Doodle Love Hearts Groovi

Doodle Love Hearts Groovi

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in! Busy Monday here at Clarity Headquarters! So much for my theory that May is always the slowest month of the year! Always was. Isn’t this year!!

I want to crack on with some new designs this evening. Dave is pulling a long shift, to catch up with all those stampsets you good people invested in at the weekend, so I thought this might be an excellent opportunity to throw myself into some new ideas which have been swimming around in that washing machine head of mine….more will be revealed. The thing is about ideas, that’s all they are and ever will be unless we turn them into a reality. But that takes time, energy and effort, and I have to seize the moment when these ingredients are aligned.

Before I shoot off, let me throw a light on the sale offers of this month. There are some rather super core products, as you can see:

All of the above four products are reduced greatly for the entire month. Today, let’s showcase the Groovi plate, designed by lovely Tina Cox. What a super little heart plate this is!

Tina’s Doodle Love Hearts

Let’s find some lovely art samples for you, to show off what can be created with this little A5sq. plate. Sorry I can’t namecheck my lovely clever team mates, but they are all brilliant, as you can see!

Lovely, lovely, lovely !

Anyway, do head on over to the website, to investigate the special offers.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

8 thoughts on “Doodle Love Hearts Groovi

  1. What beautiful and varied artwork. I always love to see how the same pieces of kit can be used in so meant different ways. I think your washing machine head is infectious, and has definitely transferred to Bec. I call mine a butterfly mind but rarely seem to bring my ideas to fruition. I really should write these things down before I forget them. Remember to take more care of yourself, no more headaches. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Had another good night’s sleep so was up and at it today. Got all my jobs done then settled to make the 80th birthday card. Used the ” little bird told me” groovi plate and added relevant words and greetings. It turned out so well I made another for a birthday at the end of May.
    Received my allium/dandelion set today. They are my next project. My whirligig of a brain has settled and the mojo is back. Of course the great Clarity products help a lot !!!
    I never cease to wonder how you manage all you do. I think you could match Wonderwoman for energy 🙇‍♀️
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

    1. ps: Lovely samples – only just seen them – my ancient Ipad doesn’t show all pictures whereas this lap top does. I really am going to have to replace my ancient technology sometime soon.

  3. Hi Barbara
    I love Tina’s designs, so intricate and delicate looking, beautiful.
    Whilst I’m here I had an email today from Crafts Beautiful Magazine and they are doing Craft Awards, so I have been and nominated Claritystamp for as much as I could, so I thought I would give you the link so you can vote too.
    Love & Hugs

  4. Looking forward to those designs that at moment are buzzing around your head hopefully know are on paper of some sort hope the head aches have cleared and you have a good nights sleep I’m up as usual in night of back to bed in few minutes night night sleep well. What an amazing variety of art work from same heart shaped templates love them all so talented xxx

  5. Beautiful plate design by Tina and love all the different permutations. You have such a clever DT Barbara. I look forward to seeing your new ideas when they are ready too. I don’t know where you get your energy from and I am feeling decidedly cream crackered after our busy but most enjoyable 10 days away. x

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