Fun Caption Competition Time!

Fun Caption Competition Time!

Hi everyone,

Today’s weather update: wet, wet, wet, wet! Woke up at 2am this morning with the rain lashing against the window – it was that heavy, I thought someone was knocking to come in!

So today has been a bit of a washout and plans changed, but I just went with the flow (more of a trickle than a flow!) A day of doing pretty much nothing, recharge the batteries a bit, make a plan for the week ahead (busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!) but hey, we have a great team at Clarity Towers, so I know that I am not on my own and everyone will jump to it.

So let’s cheer up this wet dreary Saturday with a bit of fun! During the mini heatwave earlier this week Ian (Ian runs the machines with Brother Steve that churns out all the Groovi plates) and Anna (who jumps around all the different departments helping where required) turned up for work like this……….

How funny! (although Anna does not look that impressed!)

So for a chance to win a £20 Clarity Gift Vouchers add a fun caption in the comments below and then on Monday I will pick a winner.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

100 thoughts on “Fun Caption Competition Time!

  1. Oh how funny! My caption would be ” Hey! I’ve told you to stop going through my wardrobe!” I will leave it to you to decide who is saying it. Mostly drizzle here today but sooooo much cooler so I don’t mind in the least. Xx

  2. You’ve heard of double denim, we’ll this is the modern version named flipping heck flamingo😂

  3. Flamingo-ing to keep cool!!! ?
    So you’re the one who nicked my shorts!!!

    It has rained all day here and outdoors is definitely cooler, but indoors hasn’t cooled much. Norfolk looks to be a comfortable 22C for the next few days.
    Lots of jobs piling up so need to get them done now the temperature is dropping, may even get some crafting done. Quite a few Groovi plates have been delivered and I want to get cracking on these. I see the Princess plates are coming up next week. Must have a chat with the financial controller(lol).

  4. Hi Paul, I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, the love that’s all around me, and so the feeling grows… Aye, wet, wet, wet here today too!!! Not much of anything going on here either, cfs has been badly affected by the extreme heat we had, so no too well. I did manage a wee bit crafting though which is good. That’s so funny, it’s the girl I feel sorry for!!! I think my caption would be – see that Hayley Smith, she told me her flamingo fabric was a one off exclusive…
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

  5. Your joking lm not swapping with you ,,,,,lm keeping my t-shirt on you can keep your shorts yourself 🤣🤣

  6. Can’t make my mind up between:

    You have no street cred in wearing what the older folks are wearing!
    Shouldn’t there have been a football match before you swapped your shirts!

  7. I’m rocking these shorts, how about swopping tops(Ian) Rocking it really.! Stop flapping on I’ve got better legs than yours are more stork than Flamingo (Anna)

  8. Ian: “Hey ho, we’re practically a matching pair, Anna.
    Anna: “Yes, Pretty Flamingos”.
    Hope you have better weather tomorrow Paul, it’s been dry here and a bit cooler thank goodness.

  9. To flamingo or not to flamingo
    That is the question
    Should we not swap and be a matching pair
    Or just laugh and enjoy.

  10. Cross dressing! I don’t know what you mean. I’m not cross at all.
    Very wet here in Worcestershire today. Sounds like there are lots of new things to look forward to.
    X Chris

  11. To each other
    ‘I’ve got an outfit like yours at home !’

    Woke to rain too, gardens need it ha! Ha! And good to be a bit cooler. Hoping it’s gone by Monday as new floor being laid so furniture has to go outside ! Please keep fingers crossed. Thanks for the competition ! X

  12. Hi Paul
    Oh you do like being naughty don’t you. I think the caption is
    Would you flamingo believe it, you go to that shop too!
    Oh I bet that caused great hilarity at work that day. Enjoy your restful weekend.
    Love Diane x

  13. That’s were my shorts went , how did he flamingo get um nothing safe around here x what fun can imagine there faces so much better weather wise today more my day let’s see what tomorrow brings night Paul x

    1. Ana: “Ian! You’re sooo not going to wear my Groovi Flamingo top to match your shorts while you strut your stuff on the Clarity catwalk and getting into the groove on those hot machines with Steve!!!

  14. Ana: “Ian! You’re sooo not going to wear my Groovi Flamingo top to match your shorts while you strut your stuff on the Clarity catwalk and get into the groove on those hot machines with Steve!!!”

  15. “Wrong half boyo, I told you the shirt, put on the shirt! Ugh! Men!” Love that photo, speaks so many words, lol.

  16. You received the rogue email to wear flamingos today. No one else did – I’m glad I didn’t choose to wear shirts cos they look like random boxers.

  17. When Paul introduced the new dress code at work, we thought we’d have a uniform each, not one between two!

  18. The new uniform for Clarity.
    Not sure if the gang will go with it though when there is snow on ground in December!
    Work in progress.

  19. Good morning all,
    “Barbara was wondering where the fabric for the staff room had gone.”
    Looking cute and cool both of them. X

  20. Hi Paul, yep, there has been loads of rain and storms around, but at least it has cooled the weather down. My caption would be “I know you wanted to be creative and try replicate the print, but could you not just have taken a photo of the original?” Take care all. Bx

  21. Paul had secretly been reading vogue magazine for years. He thought his secret would never come out… little did he know!

  22. Hi Paul
    Thank you for the Competition.

    Not sure if my comment will be accepted but here goes!!!
    Does my Bum look big in these?

  23. “Oh, no, we’ve been flamingo’d!”
    ” I know Barb is in Hawaii and in the holiday mood but this new uniform is taking it too far!!”

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