trying to resist going back for another quick look. Hope your prep goes well, so you can relaxing rest of the day. xx

  8. These cards with the fresh cut dies and glitter behind are always so sophisticated and are quick too. I have made a few and love them. Hope you get through your retreat jobs for today. Xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    What a great card, my go to one for weddings and anniversaries is the heart in the tree die with the birds. The glitter is sat on the table as I had an idea the other day but haven’t got round to it yet! Oh look I bought a 12×12 pad in the sale last month, I must have known I would need it. Had a little peep at the Dies yesterday, there’s at least one I like but haven’t bought it ……….yet. Enjoy your day and don’t work too hard.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Great card case all packed ready to travel down tomorrow ready for retreat so looking forward to couple days crafting with you all friends and new friends that will meet there. X

  11. Another fab demo Barbara. Linking the card to the envelope is a great idea. I must get my 12×12 papers out. Good luck with the retreats. xx

  12. Not ventured into Fresh Cut ‘country’ yet but am tempted with the current offer…anyone know a good divorce solicitor if I do? lol!

  13. Love the dies and have the majority of them. Found some ancient card the other day so I got out the cutting machine and cut all the dies 4 times, one on the scrap for the folder, one on black, one on white and one on craft. I now have lots in hand to make up when in the mood or for an occasion.
    Still having trouble getting to Clarity Matters but will keep trying, could be me, could be the lap top (it’s ancient!!) may point Ray at it as he is good with computers.
    Love the ‘snow cap’ idea, will try it tomorrow.
    Hope all goes well with the prep for the retreat. Is it really a whole week? What am I missing.

    1. Tried Matters again, got in, read the post and the replies, commented, clicked keep my details for future, clicked send, no comment appeared but looks like my details have been kept. What am I doing wrong?

      1. Hi Cherry, I think our first comments on the new blog need to by accepted by admin before it shows up in the comments. As long as you keep using your same personal details, your future comments should show up immediately. Hope that helps xx

          1. I had a wee look and your comment yesterday on the new blog isn’t showing. Could you try a different browser, some websites don’t work so well on some browsers, just one of those things you can’t do anything about. Google Chrome browser is a good one to try if you’re having issues with a specific website not doing what it should. You could also try deleting cookies and browsing data in your browser, then closing your browser. And delete temporary files and stored cookies on your hard drive too before trying to leave a comment again. Sometimes that works. Ray should be able to do that for you. Remember to wait for a while after you’ve tried posting a comment, for the admin person to approve your first one, otherwise they’ll end up inundated with all your tries!!! If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. If it’s still not working you could phone Clarity, or email, if that’s possible for you to do, one of their techy people should be able to work out the issue you’re having xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Gorgeous card. I have all of these dies and love them, very elegant. I also really like the woodland set too – great for man cards. However, I have to say, I just like them all! My task today is to go through all my dies and see what I haven’t got – I know the alliums and dandelions are waiting to fall into my basket, but just need to check the others. Good luck with the retreats, I’m sure they will be brilliant. I’m just looking forward to Leyburn weekend ( not too long now) . Love Alison xxx

  15. Love the blog in this format. Haven’t looked at which dies I need yet as had a full on day yesterday at The Severn Valley Steam Railway. Early start as we had to get there, then a late return as had a meal after. Melanie had bought it for Jon (hubby steam train enthusiast) as his 50th present and could take guests. He took turns in driving the train and being the fireman (shovelling the coal) under supervision of course. Hard work but he thoroughly enjoyed it, we had the best deal sat relaxing watching the world go by. Fantastic day out.xxx

  16. Realised I read the blog yesterday but didn’t comment as I was on my phone & find it easier to type on my laptop. Love the step by step & this could be used with the other dies to. Like the frame, it just sets it off & using the 2nd one on the envelope making it all match makes it extra special. Hope you managed to get all the retreat prepping done so you can have a rest today.

  17. Your fresh cut sale is just in time to help me catch up on my Christmas cards this year as I’m way behind! To be honest I haven’t started yet 😂. Noone will know they were created so easily will they and I can’t bring myself to buy cards when I have so much stash in the craft room!

  18. Hi Barb, I love your step by steps. They are so easy to follow and replicate. The die design and the paper are a perfect match. Given me some ideas for a card. Take care all. Bx

  19. Thanks for the project and for the fab sale. My favourite dies include the Earth has Music set, Treescape, Woodland Animals set, the hares set, Bird Pairs trio and Rocky Block. Have had great fun last weekend trapping the scrap using bird pairs.

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