YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Art

YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Art

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. We are still at work, getting ready for the Open Days, so I am going to hand over to Sam Crowe today. She has done a superb little video for us, using the Gelpress. I watched with great interest as she plucked colour from the Gelpress plate, a little at a time, a layer at a time, and built her printed cards. Very arty, very creative – and actually, very easy, once you know how!







All the things Sam used are on sale this week, until next week’s Youtube takes over, so dive in!

Apologies for jogging on, but I really would like to get home before dark!!

Love & hugs,

Barb xxx

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15 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Art

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sam – she certainly made it look easy – but she has an easy way with her generally. Looking forward to any more videos she may have coming up.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. Looks like the Geli plates will have to come out again soon. Must have some practice with them before I start creating because they are not my primary ‘go to’ items as I don’t have much space to do messy work.
    It poured with rain all night, heard the thunder, slept badly and woke up to more rain. Exhausted, so decided to have a lazy day. No TV, no computers, just quiet. Dug out a box of craft oddments left over (unpacked) from the days before we moved. What a surprise.!!! Lots of unfinished cards from my workshop days so I decided to finish some of them. Well, completed 50, made 28 toppers ready to be attached to cards, and got rid of a load of rubbish. Now where did today go? Somewhere I have the remnants of my parchment workshops so I may have another day (or 2 or 3) as I’ve enjoyed today so much. The local charity shop will benefit I hope.
    Hope the Open Day goes well – wish I could be there.
    Have a good evening

  3. Thank-you Sam, I will get my Gel Press when I get back from the Open Days. It will stretch me to get as grungy as you do though. Great ideas. xx

  4. That paper paste is much too soft for my taste. I prefer the Grunge Paste as that really gives stucture.

  5. FANTASTIC Sam! Thanks for your inspiration, enthusiasm & grungyness – is that a word???? Love your artwork as you know! See you on Saturday 😁
    Love, Mrs Panky xxx

  6. Hi Barb, I’ll watch the youtube when I can. Hoping these will help open doors in my brain so I can get into abstract art. Thank you Sam, and Barb. Hope you are home now with your feet up. Xxx

  7. Brilliant Sam, must have more practice as I’m never happy with how mine turn out. Love the grunge paste it really lifts them. Look forward to your next utube Tuesday.xx

  8. I have the 6 x 6 gel plate and I do use it but must admit haven’t had it out for a long time. I only have a very few acrylic paints which I bought cheap just to give it a go, but I don’t like the colours much now, so maybe I will invest in some nicer ones. Thank you to Sam for giving us lots of inspiration on how to achieve these very pretty backgrounds. x

  9. I love Sam! She makes this look so easy and I’ve learnt so much. Thanks for all the inspiration- definitely can’t wait to get my gel press out now.

  10. Fabulous video from Sam, made the ideas seem so doable, so to speak. I now have a large Gelli plate at the top of my wish list along with several of the other products she used. Costing me a fortune is Sam lol!!!

  11. Hello Barb and Sam, very arty, very creative, Sam you make it look so easy. I really need to get my gel plates out and play more. Take care all. Bx

  12. Loved the video I’ve not used the gel plate the way Sam did so thank you for that.
    Looking forward to open day in Layburn.
    Take care xxx

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