Tiny Town – Huge Cathedral!

Tiny Town – Huge Cathedral!

Hi there,

Thanks for joining us on the last day of our wonderful Welsh holiday. What a place. This little break was our wedding present from Shona and Mike. And what a gift it has been!

Today they took us to St. Davids. Now I know it to be a city and not a town because it has a cathedral, and we’d already been told it is the smallest city in Britain. But what I wasn’t expecting was the humongous cathedral! The size of it! Honestly, We came through the gateway and it took my breath away! It’s vast! The cathedral, girls! The cathedral!

I suppose since it is the Smallest City in Britain, my head had decided it would have the smallest cathedral in Britain too. NOT!!!!! It’s up there with Winchester and Canterbury! Those bishops certainly didn’t flinch when it came to home comforts, eh! We went up into the library, and the elderly, very well read and informative librarian was telling us about the copy of the Magna Carta and all sorts of literary treasures they keep in their archives. Impressive. Very impressive. I love the smell of old books, don’t you? There’s not just an ancient wisdom in those old leatherbound pages, but a powerful link with our past, between our Then and our Now.

After that little-big surprise, we went on to Druidstone for lunch. Another little treasure trove off the beaten track. Spectacular views, plenty of climbing and young fun.

Another formidable day in formidable Wales with formidable friends.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxxx

27 thoughts on “Tiny Town – Huge Cathedral!

  1. So glad yiu have enjoyed your time in Pembrokeshire & especially St Davids. When we moved to north pembrokeshire in 2001 my son transferred to the boys choir at the cathedral from Bangor cathedral in North Wales, such happy memories of him singing there.

  2. Lovely. I once spent a lovely family Christmas in St. David’s, midnight mass in the cathedral…best Christmas ever

  3. What a lovely present for you both. The scenery looks lovely and the cathedral, although big it also looks neat and tidy. You’ve had some fab weather for your break too. Hope it’s give you some brain rest ! X

  4. Pleased you have had a lovely time in Wales, you will not forget it Barbara.
    Loads of wonderful memories for you to keep. so pleased I live in Wales and it doesn’t always rain here in Wales does it but the Grass is always greener.

  5. Wonderful place to relax among the Welsh hills with only the sheep to keep you both company. Some very pretty villages too. Hope the weather stays fine for the rest of your break.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  6. What lovely pictures, a part of Wales we haven’t visited as yet but I think it needs to go on our to do list.
    Safe journey home with recharged batteries ready for what looks like a busy couple of weeks for Clarity Towers.

  7. Your posts over the last few days sent me straight back to photos of our holidays in Pembrokeshire, including a very similar shot of St David’s. My blog today is a series of photos from the area. The last time we were at St David’s was spine chilling. It was the week of the music festival and there was a choir in there, rehearsing with the organ for a concert that evening. The sound was wonderful and just made the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. I am glad you have had such a lovely time in the area. Make sure you repeat it at regular intervals. Take that caravan and find a farmer’s field like we did and just relax. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  8. I have a pewter Welsh spoon from that cathedral which hangs on my Christmas tree each year. There is a lovely potter that does fab salt glazes near Solva if you get the chance to pop in too! X

  9. How lucky you were with the weather for your break in Wales. I have been to Wales 3 times and it has rained every time!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WOW what a wonderful present and what a beautiful cathedral. You’ve been blessed with lovely weather too -just perfect in every way!!

  11. You have obviously had a great time Barbara and the weather has been perfect too. I hope you have the chance to go to Pembrokeshire again in the not too distant future as it’s a wonderful place to relax. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    I love St David’s ,although like Holy Island up here, it gets very busy in high season. The Cathedral is beautiful. I’m pleased that you’ve had such a wonderful time in a glorious part of Wales. Looking forward to the shows coming up and am intrigued by Tina’s new plates. Love and hugs Alison xx

  13. Sounds like you weekend has been perfect sounds a beautiful cathedral it’s fun what we imagine things to be or people then in real life nothing like. Well I joined the “60” club today with a trip down to Cleethorpes with all are lovely girls son-in-law and grandchildren lovely meal and lovely evening together we have three carvans on the haven site there tomorrow I believe is swimming then down to beach while weather lasts and believe fish and chips by the sea front. Not sure what else is planed thin rides on those pedal bikes with children and lots fun do love watching them enjoying life before Rosy birthday on Wednesday and what ever she decides to do for day lovely having fewdays away together night x

  14. Hi Barb, what beautiful photos, love the Cathedral, somewhere I would like to visit, and that view over the bay is fab. Glad you have had a good break and rest, what a lovely gift from Shona and Mike. Take care all. Bx

  15. What a lovely thoughtful present. One that you will remember for a long time. The cathedral is amazing and I did not know that about St Davids Wishing you a safe trip home. xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Well that was definitely a wonderful wedding present for the both of you. You certainly both seem to have enjoyed yourself in wonderful Wales.

    Congratulations to Christine on winning the Easter Egg Hunt Hamper. Definitely a less fattening Easter pressie!!

    Love & Hugs

  17. So happy you and Dave got some time away and were able to turn off those parts of your brain for a change Barbara. As others before me have said make sure you do this often – it is good for you both xx

  18. That’s a wonderful present, so glad you had the good weather. I celebrated my 60th in St David’s a weekend in a Hotel there from our daughter. Wonderful memories of it. We did the trip out in a dinghy to see the seals, the bad weather came in while we were by the island, my goodness it was hairraising how high the waves were on our quick retreat, it was bump bump bump all the way back, but thoroughly enjoyable. We also toured around reminiscing holidays with my parents when our children were young. A beautiful scenic place to visit. You’ll wiish it could go on longer. I bet the relaxing has done you a power of good.xxx

  19. What a lovely break you are having, lots of places we’ve never been to, but they all look wonderful. Being a bit of a nerd, (and a fan of QI), I remember learning that a city doesn’t actually have to have a cathedral any more, and there are many towns with cathedrals that are designated as towns not cities. Nevertheless, the churches and cathedrals we have in the UK are all to be treasured. How they were constructed without the technology and machinery we have today, is truly amazing. In a week where cities and towns around the world have lost the religious buildings that meant so much to them, and worse, many have lost their lives. Reading your blog today Barb, I am reminded that it is so important, regardless of our faith, that we should really appreciate the history and magnificence of our monuments, and the art and treasures they contain, and make sure they are looked after for years to come.

  20. I love Pembrokeshire have been to St Davids many times as we live in Mid Wales another beautiful place to visit glad you have enjoyed your visit.

  21. I remember asking, many moons ago at the Happy Stampers in Port Sunlight, whether you ever got any ‘me time ‘. A lovely part of the world to do just that. If you’re ever down that way again please visit Laugharne where Dylan Thomas lived – also a peaceful and magical place. Oh, and if you ever fancy a peaceful break in Ireland, I have a spare room!😉😄

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