Glorious weekend!

Glorious weekend!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Hands up who caught the sun this weekend! I certainly did! It was a beautiful day yesterday, the sun was blazing down on us at the festival – only mad dogs and Englishmen and all that! There was a fella with ginger hair covering himself with copious amounts of sun block, and he must have read my mind… (“Blast! Should’ve brought the lotion”). He kindly lept to the rescue, offering me his bottle, and even coated my shoulders for me – otherwise I’d have fried! He also offered me his hip flask of whiskey several times and all manner of recreational gear, which I declined graciously. Otherwise, I do declare, I’d have fried!

Great day out. Brilliant performers, good crowds. A banging festival. Look it up for next year.

This dude was brilliant – a real switched on and entertaining performer, from Oakland California. Fantastic Negrito. Bad boy turned good. As he had us all chanting: Take the Bullshit, and turn it into good shit. That was after he told us a 14 year old brother was shot in the head and killed in the street, which exacted a massive shift in his attitude to life and death. Well, it would, wouldn’t it. So he had us laughing and crying and singing and cheering – all in a magical hour. Yeah, he was pretty epic actually.

Look him up. He’s lived a life for sure !!! A real character.

check out the bloke behind Grace….Photo Bomb!!

And today we drove down to Folkestone to meet the family for lunch. Rock Salt the restaurant by the harbour. Very good. There was a huge gathering of people at the waterfront, so we asked the lovely foreign maître-d what was going on. “Ahh, perhaps the Archie Bishop is blessing the fisheries”.

Say hello to Archie. Great outfit!

Apparently, the Blessing of the Fisheries is one of Folkestone’s oldest traditions, and started in the 1890’s. A long procession of various members of the fishing community, parishioners, schoolchildren, choirs and clergy from St. Peter’s and other parishes, together with the Mayor of Folkestone, and other Mayors of the Cinque Ports and Civic Dignitaries lead the Bishop from the Church to the Stade. And there we were, with a ringside seat!

So there you have it. Diversity is the Song of Life! From mad Music Festivals, hip flasks and Fantastic Negrito at Deer Park, to the Folkestone dignitaries headed up by Archie. Actually, I don’t think it was Archie, I reckon it was the Bishop, but not the Archie Bishop. But the name the maître-D gave him tickled me pink, so Archie it is.

There’s a lot out there you know. A lot to see, a lot to do.

Back to work tomorrow. There’s a lot going on, and I think an early night is in order. Need a clear head.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Glorious weekend!

  1. Happy to hear you’ve had a good weekend, I have to admit I can’t sit in the sun any more – it causes me too many issues lol! And I burn to a crisp too. Have a good week x

  2. That made me smile as the kids and I had a conversation about any future names in our family and it was definitely decided that Archie would not be one of them with our surname. I spent yesterday indoors at Josie and Chris’ workshop but I did not mind well worth it. Festival looked great. xx

  3. Sounds a great time. I saw from yesterday’s blog that the Mavericks were playing today – would have loved that ‘dance the night away’ etc. Have a few shows to catch up on let alone a few cards to make! Have a good nights sleep x x

  4. Sounds like a brilliant festival, glad you all enjoyed it and your lunch at the Rock Salt today with your family. Altogether a good weekend, it was for us too a very quiet one but good. Have a good nights sleep.xx

  5. What a great weekend for you. Lovely picture of Grace. Glad the weather kept fine for you.
    Sleep well,

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! We are very proud of our Blessing of the Fisheries in Folkestone, glad you enjoyed your day here.

  7. A great time had by all…love the photobomb guy! Think the stress of moving house has caught up with both hubbie and I as defo been off colour here but, it’s all over now, hopefully a couple of quiet days will see us right. Then onwards and upwards to exploring what’s around us.

  8. So pleased you had a fun and interesting weekend Barbara, and glad you were saved from being fried like one of the potential catch down at the harbour ‘Archie’ was blessing…lol. A lovely photo of Grace too and hope she is with you for a bit longer yet. x

  9. Sounds like an absolutely super weekend Barb, with lots of wonderful new experiences. Will definitely look up the festival for next year. Take care all. Bx

  10. I do love reading your blog & all the comments. Archie has definitely raised a giggle or 2.
    I googled the event, I like to learn about the old traditions that are still carried on today, to find his name was really Roger Jupp !!
    Sounds as if you have had a great weekend with the family & your sun cream man at the festival.
    Congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary for today, that time has flown. Looking forward to the shows this week, all on to record.

  11. Sounds a great weekend that mans story sounds very fanatic would love to hear it . Happy Anniversary to you both xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Pleased you had a lovely weekend at the festival.
    I believe you had a lovely weekend this time last year – Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary
    I hope you get to celebrate it well.
    Love & Hugs

  13. Happy anniversary to you and Dave. You had a lovely weekend. We didn’t get the sun, or today. My family are here from San Francisco. But only with me for odd days. Visiting friends and family. But all together in July for a granddaughters wedding in the Lake District
    Love the sound of the blessings great to keep old custom. Lovely photo of Grace, I am sure you are thrilled to have her at home. I have a beautiful rose tree called Grace.
    Received your lovely letter and goodies today. Thank you. Xxxxxx

  14. Sounds like a fun weekend, glad it was dry for you. My Sunday was exciting watching and joining in with Leonie on her craftalong, learnt loads and thoroughly enjoyed the crafty journey with her. My happy mail was waiting for me tonight after work so i was excited to open it and as usual I love all the designs. XX

  15. Evening bloggy firends, muggy here today and I’m just waiting for the thunder storms and rain to arrive as promised by the weather forcast!… XX

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