Let me introduce you to……

Let me introduce you to……

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday!

The response to “Get Your Art Out” has been brilliant, I can’t wait to share the gallery with you all on Wednesday. If you’re not sure what I am on about, then check out the blog from Friday HERE.

Well, I can tell you the team in the office have had lots of laughs reading the responses to the caption competition! A big thank you to everyone who took part.

Ian and Anna have decided that the winning caption is……………………

“On flaming days – flaming goes!”

So congratulations to Janet – please contact Jeannine at the office and she will arrange to issue you with your £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

A few weeks back, we had a team meeting to work out some ideas for the various blog posts and create a schedule in order to help me out. As Barb always says “Team work makes the dream work!”

They came up with the idea of introducing you to some of the team behind the scenes at Clarity Towers. Simon & Jordan (the Clarity Film Crew) thought it would be a good idea to make a video. The project needed a name and so we came up with the “Monday Meetup”.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the lovely Jeannine………….

How great was that?

I hope that you enjoyed it.

Next week I will introduce you to the lovely Debbie.

So until tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

39 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to……

  1. So nice to see the face of someone I’ve spoken to many times on the phone. Always so helpful and sorts out any queries with ease. Thank you Jeannine. Xx

  2. I really enjoyed Jeannine’s introduction, she is so helpful and friendly, always enjoy talking to her when I ring up to place an order. Looking forward to Debbie’s introduction too. Congratulations Janet on winning the caption, it was definitely a good one. It’s cooled down here at last Paul, just in time for us to holiday, here come the storms and the rain. Never mind. I’m taking plenty of Groovi and a few good books to read, that’ll see me through.xx

    1. Hi Donna, had a good day the weather has been sunny so got lots of thing done, while the weather stays good but just wait for tomorrow !!!! its going to be pants.
      Now just having another look at the Clarity Sale to see which other things i need .
      Have a good week .
      Lynn xx

  3. Hi All , that was a great video what a wonderful way to get to know a person and put a face to the name.
    What a lovely idea for Monday Meet up , i think this is great looking forward to meeting the lovely Debbie next week.
    Have a good week all.
    Lynn xxx

  4. Hello Jeannine, lovely to hear about your background. I’ve always been so impressed by your brilliant customer service. You have always managed to sort me out!! Thank you.

  5. It was nice to see Jeannine she was very helpful to me a while ago when one of my parcels didn’t arrive as expected. Thank you Jeannine for your great customer service. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Janet, enjoy your goodies.
    Hello Jeannine, me no talk on the phone if at all possible, but I know you’ve emailed me before.

    Hi Paul, hope you had a good day. Glad to hear you’ve got lots of photos emailed in. What, no weather report today? I guess you must have been working too hard to notice!!! See you tomorrow xx

  7. What a brilliant idea and well thought out and presented. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else soon.
    It would also be brilliantly if we could have a glimps of the products being made.
    Thank you to everyone at Clarity.

  8. How lovely to put face to the voice! Linguists impress me no end – I should have tried harder! And thank you all for the arrival of my latest orders.

  9. What a good idea. I’ve spoken to Jeannine on the phone a couple times and she was so helpful. So nice to see her.

  10. How lovely to ‘meet’ Jeanine. She is always so friendly and amazingly helpful and efficient. It is a great idea to let us meet the people we only read or hear about, so thank you.
    I am very excited tonight, as I have just received an e mail to say that the ODS at the weekend is the new Princess plates! Yippee! I am addicted to the Kings and Queens, so have been eagerly awaiting the next designs. Thank you Josie – I can’t wait to see them and get my order in on Sunday.
    Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  11. I have spoken with Jeannine many times. She is so helpful, nothing is too much trouble to her. She is a great asset to Clarity, it is lovely to be able to put a face to the name and voice. What a wonderful team of people they are at Clarity Towers. Thank you for the insight.

  12. How lovely to put a face to the name & the delightfully calm helpful voice that is Jeaninne. Such a lovely lady. More please Paul, thank you.

  13. Hi Jeannine – your help in solving my groovi problem – had lots of it, never used it , needed to find a home for it – brought me together with Penny and we have now become good friends! Thank you.

  14. What a nice woman! So skilled and kind. Glad to have the first instalment of the new feature. So looking forward to hearing from everyone.

  15. Great new feature of the blog – I look forward to meeting many more of the team and getting some glimpses inside the Clarity world. It was fascinating listening to the podcast that Barbara did a little while ago, and this is another interesting way to get to know more about the company and the team. Well done, too, to Jeannine, for being brave enough to be the first to step into the spotlight!

  16. Ah ha! This is the lovely lady who has so often helped and advised me !
    This is a great idea Paul

  17. Hi Paul,
    What a great idea this is. I have spoken to Jeannine many times on the phone and she is always so polite, helpful and friendly ,so it is lovely to be able to put a face to the voice. The video was lovely too. I spoke to a lovely lady on the phone today ( sorry can’t remember her name) who sorted out my problem of not being able to get onto the members sale very efficiently – thank you for that. Looking forward to the ODS at the weekend with the Princess plates – I think I might be visiting the naughty step again – do you think there’ll be room for me?
    Love Alison x

  18. What a great idea. It is so good to be able to put a face to the name and indeed the voice! Thank you for that, Paul and Jeannine.

  19. Have spoken to Jeannine many times and she is always so helpful. Met her at the April retreat and had a chat, such a nice lady.
    Weather here is cooler, drizzly and overcast.
    Got my Woodland plates and dies today, they are great. Will have to order more folders soon though.
    Just a hint I’ve found useful – when putting a folded insert in a card run the tape/glue down the FRONT of the card or insert close to the fold. The insert can then be positioned on the back of the open card and the front folded down. When the card is opened the insert comes up with front.
    Night, night.🍒🍒🍒

  20. Great to now be able to put Jeannine’s face to her name…such a pleasant and helpful lady to speak to! Look forward to meeting more of the Clarity ‘Dream Team’ over the coming weeks. Congratulations Janet, enjoy your prize. Looking forward to the weekend shows and will be poised ready to place my order for the Princesses…well I can’t spoil my ‘Royal’ collection now can I?! Xx

  21. Hi Paul and Jeannine, how lovely to get to know you in this way, a fab way to get to know more about the Clarity team. Well done Janet, that was a good one, enjoy your voucher. Take care all. Bx

  22. What a great idea for everyone to get to know the ladies & gents “behind the scenes” 😊
    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jeannine face-to-face. What a lovely lady she is.
    Looking forward to Deb’s video next week 😍 xxx

  23. That was lovely. Jeannine is a wonderful lady who greets everyone like a special friend. Obviously a great asset to the Clarity team. Well done to Janet as well on your prize winning caption. X

  24. Hello Jeannine, how lovely to put a face to the voice, such a lovely helpful lady.
    Best wishes

  25. Oh thank you Paul – it is lovely to meet such a dedicated lady. It was Jean-of-nine (hope she’s OK being called that, but that’s how I remember her name!) that got me interested in the clubs – and now I’m in one! So we all have a lot to thank her for.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) it’s just begun to thunder and rain as I am typing this – better go and check Bendy-cat is OK – he’s not very good with big noises!

  26. What a great video and how lovely to put a face to a name I have seen many times and also spoken to .
    Many thanks for my voucher -I was really surprised when Jeannine mailed me to say I’d won! have already spent it -on some of the new papers.

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