Funky Foliage Dies and Stencils coming up….

Funky Foliage Dies and Stencils coming up….

Hi there !

Thanks for joining me. Bit late this evening. Been to a super surprise party. It was Katie‘s 30th Birthday, and she was blissfully unaware of the brilliant celebrations that her parents And sisters has planned for her. You should have seen her face when she walked into the hall full of friends and family.

Fantastic Moment.

It‘s tricky uploading pics from a phone to an iPad to a blog, so I shall build a little picture album for Katie when I get back home. But what a wonderful gathering of friends and family. Very very special.

So now I‘m tucked up in bed. Just caught up with Josie Davidson over a cuppa. She‘s all set to launch her new Groovi Palace Grids tomorrow at 6pm. She showed me the demos she has planned. Oh. My. Word. This adds a whole other brilliant element to her grid plates! Just when you thought it couldn‘t get any better, Josie nails it again! Time for you to meet the clever lady behind these designs, and let her show you her latest idea. Oh boy. Seriously ridiculously good. I just started laughing when I saw them. Will we have enough stock to last? Honestly? Not a chance. These are simply too beautiful and intelligent and useful not to want!

As for my 2-4 pm show, I‘ve got something for everyone! Dies, stencils, stamps AND Groovi.

Love this Die!
Love this die too!
Maria Moorhouse
Dee Paramour
Sheila Metselaar
Wendy Thorburn
Carole Panksztelo
Jane Telford
Jane Telford
Elaine Milner
Dee Paramour

And the Groovi plates with these designs? Well, since we had Linda Williams on the Pergamano Show on Thursday, and we’ve got Josie on tomorrow, I reckon that‘s plenty of trad parchment art to be getting on with! So I am going to put my stamp head on, and show you a couple of highlight lowlight tricks.

Do join me us tomorrow on Hochanda. The weather‘s iffy, so snuggle up and keep us company! We appreciate it xxx

Love and hugs,

Barb xx

15 thoughts on “Funky Foliage Dies and Stencils coming up….

  1. How lovely for Katie ! Look forward to tomorrow’s shows. Good luck to you all – not that you need it! X

  2. Looking forward to watching your shows and Josie with the one day special. I went to the Scarborough workshop last October it was so good we booked for this year too. Josie and Chris are an amazing team. Clarity rocks. Xxx

  3. Looks like Katie had a blast at her party! Think tomorrow will be a blast too…. will the website work properly for the 6pm launch…. hmmmn… only time will tell! Recorder is set ready and I’ll be on the tablet or pc trying to order, fingers crossed! xx

  4. Thank you so much for coming today and joining us to celebrate Katie’s “30” birthday, we got home she just kept saying I didn’t know !! It could have worked out better she is so happy. And so looking forward to sitting back watching your shows tomorrow must check record is set xxx

  5. Beautiful designs and I’m sure they will fly out as will the ODS. Looking forward to seeing the demos and ideas. Xx

    Happy birthday Katie XX

  6. Evening bloggy friends, think the weather couldn’t make up its mind today so we had most of it in one afternoon! Just right to stay in and watch TV. Xx

  7. What a lovely picture of Paul and Katie, who looks so happy. The party must have been a wonderful surprise for her.
    Well I am really looking forward to today, what with Josie’s launch and then the last episode of Line of Duty! Too much excitement for one day 😂
    I will be watching you this afternoon, so see you then. Have a great day. Hugs Annette X

  8. So happy for Katie and Joy that you were both able to go to her surprise party. Hope yourselves all go well today and I will watch the recordings later xxx

  9. I hope Steve’s ready for some night shifts. I reckon those new plates will sell out super fast! I look forward to catching up with the afternoon shows after the footie.

  10. Hi Barb, what a wonderful surprise for Katie, I am sure she celebrated to the max with everyone. As for the dies and stencils and the accompanying artwork, beautiful, fab, creative. Looking forward to the shows. Bx

  11. hello just to say I like the pico dies. will be whatching later, wonder what chirche will have later happy crafting.

  12. Katie looks very happy with Paul – what a lovely surprise for her.
    Have all today’s and tomorrow’s shows set to record. I predict a very swift sell out, especially on the ODS. Steve is going to need a bunch of Santa’s elves to help if this keeps up !!!
    Weather here in Norfolk is erratic, one minute glorious sunshine, the next down pours. 🌦 Freezing wind on Saturday but warmer today. Roll on summer ☀️
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  13. Happy Birthday to Katie. What a lovely surprise for her. You have a brilliant team working for you and I bet Josie will be great. A sell out certainly. X

  14. Hi Barb,
    Sorry this is late but I was in bed before your post came up! What a lovely surprise for Katie, she looks really happy in the photos. Lovely that you and Paul could go as well – bet that made her day. So looking forward to the shows today and tomorrow although I think I’ll have to be quick off the mark to get the ODS ‘cos I can’t see it lasting beyond 30 minutes at the most!! Poor Steve, he must feel as though he’s hibernating as he can’t be seeing much daylight at the moment! Sending love and hugs,Alison xx

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