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Thanks for popping in from the garden to join me for a quick chat. Just got home from the TV studios. Thanks for watching and supporting today. Great sales, and I hope the shows were entertaining, too! I shall blog one of the demos tomorrow; perhaps one of the ones I didn’t get to….

Blimming traffic! Unbelievable on a Friday afternoon in the home counties, honestly. M11 closed, so detour round to the A1. Bumper to bumper to the M25. And then the fun really started. We Brits won’t be happy until we’ve covered every field and every inch of greenbelt with tarmac, cars and houses, will we.

It was good to get back to our little garden. Dave was waiting with the new wrought iron fire pit – very rustic and very beautifully crafted.

In fact, there are lovely little arty pieces all over the garden…. look!

See Dave here? I’m glad he was home when I landed. We are both working so hard at the moment. It’s non stop. And sometimes, well, we just have to remember who we are and why we are here.

See Grace and Mark here in the picture?

As promised, here is the crafty stash you will need to craftalong with Charliea and myself on July 14th. This is going to be SUCH FUN !!!

Really lovely set this! Be sure to get yours at HOCHANDA. It is only available at HOCHANDA in the leadup to the event. Here is the link:


I spent a day this week figuring out what we are going to cover, and now I can tell you exactly what you will need too! See below….

The Download link itself is:

This is what I am using, so you just need the same or similar to Craftalong, ince you’ve got the main Dandelion set….

As I mentioned today on telly, the Groovi plates below aren’t going to be used during the Craftlalong. We included Groovi plates last time, and it was way too much. So this time we will stick to stamping, stencils and dies on the day, but the Groovi designs are available if you like them.

But now it’s time to stop, and join Dave in the garden. It really is.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

17 thoughts on “CraftalongaDandelion

  1. Love, love, love your garden Barb and Dave. Can I come camp out in it please?!!! I enjoyed the bits of your shows I managed to watch today. Hope you have a lovely chill evening together (or maybe “chill” is an inappropriate word to use today!!!). Love you xxx

  2. What a beautiful garden. Love all the art and I have two of those herons. I love them. Enjoy your evening with Dave. xx

  3. Well done Dave for being there for you. Love your garden and pieces of interest. Didn’t manage to catch any of the shows the last two days so I have a lot of catch up to do. I have been busy with grandchildren.
    Lovely evening – enjoy xx

  4. What a lovely garden to relax in. It looks beautiful.
    I don’t envy you the journeys up and down to Hochanda. Motorway travel is getting so much worse, due to the sheer volume of traffic. What a relief to get home to Dave and put your feet up.
    Well done on the shows today. I do enjoy watching your magic at work.
    Have a relaxing weekend and be glad you are not at Glastonbury in the heat. I think I would rather have mud! Hugs. Annette X

  5. Sadly I missed today’s shows so will check out when and if I can. I already have the Craftalong set and it is gorgeous. Had a little play already and I love love love LOVE the stamps and stencil very much lol! You need to take some more time out when you can, you and Dave together, that’s the important thing huni xx

  6. You garden looks amazing would love that looks so peaceful so enjoy what’s left of day after a busy day up and down from hochanda you could have popped in for cuppa as you can back via A1 we are just few mins of A1? Anytime your welcome. Got to catch up on second show may be in morning while preparing fruit salad for family tea I. Afternoon enjoy the sunshine Joy x

  7. Beautiful garden. Love all the special arty peices. Watched the shows on rewind and had to have the new dies and paper pads loved the designs. Definitely a good time to go spend a few hours in the garden. Xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Loved your shows today, super fun to watch, you always make me giggle.
    Love your garden with all its adornments. But I was just wondering what is the statue of at the front of the last photo?? – Interesting??
    Love to all

  9. Having worked full time during March, April and May I’ve had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. I bought the Groovi starter kit from you at the NEC and as yet have only had time to make two cards both for colleagues who have turned 60 this year. I’ve started another Groovi piece but not got very far yet.I love the Christmas parchlets. I need to do some catching up on Hochanda as well. Your garden looks fab. You can imagine what mine looks like after three months neglect. At least hubby cuts the lawns!

  10. Hello Barb, the shows were great, I love the Fresh Cut dies, and these new bird ones are so versatile. Fab demos and laughter too. Hope you enjoyed the evening with Dave in the garden, love your garden ornaments. Take care all. Bx

  11. Am very envious of your garden, it’s beautiful. Excited that you’re doing another Craft along – must get my kit ordered today!

  12. Hi Barb,
    Managed to catch the last of your shows today – love the new dies and well done to Dee on two lovely paper pads too. The journey home sounded horrendous – I certainly don’t envy you that! I totally agree with you too about our lovely countryside that is rapidly going. I keep saying that politicians etc won’t be happy until our green and pleasant land is nothing but tarmac and concrete. Your garden looks gorgeous – an oasis of calm ( apart from the neighbour!). Have a lovely weekend – hopefully with lots of sun. Love Alison xx

  13. I’m really looking forward to coming to your retreat this year, but not driving in the M25 traffic again! I feel very fortunate to live somewhere where there are no motorways and even the A roads rarely have 2 lanes. Your garden looks like it’s just the spot to relax in after that journey home – Enjoy!!!

  14. I’m still playing catch up and just started the second show. Lovely dies and paper pads, top of my wishlist.
    Lovely photos of your garden , what a lovely safe haven to come home too.
    Take care x

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