Alli-Alli-Allium Allium Allium!

Alli-Alli-Allium Allium Allium!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just finished watching our Maria on Hochanda. Didn’t she do well?! I loved her demos with the new Allium die and stencil! And only Maria could think of using the Mirrormist spray on Bubblewrap! Very clever.

click here to find

Here are a couple of lovely art samples to show off the die, created by another very clever lady, Dee Paramour.

Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour

I am taking the day off tomorrow, to drive down and visit Dee, spend the day with her. At least once a year we get together, have a good catch up, a walk along the beach and lunch on the promenade near where she lives. If I weren’t so up to the neck in work, it would happen more often, I can tell you! She is a good friend and I love her dearly. The weather is set to be warm, and I am really looking forward to a long stroll in the sunshine and a good old heart to heart.

It’s been a week for hanging out with friends. First Anita and her lovely birthday treat at the spa, then Sam all the way from Newcastle for a couple of days, (can’t wait to watch her new Youtubes!) and tomorrow Dee down on the south coast. I am blessed.

I am also lucky that Dave lets me be me, and doesn’t mind when I swan off on a jolly or a girlie outing. There are a lot of fellas who prefer it when the wifey stays at home and does their bidding. Not here! Perhaps that’s why we have such a great friendship, he and I. We give each other space to move. We enjoy each other’s company immensely, and it’s always great when we’re together. We work together and live together, but we both have lives beyond each other. He loves his music and guitars, I love my art and pottery. It’s great when he composes a new tune and can’t wait to play it to me, in the same way that I get excited to show him my latest pottery make, or artwork.

He’s on his way home from a business outing to buy some new machinery that we need, and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Time to get the kettle on then!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Alli-Alli-Allium Allium Allium!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Maria’s shows today! She always has such fab ideas.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow. I know you will!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Love the allium image had the stamps for a long while. Have a lovely day tomorrow the weather is perfect for a day at the seaside

  3. Looking for ward to watching Maria’s shows. The DT cards on your blog are lovely so I will be watching for other ideas too. Hope you enjoy your day out tomorrow with Dee. Xx

  4. Another lovely die, more lovely demo’s too. Enjoy tomorrow, we are lucky enough to live by the coast and treat ourselves regularly to a coast walk, f&c or a luxury ice cream. Himself and me have the same type of relationship as you and Dave, we are so lucky are’nt we.

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Well you sound a bit chirpier today. That sit in the sunshine must have worked wonders with your headache.
    So pleased for you that you have a day off tomorrow, I’m sure you will love strolling along the beach. We love to take our Labrador Lily to the beach. As you know they absolutely love water and she spends the whole day running in and out and chasing waves.
    Have a great day tomorrow
    Love & Hugs

  6. Only managed to catch a bit of Maria’s first show, so will catch up tomorrow. Beautiful die though and the samples look great.
    Enjoy your day of with Dee and take advantage of the lovely sunshine. Hugs. Annette X

  7. Loved the first show and have taped the second which I look forward to watching tomorrow. I always have a notebook when watching so I can write down the ideas -I’ve given up thinking ‘oh I’ll remember that’ – I don’t , so rely on a paper memory now!! Got the die/stamp and stencil early so I could concentrate on using them!

  8. I’ve got Maria’s shows recorded to watch when I do the ironing tomorrow! I think the alliums are one of my favourite stamp sets so I will enjoy the shows and all the brilliant demos and samples. You deserve time with your friends and family so enjoy yourself, enjoy the sea air and relax! X

  9. Hello Barbara
    Every couple needs to do things on their own without their partner. Otherwise, if you are together 24/7 what do you talk about, lol.
    Enjoy your day with Dee.

  10. What a lovely blog and so pleased to hear about you and Dave in harmony. We celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year. Still work together, play together, argue together. He does his thing, I do mine and then we are like Thomas Hardy’s couple. “When I look up you will be there etc.
    What a lovely life.
    Best wishes

  11. Hubby and I were friends and colleagues long before we got together as a couple. No matter how much you love someone giving them space is important. Ray and I have some of the same interests but also some very diverse ones. We are comfortable together even in silent moments. His humour kept me going through cancer and other adversities. He’s a diamond.
    Watched Maria today, what great demo’s. Hope her arm gets better soon.
    Enjoy your day at the beach tomorrow, the weather looks to be fine.
    All for now 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Oh drat I forgot that Maria was on today, will have to watch it back on catch up!
    Love the look of this die, it’s definitely one I will be purchasing.
    The best sort of relationships are those built on friendship and that’s what I have with my lovely hubby too. I do my arty crafty thing and he does his computer tech stuff lol! Have a lovely day with the equally lovely Dee xx

  13. Haven’t watched Maria’s programmes yet but know I will enjoy them. I also have a wonderful husband who is my rock. I suffer badly with anxiety and depression and although he doesn’t understand why I can’t always do things such as go out or meet friends, he never judges me but loves and supports me. We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary later this year so we must be doing something right! We are very lucky to have such caring, considerate people in our lives. Enjoy your day with Dee tomorrow. xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Didn’t get to watch Maria as we spent quite a lot of the day in hospital waiting for test results etc. I will catch up tomorrow though. Love the DT samples shown.Your relationship with Dave sounds exactly like ours – we love being together but each of us can do what we want, when we want ( within reason mind you!!!). I know that Dave will be there for me whenever I need him and vice versa. We have been married for 32 years but known each other for 43 years so we must be doing something right! Enjoy your day tomorrow with Dee. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. Yep I’ve got a good ‘un too! He’s quite happy for me to ‘leave him to God and good neighbours’ as he puts it when I go off on an outing (99% craft related – lol) but is always pleased to have me back. Whilst we do have our differences of opinion we always, somehow, end up laughing together so that can’t be a bad thing can it? Enjoy your day with Dee and I’m sure between you, you’ll put the world to rights, cook up some fab new ideas and generally have a great time together. Loved the Alliums in all their forms today so they may just be added to my list for Leyburn. xx

  16. Loved shows to day with Maria the alliums always loved the stamps so great seeing the As die’s and stencils another want. Saving my self for Dees stamps Friday have to get those next. Going to be a great day to be by the sea say hi to Dee from us enjoy xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    I’ve just been playing catch up again, hadn’t realised I had missed so many days, this working lark is getting in the way of crafting! Oh I love the alliums, think I will have to have this die before too long. I must watch Maria on catch up as she’s wonderful to watch. I’ve got a lovely hubby too, will happily drive me to craft shows, let me wander around, encourage me to spend and wander off for a nice walk somewhere to give me time to look around. Enjoy your day at the seaside.
    Love Diane xxx

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