A Peacock Floral Urn

A Peacock Floral Urn

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Dashing out the door to pottery. There’s sooooo much work on the table here, and those two pesky gits Wurka and Hollick have been badgering me all morning to just capitulate and knuckle down.

But. It has to be done. Can’t miss it. At so many different levels, I have to go to class! Apart from anything, I threw a load of little pots at the Throwdown on Saturday morning, and HAVE to turn them in readiness for the Raku class I have signed up for at the end of the month! Cos if I don’t turn them, them won’t get fired in time, and I won’t have anything to go to the Raku dance with! Then there’s that little thing called “Sanity”. I have to step away from the coal face every so often, just to regroup in my head, unravel the spaghetti brain !

So before I shoot off, I will just give a shout out to our Maria, who is just about to launch a brand new beautiful Design by our ever clever Mel on TV.

Fab aperture Die
Anne Dimitriou
Wendy Thorburn
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Shelagh Metselaar
Superb Stamp.
Beautiful Stencil
Anne Dimitriou
Debbie McMullin
Shelagh Metselaar
Shelagh Metselaar
Sarah Brennan
Anne Dimitriou

I think this particular design is super for so many occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and graduations. So do join Maria on HOCHANDA.com. She will blow you away with her ideas and creativity.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “A Peacock Floral Urn

  1. Enjoy your pottery, stop the whirligig in your head, try to chill.
    Put Maria’s show on record as we had to take hubby to the hospital this morning for a check up, weren’t sure we’d get back in time. Good job I did as there has been one disturbance after another since we got in and I’ve managed about 2 minutes viewing !!! Nevertheless an order is on its way – after all who could resist peacocks like this, especially with such super samples to tempt us. Will watch properly later.
    Hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Hope the pottery goes well. Just got in from lunch so have to catch up with Maria. I loved listening to the pod cast you did. It explained everything you do and shows how much you appreciate your team and us. X

  3. Hi Barbara, had to miss Maria’s show today but will catch up later.
    This die is a must, just love these dies.
    Hope you’re classes go down ok ,and you come away a little bit better.
    Lynn xx

  4. Wish I could come to the raku class. You will have so much fun and hopefully some wonderful surprises. Enjoy, you lucky lady.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Hope you enjoyed your pottery class and got everything done that you needed to. Caught the first half of Maria’s first show and really enjoyed it. Fabulous products and yet again, fabulous DT samples. I have to say that Clarity’s DT produce the best samples I’ve seen and really do the company proud. Been absolutely awful up here today – it hasn’t stopped raining and it’s so cold – I’ve had to put the heating on ( the cat is now happy!) love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. I did catch Maria early on and she did a great job as usual. Pottery is so important to you that you shouldn’t miss it because it gives you something more, another dimension, and you are so good at it too Barbara, so never feel guilty. I look forward to seeing how your pieces turn out. Enjoy!!

  7. Love the new die and stamp. Will watch Maria shows later on to see her amazing demos. Have fun at pottery. Xx

  8. Really enjoyed Maria’s programme. She got through a lot and showed loads of ideas. Everything worked so well together. The Pottery Throw Down programme on T.V filmed a few miles away from me at Middleport Pottery did a week on Raki. I thought it was amazing.

  9. Missed Maria totally today, but the boxes won’t pack themselves! Might try to catch up a little on Hochanda’s Rewind tomorrow. Hope pottery went well and you managed to block those little beggars Wurka and Hollick out for at least a few hours. xx

  10. Not got to watch Maria’s shows as yet but hopefully will watch them tomorrow. The die, stamp and stencil all look great. Hope you had a good pottery class today and showed that Wurka and Hollick the door. Also hope you have had a time for some rest ready for your busy Open Days.xxx

  11. Need to catch up on show loving the new stamp and stencil is it me or can I see a face on it . Hooped you managed to in wind that head at pottery this afternoon and relax a bit wish was coming looks great fun, hopefully will get to next one but least got the retreat in August to look forward to lots love have fun Joy xx

  12. Hi Barb, hope you enjoyed Pottery class, and managed to get your pots turned. Maria’s shows were stupendous, love the die especially. Take care all. Bx

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