Get Your Art Out – The Gallery

Get Your Art Out – The Gallery

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well.

I have had a pleasant day prepping for the 2pm-4pm show on Sunday (covering for Barb). I have a selection of something new and something old to tempt you with.

I must admit that it felt very strange with Barbara not being here and getting ready on my own. So far I have done 4 little demos, but want to do another 4, but those I will leave until tomorrow.

All I can say is, I am sooooooo pleased that I don’t have to prep anything for the One Day Special launching at 6pm on Sunday – Josie Davidson is the lead and I will just be crafting along!!!! So now that I have teased you enough let’s get back to business and talk about the title of today’s blog.

Well, how about that then? I’m not one for exaggeration, but we’ve been overwhelmed by your fantastic response to our CTA (Call To ART
😄 ) on Friday’s blog. As I explained on Friday, not everyone is on Facebook, so I thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of your work, here on the blog.

It is a huge delight for us to see how creative you are with Clarity products. It is great to see that our stamps, stencils, Groovi Plates and Fresh Cut Dies are being put to good use.

You know, we all start our crafting journeys at different times and under different circumstances, but what we all share in is the delight and escape that is brings us. The satisfaction of starting and completing a project, of bringing artwork to life, and then seeing others enjoy it. It’s the desire to share knowledge with others.

One of Barb’s mantras is “Education, Education, Education”. It is the passing on of what we learn and create that builds and unites our crafting communities, whether you stamp, stencil, die-cut or parch.

So thank you all for taking part. Keep on crafting!

Please, sit back, relax, scroll down, and marvel at the quality of the gallery below – all the work that YOU have done. (Cue accompanying music for Vision On/Take Hart).

To say I am blown away is an understatement. So many familiar names.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Enjoy the rest of your evening. I will be back again tomorrow.

Paul xxx

34 thoughts on “Get Your Art Out – The Gallery

  1. Wonderful art from everyone! Thank you Clarity, I am so enjoying my journey with your fantastic dies, stamps, stencils and Groovi. This would not be possible without your guidance. xx

  2. Lovely to see such a wide variety of inspiration. I know it is my choice not to “do Facebook” but I miss the involvement I used to feel when the monthly challenge was running. I do understand though how much additional work these things make. Maybe we could have a Pinterest board we could all join & post our own work on? Just a thought, might be a relatively easy way for us all to see each others work?
    Anyway Paul, thanks for including me, I am very flattered xx

  3. Fantastic artwork from everyone! It’s lovely to see so many people have plucked up the courage to share their artwork!
    Great idea to do this is a post Paul!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Hi Paul,
    Wow! What a fabulous collection of artwork. I’m very flattered that one of mine was included ( thank you) and very humbled to be included with such talented people. I hope that doesn’t sound pompous. In my case, it is purely down to the wonderful Clarity products whether it is dies, Groovi , coloured parchment and designer papers. Thank you to everyone at Clarity. Lynne, I too miss the monthly challenge and I was lucky enough to win one of them. I don’t do Facebook either. It is lovely to see some very familiar names in the “ gallery “ above. Looking forward to the shows at the weekend. Love Alison x

  5. Big round of applause to one and all! Beautiful artwork from everyone and it’s great to see everyone’s different styles. Keep up the good work! Xx

  6. Brilliant, just brilliant – love ’em all!
    Love to everyone- and WELL DONE!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  7. Hi All,
    What a wonderful gallery of art work, well done everyone.
    It just shows how talented you all are, and we all have to thank Clarity for all the wonderful products and inspiration Clarity had given us all.
    Lynn xx 💖

  8. Oh Wow! What a fantastic collection of art work. Sharing is so good for inspiring people with different ideas. Thank you for the idea Paul, could we make it a regular thing? I expect it is quite time consuming so maybe just once a month? I do like seeing what everyone creates. Hope the prep goes well and I look forward to watching at the weekend. XX

  9. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is OK with the horrible floods further up the country. Such challenging weather recently. XX

  10. As Donna says, I hope that everyone is ok, after seeing the terrible damage that the rain has done in some areas.
    Thank you Paul, for including one of my cards in the gallery. I am a member of the ENGG and Groovi worldwide and occasionally put work on Facebook so I hope that nobody minds.i suppose I just wanted people to see what Groovi can do for someone like me, who had tried parchment craft with no success until it came along. Thanks to all those who shared – there is some really beautiful work there.
    I can’t wait for Sunday and the latest addition to my Royal Family. I am addicted to those plates. 🙂
    Have a good evening. hugs. Annette X

  11. Fantastic artwork, all so different. Plenty of inspiration for everyone.
    Thanks Paul for thinking of the idea, thanks fellow Crafters for sharing your work xx

  12. Wow , artwork just beautiful.Thank you for showing one of mine .It was the first time I have e mailed a photo anywhere thanks to Brenda for the instructions!So many talented crafters.Great idea.Warm regards Carmel x

  13. Good evening all!
    I am a newbie with social media but have used Clarity products for many crafting years. Thank you for showing my sample picture and my support for all those wonderful designer papers and card you produce. They are a delight to stitch through and bring out the best of my creativity with their unique colours and quality. Keep up the good work team and I will be watching AND stitching on Sunday!!

  14. Hi Paul, lovely artwork everyone, every one a masterpiece in it’s own right. That was my ‘playing it safe’ one they’ve picked😉!!! Had a big panic with my wee cat today, she seems ok just now, need to keep a close eye on her, it will totally break me if she’s ill, I love her so much.
    Glad I was able to help Carmel, and that you sent in a photo.

  15. Wonderful to see everyone’s artwork, well done to everyone who sent in work. There are so many talented people out there who give us all a lot of inspiration. xx

  16. Good evening all!
    I am a newby with social media but have crafted for many years with Clarity products. Thank you for posting my sample picture giving support to the wonderful designer card and papers you produce which are a delight to STITCH into! The colours and quality are a must for creativity and imagination. I ‘ll be watching AND stitching as the tv is on on Sunday!!
    Love…theuva Barbara! Kirk!

  17. I have loved seeing everyone’s artwork in one gallery – such a variety of work and all so beautiful. Good luck with tomorrow’s prep Paul and we’ll see you on Sunday!

  18. Such a good idea to show the work of others, it is encouraging to see the variety achieved.
    Weather much cooler today, overcast and drizzly. I do hope that no-one got caught by that horrendous flood. I do whatever I can to minimise our impact on climate change but feel like it’s a losing battle. I see so many people being careless and wasteful I want to scream!!!
    Moan over – I’m off to finish my Autumn projects.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  19. It’s smashing to see what the Clarity family get up to with every piece being unique & captivating. This fam certainly share the same Clarity genes🤗👫👬👭👫👭👭👫👬
    I’m a massive Pinterest fan, not being on Facebook or Instagram, so I’m forever pinning Clarity & Groovi art. It keeps me off the streets & other crafty websites ……. usually. 💞
    Also just discovered WOMWW (What’s on my Workdesk Wednesday) but again, as I don’t partake in Facebook, I try to engage crafter’s on Twitter. The only snag is that I keep forgetting what day it is🙈

  20. To be honest have done anything for while what with all building works dust etc but hopefully soon have space to create again. But wow beautiful art work you have had sent in some much talent out there, your doing a great job Paul I’m looking forward to watching on Sunday must remember to set record just in case and to watch again well late so night night xxx

  21. What a pleasure to see everyone’s art work, brilliant idea Paul as I can just about manage an email but facebook posting is still beyond me (still). Like some of the others I too miss the monthly challenge but hey ho things move on. Really looking forward to Sunday and the ODS.

  22. Hello Paul, wow what an awesome gallery of creativity. So much talent and diverse interpretation. It would be lovely to keep adding to a gallery with more images as I always find something that will inspire me to be creative. Well done everyone creations to be proud of. Take care all. Bx

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