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Thanks for popping in. Now please don’t throw your coffee at me, don’t throw me under the bus here – I am only the messenger – but did you know that the CHRISTMAS SEASON started today! I know, I know. It’s June, for Pete’s sake!! But heyho, Pete’s decided it’s Christmas on Hochanda, so Christmas it is!

And who better to sing in the festive spirit, than our darling Tina?!

Wait till you see the beautiful little Christmas parchlets that she has designed just for the occasion! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Jane Telford
Josie Davidson
Josie Davidson
Ronk Langton
Ronk Langton
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson
Jane Telford
Ronk Langton
Jane Telford

I do hope you can tune in to watch Tina work her magic. It never ceases to baffle me how effortessly this lady can create the most exquisite parchment art.

We (Paul and I) should be arriving at the studios just as Tina is leaving ! Early start at 8am on Friday morning, so travelling up the day before, to give ourselves plenty of time to sit in traffic and set up! Paul is going with me, which is always a pleasure, and makes life so much easier!

What am I showcasing? The trio of beautiful Fresh Cut dies and a pair of superb designer paper pads I told you about yesterday. I am pretty sure I told you about them. Or am I talking to myself again?

Let me find some pics….

Wendy Thorburn
Shelagh Metselaar
Maria Moorhouse
Maria Moorhouse
Dee Paramour

So, let me recap, Tina is on at 11am and 2pm today and I am on at 8am and 12noon tomorrow.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “HOCHANDA TV SHOWS Back to back!

  1. So much loveliness from one company. You always nail it Barbara! Those new papers and dies are fab! They will be on my wish list for sure!
    I am just getting ready to watch Tina with her really pretty plates and then tomorrow is a real treat to have your shows on.
    Safe journey to Hochanda and back with Paul.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. Hello Barbara
    Looking forward to today’s shows, television set to record! Also I like the look of tomorrow’s offerings.
    Sorry you and Paul will be too late for the picnic in the car, have a safe journey.

  3. Coffee cooked, Tele on, feet up, lap top fired up ready to order, and ready for Tina’s tips.. The samples are inspiring once again.
    Safe journey this afternoon.

  4. Christmas yay!! Looking forward to all the shows. Taking it easy today as I’ve just come home from having a gastroscopy, when I wake up a bit more I’ll do some Groovi crafting. I’ve ordered the parchlets and a couple of snowflake and bauble plates. X

  5. I love the parchlets and have ordered mine. Tina and the design team never disappoint and the samples are stunning. I only managed a quick look, as out all day, but will watch at leisure tonight.
    Have a safe journey up to Hochanda with Paul and I look forward to the shows tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  6. Fabulous designing of the plates by Tina and some wonderful samples from the DT, and the papers and dies look fantastic too. I did catch the first hour and the second is on shortly, and will try to watch you and Paul tomorrow. I hope the journey up to the studio today is a relatively easy one. x

  7. Love Tina’s plates, as always, and the cards from the DT are just inspired. Safe journey to Hochanda and all the best for tomorrow’s shows.

  8. Just arrived back home builders dust everywhere they just finishing wet room so sitting watching Tina loving plates great christmasdesigns event f early xx

  9. Wow! Tina’s new plates are wonderful. So many elements that can be used year round too, especially the borders. Then the new dies, the designs are beautiful. Such peaceful images. The new papers, Oh my goodness, absolutely stunning. Can’t wait until they are available in 12 x 12.

  10. Been busy all day so not seen Tina’s new plates but…worry not…recorder was set so will have a little look see tomorrow. Xx

  11. Hello Barb, Tina’s shows were a joy to watch, and all the samples shown here and on the tele are just beautiful. Looking forward to your shows, these 3 dies are lovely and looking at the samples make great cards. Take care all. Bx

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