Time to get Geo Crazy!

Time to get Geo Crazy!

Evening everyone!

Paul here.
Barb is off having a bit of a girly weekend and she called me about an hour ago and asked if I could do the blog as she is struggling with an internet connection.

I am currently up at Port Sunlight getting ready for the Happy Stampers Festival tomorrow with Dave, Maria, Heather, Len and Sue. If you are coming along, then say hello!

Anyway, tomorrow evening at 6pm on Hochanda it is the launch of a brand new series of monthly “Lou Lou Lessons” starring the super talented Lou Withers. Each month Lou will help breakdown the myths and mysteries of Mixed Media.

The One Day Special this Saturday and Sunday will feature “Layering and Collage”.
Each hour Lou will guide you through the various stages, giving you lots of hints and tips.

If you have been unsure or don’t know where to start with Mixed Media or have any questions, then leave your questions below and Lou will try and answer them live on air over the course of the 5 hours.
Saturday – 6pm & 8pm
Sunday – 9am, 1pm & 5pm

I must admit, that I have always been a bit unsure on where to get started with Mixed Media.
So my question to Lou is………. Where do I start? How do I turn a blank canvas into a piece of art?

I will try and tune in on my iPad as Dave and I head back down the motorway at 6pm tomorrow evening.

We have put together an amazing One Day Special bundle to get you started.
It includes:
4 x A5 Geo Stencils
6 x A4 Canvas Boards
6 x A5 Canvas Boards
6 x A6 Canvas Boards
12 x A6 Double Sided Adhesive Sheets
12 x A6 Acetate Sheets
10 x Large Acrylic Stands

This is a great bundle to start your Mixed Media Journey.

In addition to this, Lou will be showcasing some fabulous products from Pentart: Gel Mediums, Structure Paste, Gesso and more!

Let’s have a look at what the design team has come up with using the new stencils……….

Debbie McMullin
Caroline Craven
Debbie McMullin
Sarah Brennan
Anne Dimitriou
Shelagh Metselaar

Last weekend Barbara showcased the Funky Foliage range of stamps, dies and stencils on Hochanda during her 2pm-4pm show.

Lou fell in love with these designs and asked if they could be added to the shows.

Funky Foliage Stamps
Funky Foliage
Funky Leaves
Maria Moorhouse
Wendy Thorburn
Funky Foliage and Funky Leaves
Andy Duggan
Jane Telford

So I hope you can tune into Hochanda tomorrow evening and support the lovely Lou.

Don’t forget to leave any questions for Lou below.

Right time to get some zzzzzzzzzz

Happy Crafting!

Paul xx

16 thoughts on “Time to get Geo Crazy!

  1. Lou is such a great addition to the Clarity Team isn’t she ❣️
    I’m confused with the different uses of the massive array of inks from permanent & waterproof to oxides & Brusho’s etc, when layering on gel plates & using with stencils or other arty farty stuff.
    Also included in that are “felt” pens.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Looking forward to a few laughs too🤗
    Thanks lots💞

  2. On holiday so can’t watch the shows 😣
    But I’ll watch on catch up x 😀
    I think Lou is a brilliant teacher, Lou always makes me smile xxx

  3. These shows sound like just what we need to demystify mixed media. Hopefully the step by step will show the process so that it all makes sense.
    Will put the shows on to record for future reference. Thanks in advance to Clarity & Lou.
    Hope you all have a great weekend whether you are out on the town, demoing at Port Sunlight or prepping for the ODS.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Over the years I’ve accumulated quite a lot of various arty media but never seem to use much these days. It will be great to get some useful tuition from Lou and I will record all her shows for future reference as I’m sure I will not remember everything.
    The samples above are great as usual and have already given me some ideas. May just have to make another purchase !!!
    Off to bed now. Sleep tight.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. LoveLou, she is so funny and learn loads, want to learn how to make beautiful layers on which to build a great canvas or journal page please

  6. Thanks for taking over Paul and I hope Barbara has a relaxing weekend.
    I so enjoyed watching Lou when she was on last and I look forward to the shows this weekend.
    Have a great day in Port Talbot and safe travels home.
    By the way, on the Crafts Beautiful voting for the next craft awards, there is a category for ‘male crafter’, so hopefully you will get lots of nominations. Love Annette. X

  7. Really looking forward to watching and learning more from Lou loving new stencils have a great day in portsun light have to come there one day looks great place. And Barbara enjoy your girly weekend have fun everyone Joy

  8. Hi Paul, thanks for stepping in, hope the show goes well, looking forward to Lou’s shows, she is so creative and inspiring, and a good laugh too. Love the new stencils. Hope Barb has a nice relaxing time. Take care all. Bx

  9. Love the idea of a mixed media how to. The stencils look great and I will be watching. My question would be about how to use all the different mediums. Also using colour/colour wheel theory. Think Lou is an amazing teacher so I look forward to learning loads. Xx

  10. Look forward to seeing what Lou does. These are beautiful stencils – I love an abstract. Will have to watch on catch up as we’re off to son’s this evening. Have a good day x

  11. Think I am with you Paul on mixed media I never know where to start. I am alright following tuition but it certainly is not my strength. I shall watch Lou this evening but off to Maria’s stamping class tomorrow. Another very talented lady. Hope the show goes well, Fred and I would like to come along at some point. xx

  12. I have quite a collection of different dies and I would love it if Lou could come up with some ideas of how to utilise those in mixed media. I’m okay with the different mediums and how to use I’d just love to be able to use my dies in my mixed media projects too.
    Thanks to you all for your hard work, I’m really looking forward to watching Lou again, I always learn something new x

  13. Hi Paul,
    Firstly thank you for taking over the blog for Barb. Secondly, hope you have a lovely girly time Barb.
    Looking forward to Lou’s shows although I’m not into mixed media (yet!) . I think this is probably due to the fact that like you I don’t know where to start! So basically, any help / advice would be welcome.
    Love Alison xx

  14. Really looking forward to Lou’s shows. I’d love to know when you’re layering paint, which order would you use opaque & translucent paints and which inks can you use to stamp onto them.

  15. Love these new Geo stencils – any chance of these coming out in die format too ? 🙂 x

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