Permission Granted

Permission Granted

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. How’s your Sunday going? Mine has been delightful thus far. Stepped away from the Clarity plate for a day, pottered around the house, listening to a really brilliant novel, The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock, by Imogen Hermes Gowar. All about Victorian London and prostitutes. It has me gripped, for sure! In fact, I am writing quickly, because I must get back and find out what is afoot!

Dave was up and out the door at the crack of sparrows, to make the extra stamps we sold yesterday on the TV show. He probably bumped into my brother, who was also working on the Groovi side, getting ready for Tina’s and Linda’s shows the week after next! It’s certainly a family affair.

Here’s a photo step by step of the little canvas I did yesterday…

First, let’s walk the brayer across a little A6 canvas board, to create the painty backdrop. I used the Viva Decor chalky acrylic for a nice matte finish. Paperartsy is great too. I had to use a Daler Rowney purple, not for any other reason than I couldn’t find the pinky purple Viva Decor paint! Sam Crowe? Check your suitcase!!

Now go buy an expensive outfit and insist that it is shop-wrapped in plain white tissue paper..

Then when you get home, park the outfit for a special occasion, and do NOT tear the tissue paper! Right, here goes…

That’ll do for today. Canvas boards: a great bridge from card making to art. The Canvas boards that we sell are a good price and good quality. They can handle any amount of water and action! Available in various sizes. And look out for the A6 adhesive sheets. Click HERE to investigate.

Ahh, that’s Dave’s car I hear. Perfect timing. Permission granted to STOP.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Permission Granted

  1. I have had a quiet day today…. No TV droning on and no music either. That’s how I wanted it…. Quiet and peaceful with the clock ticking in the corner. And actually sometimes it does me good to switch off completely from outside distractions and be quiet. Colin has just come in from the garden so my quiet time is now over… But that’s OK too!
    And I’ve just looked at my table and I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved in my quiet time!
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Quiet day for us as well. Good roast and time for craft this afternoon. It gets busy next week when we have our daughter’s dog for a week. Beautiful dog but absolutely manic, a cocker spaniel. She needs plenty of exercise. I watched the shows and loved the techniques. X

  3. Enjoy the rest of your audio book. I’ve completed 3 poetry projects including instructions and step by step photos, edited all the photos, done 3 loads of washing and sorted books for marking in the morning. Now I am catching up with episodes of Lost Girl. Oh and I’ve written blog posts ready for the next two days.

  4. Great project, love the look of tissue on canvas when the texture shows through. Glad you have had an arty day, I have been trying but technology has failed me! Now I know why I moved away from digital/computer art as it raises the stress levels which is not what crafting should be about. XX

  5. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope the weekend has been good, don’t know where the sun has gone? XX

  6. Had the best night’s sleep in weeks, got up late, finished the ironing, did a few other jobs then crashed with lunch and a boozy coffee!!! Again, my first in weeks.
    Spent time waching the last of your shows with Dee, then the rest of the afternoon finishing my David Baldacchi novel. I love a real paper book.
    Ray is cooking dinner and from the smells coming from the kitchen, from where I’ve been banished, it will be a real treat.
    Now, do I start a new book, colour some parchment projects or start a new cross stitch? Decisions, decisions
    maybe just feet up and binge on a Netflix series. I do love a relaxing, painless day for a change.
    Don’t let Dave and your brother work too hard, they need a break too. Enjoy your evening.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. I love the technique of walking the brayer on a canvas Barbara and the pretty image stamped and coloured on to tissue paper looks great over the top. Glad you are having a nice quiet day and enjoying listening to a book, good as it allows your hands to be free to do something else at the same time if you so desire. x

  8. I love that texture on the canvas, and the colours are beautiful. I had a good afternoon, doing the centre panel on four PTCs , some of the many I need for the end of the month. At the same time, I thoroughly enjoyed the less than serious tennis being played on the new Number One court at Wimbledon. Really entertaining. Now a break for tea before getting back to the grindstone. If I start reading now, I will just go to sleep. Have a good evening with Dave. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. Thanks for mentioning Wimbledon Maggie. I didn’t know that it was on, so shall watch it on catch up tomorrow. X

  9. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the step by step, very kind of you to share.
    I love watching you work, and I often wonder how you find out all these little tricks of the trade that you share with us. I dare say most of them you have learnt over time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you taught yourself some by having happy accidents now and then.
    Love & Hugs

  10. You are so clever. I just love to see your work. I spent some time today making a wedding card that a friend ordered, had a lovely long chat with my sister in Blackpool and then a FaceTime hour with my daughter and grandchildren in Vancouver. A well travelled day! Have a lovely, relaxing evening. I am going to watch Midsomer Murders (if there are any people left to murder, that is! 😂) Hugs. Annette.

  11. Tell David thanks for working on the extra orders! I thought I had missed out and was very bummed! But now I am waiting for extra batch and for it to swim across the pond! But I am excited!

  12. Fantastic project, I’m just doing some papercutting and then I’m going to choose the backing paper from my clarity designer paper/parchment stash which will probably take longer than the paper cutting lol xx

  13. Been quiet a nice day here today sun shine we had Jonah and Jacob for couple hours while Rebecca and Craig went house view just put there’s up for sale had a offer but low so not car time with boys Jonah loves his football think going to be goal scorer as got good kick ball spends most of time in neighbours gardens hope got book read or more read xxx

  14. Thank you for sharing this project. I loved seeing how you created the gorgeous background on TV and I’ve tried it myself this evening so fingers crossed! Will let you know how it goes when I’ve finished xx

  15. Hi Barb, one to try with that fab background. I wonder if hubs will understand why I needed to buy the new outfit 🙂 Hope you and Dave had a great evening. Take care all. Bx

  16. I love this technique of walking the brayer and will be trying it out both on matt board and the gelli plate. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  17. I’m absolutely thrilled about these stamps and can’t put into words how wonderful I think they are. They make me feel so many emotions. Thank you Dee for you talent and thank you Barbara and Claritystamp helping to share.

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