Youtube Tuesday – Sam Crowe’s Symmetry in Yellow

Youtube Tuesday – Sam Crowe’s Symmetry in Yellow

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. I am so excited that Sam did the following Youtube1 I LOVE this piece of artwork that she did, using Tina’s stamps! It is so excellent! The minute I saw the art sampler months ago, I immediately wanted to learn how to do it and emulate it. Which is the sign of a great piece of art , isn’t it? Well done Sam!

And this little set of stamps stole the show. Literally. We can’t make enough fast enough. And when you see the mixed media piece that Sam has just shown you, it’s easy to understand, isn’t it? Great price this week, so go for it!

Forgive me for dashing off. I am on TV on Friday, 8am and 12 noon. launching a new set of Fresh Cut Dies, illustrated by our Mel, and a pair of brand new Designer Paper pads, designed by our Dee. Oh how lucky am I, to be surrounded by so many clever, creative women! But I must crack on with the demo prep….

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – Sam Crowe’s Symmetry in Yellow

  1. Hi BArbara. I am so sorry that I have not commented for what must be over a week now. I have read your news every day, but have had an ‘odd’ week and somehow have not been able to put anything into words which have made much sense, if you know what I mean!
    Anyway, I hope you had a great week with your lovely Grace, a happy anniversary day yesterday and that all is well in Clarity Land, with all the exciting new products and tv shows ahead.
    Enjoy your pottery tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  2. What a wonderful demo. I really enjoy watching and listening to Sam. She takes the stress out of being to neat and tidy with your art. thank you so much

  3. Yes, a great you tube which I’m half way through. Liked the simple techniques of this one. Good luck with the prep x x

  4. Loved this weeks You Tube video from Sam & nice surprise as it was on earlier this week so watched it over breakfast before heading out to take my mom to do her shopping.
    Looking forward to the shows later this week from Tina & yourself. I have also remembered to put them on to record so I can refer back to them as I find you always see something else when you watch a 2nd or 3rd time.
    Enjoy your pottery class tomorrow, what did you make with the rings cut from the tube vases ? or is it still work in process ?

  5. An unusual YouTube from Sam. Only managed to watch part of it and then the rains came down !!!

    The thunder roared, the lightening flashed,
    And all the world was shaken.
    A little pig curled up his tail
    And ran to save his bacon.

    He ran out of luck though ‘cos we had bacon sani’s for lunch.

    Been sorting out some random boxes full of off cuts I found this week-surprising how many cards you can make from these bits plus a few toppers. Back to parching now.

    Sleep well. 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Hi Barbara & Everyone,
    Looking forward to seeing Tina & yourself this week with all new products.
    Looking forward to the Fresh Cut Dies , as i am such a fan of these they give me such great cards and something always different .
    Have a great show & a safe journey to the studios.
    Lynn xx

  7. I think I will always now be a fan of the lovely Sam cos she helped me get over my Gelli plate issues and now I’m loving it so much lol! Love what she did this week too. I may just have to get those stamps, especially as they are on such a great offer, shouldn’t really but hey ho got to buy stamps when they are that price lol! xx

  8. Not yet watched Sam’s You Tube, but will get around to it…actually have quite a few to catch up on. Looking forward to both your and Tina’s shows… recorder set ready as am busy unpacking my crafty stuff…and it’s going to take some time! Xx

  9. Great video of Sam’s with Tina’s beautiful stamps what to have a go not sure if have those stamps and away anyway but will be home Friday to watch your shows brilliant. Joy

  10. Hi Barb, a great video, Sam always does brilliant stuff and gives lots of great tips. Looking forward to the shows. Take care all. Bx

  11. Watched this and the card is beautiful, love the symmetry of it. Beautiful stamps too! Don’t know how I have missed them…will have to have a look on the website. XX

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