YouTube – Springy Bees

YouTube – Springy Bees

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. It’s a great Groovi Youtube by our Becca this week! Really lovely! Well done, Becca!!! There is so much useful information crammed in this video! I hope you enjoy…



Our Sam Crowe has been here this week, recording more Youtubes, and I did a bunch last week too. So we are banking plenty now, and mixing up the topics too. Just need paul in the building for a day, and then get Maria down here for a couple of days, and we will have loads of fabulous tutorials, all set to roll out over the summer.

Here are the 20% sale offers :

For all our offers this week, click here.

You’ll have to forgive me. I have got a stonking headache. Can’t seem to shake it, so I’d best go sit in the sunny garden with Sam, and enjoy her company for a couple of hours.

Don’t forget! Maria is on HOCHANDA tomorrow, 12 noon and 4pm. She has got the new Allium dies!! Fantastic !!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

10 thoughts on “YouTube – Springy Bees

  1. Thought at first that the new items were dandelions, my head still being with Linda’s plates. Made some notes for future projects so I don’t forget then found they were Alliums and my mojo took off like a rocket and I now have pages of ideas. Thank you Clarity. The kick in the pants was all I needed to get going again.
    Love the Springy Bees. Started to watch but the water board came to install a new water meter – they do pick their moments! Will watch again later.
    Hope you can relax with Sam this afternoon and your headache doesn’t last too long.

  2. Really enjoyed Becca’s springy bees utube, she is so funny, a joy to watch and just what I needed today, after attending my cousins funeral this afternoon. Have some of the parchletts so must put the others on my list of wants. Hope your headache has eased off by now

  3. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear you’ve a stinking headache – know exactly how you feel, I’ve had one for two days ( not hitting migraine level but close)!
    Hopefully will get around to watching the YouTube video and Maria’s shows. The allium dies sound lovely – will definitely want them! Hope you feel better soon, love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. Will watch the video tomorrow, and have set my recorder for Maria too. Love alliums so think these might be coming to my craft room. Hope the headache clears up soon. Xx

  5. Evening bloggy friends, sunny today but still a bit of a chill. Got banned from my craft room today as my sister is making me a card! Got a bit twitchy as I can’t see what she is touching of using! Deep breath… xx

  6. Hope you’re feeling better today, there must be something in the air, I sneezed so hard it gave me a headache. Looking forward to watching the videos x

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