Stamp of the Month and THANKS

Stamp of the Month and THANKS

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Just got in from the TV studios myself. Cream crackered, but very relieved that it all went so swimmingly again! What a weekend! And what about those floral ABC Groovi plates?!? Good grief! I had a good feeling about them, but boy! Didn’t see them flying out quite that fast! Thank you so much if you watched and invested in us; it is always a huge compliment when we sell out, and even more so just now, because it reassures all of us at HOCHANDA that you are still watching.

If you don’t mind, I shall keep it short and sweet today. But I did want to showcase a rather super little 3-way overlay stamp. It‘s a mini tree design, complete with matching stencil


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I shall leave you with a little 5 step thank you, using said clever stampset…

FInd a scrap, stamp a huge Thanks and stamp No. 1
Fill the tree with a fabulous blaze of red using stamp No. 2
Now add a gold blast of sunshine with stamp No. 3
Mount on black card
and then stop to ponder what EXACTLY you are saying such a big THANKS for, and write it down round the edge. That way, you’ll get even more grateful, won’t you Barb …

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Stamp of the Month and THANKS

  1. Congratulations Barbara! We had literally just got back from Ally Pally, put the telly on as they went to limited stock. Brig says ‘ I want those’. Had 3 attempts, ‘Sold Out’ every time. Wah! Got them as the extended delivery stock was brought in. Love the pens too. Spent Saturday night in the Wood End Travelodge doodling in the Stag! xx

  2. Congratulations Barbara on a superb ODS. The floral alphabet is beautiful and you deserve the sellout. Well done to everyone at Clarity as well.
    You must be whacked after the weekend, so enjoy a bit of down time this week.
    Hugs. Annette. X

  3. Congratulations Barb! I really enjoyed watching you and Paul. What a fantastic super sell out for you – no wonder you felt emotional. We are all cheering you on and loving what you and Hochanda do.
    I am not able to purchase things at the moment – due to living in our motor home. My ‘must have’ craft goodies are already filling up a bit too much space really. So I shall have to content myself with updating my wish list for now. My bloggy friend Alimecca however, will be buying!
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Oh you know me too well! Well it would’ve been rude to refuse that extra 10% off and flexi buy! Hope you and Neill are both ok. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  4. Ohh Barbara
    I watched your launch show I was so so touched to see you getting so emotional when your ABC plates sold out.
    How could they not, they are so beautiful 😍 and yep I did manage to order them on extended delivery 🚚 but I was in such a hurry I forgot to enter the deal code. Lol. Not worried though the deal was great anyway and easy pay made the purchase affordable
    Right I’m waffling now so THANK YOU. For creating beautiful things for us to use in our attempt at art
    Hugs xxxT

  5. Barbara your energy is wonderful .Your new floral alphabet is amazing !As a stamper I love LOVE the designs and will now start saving so that when (hopefully soon) you bring them out as stamps I will be able to buy them all !!! Well done Carmel

  6. On Wednesday I ordered via your website £90 of products tellingly myself I didn’t need the alphabet..oops 4 minutes into the show and they are in my bag and checked out!! Thanks for the Wheel deal 10% and thanks to you and the dream team for your fabulous products and for caring for your devoted craft fans so well, ever since I attended Paul’s workshop in October I have been totally hooked ( and didn’t he and Kathryn make for a fun show)
    Thanks so much

  7. Hi Barb,
    I think it should be us saying thank you to you for producing all these wonderful products ( although my bank manager won’t agree with me!!) wonderful to see such a super quick sell out and well done to Paul for valiantly carrying on with the Kings and Queens today. Hope you can have a little time to catch your breath now. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  8. Congratulations on an amazing set of artwork that Clarity then turned into an amazing set of Groovi plates which the DT then turned back into amazing artwork. I love that it goes full circle at Clarity with your unique designs. Hope you have some time to rest and recharge rwdy for the next thing that you will be planning. XX

  9. Hello Barbara, was lovely to see you again and chat with you at Ally Pally on Saturday! My friend Carol and I had a great time again. Glad all went so well for you and your team, too! Had a lazy and and relaxing Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed your afternoon shows. What beautiful stamps and stencils! Fab demos as usual. Not a parcher but still enjoy watching the Groovi shows too, and must say the ODS yesterday looked fab!
    Hope you’ll have some time to relax a little. Hugs xxx

  10. Great programmes which I watched after Ally Pally.
    It was so, so nice to see Dave, Paul, Jayne, Steven et al. They all said Happy Birthday – what better way to spend a birthday. Such lovely, warm and friendly people. (Have to say some of the stands had pretty miserable stall holders on them – I did feel sorry for them)
    The best stand, of course was Clarity, with lots of new products and cards. Truly inspirational and my purchases are excellent.
    Thank you so much to all of you for making my day so special. Lots of love xx

  11. Forgot to mention a thank you to Paul who answered my questions and demonstrated lots of ways to make parching easier. What a star- such a patient soul.

  12. Those alphabet plates are gorgeous. Still got the Hochanda shows to watch, did look for a utube on the trees die that you were demoing on Saturday that I missed the first bits, heard you say there was one on utube but maybe you meant a different die same principle. Any way got stuck into one of your German utubes and just kept watching, you really are amazing, didn’t have a clue to what you were saying but really enjoyed watching. Hope you manage to relax a bit after your busy weekend. ,xxx

  13. I thought those plates would fly but as you’ve said Barbara amazing they went so fast. I did see one of Paul’s shows today and he was great as usual. I hope you have some free time this week. x

  14. What you do is very much appreciated. Don’t every doubt it. I love clarity products as we all do but since I’m fairly new to all this and have spent a fair amount of money over the last sixth months, I hesitate to buy any more till I have used what I have got! Not saying I won’t buy but at least I can humour myself if I wait a bit! It’s always good to get a wee parcel through the door. Oh and I’ve just realised it’s April….. Woo Hoo! Another parcel to look forward to!! Thank you for your dedication. By the way, I am not missing those who have left Hochanda at all. I loved the new companies that have come on board. Great presenters as well. A nice bunch of folk, I think.

  15. They were absolutely gorgeous not surprised sold out didn’t get they yet but a defo need so beautiful stamps too may be !! When you get your breath back . You must all be shattered but fruitful weekend we were gutted didn’t get but next time. Hope you get few days calm to rest up but not looking that way Steve back on nights night next hug sleep well xxx

  16. Your floral alphabet designs are very beautiful, reminds me of those old illuminated manuscripts. The design team’s samples were amazing, such a talented group. Not surprised you got emotional when they sold out in 10 minutes . Time to relax for a bit I should think, you have had such a roller coaster of a year so far xx

  17. Thank you Barbara for being such a creative artist, thank you for constantly inspiring and challenging us, thank you for all the gorgeous products you design, thank you for giving me this great hobby and awesome creative outlet!

    Although I don’t do the Groovi yet, yes it is calling my name, I knew they would sell out because they are so beautiful!

    Try to get some rest or do some pottery this week you’ve more than earned that lovely lady xx

  18. Hello Barb, well that was going to be a sellout certainty, wasn’t it. The designs are beautiful and great demos, beautiful artwork just play their part. Love the step by step. The 3 way overlay stamps are great, and many of the designs are on my wish list. Hope you get some time to relax a bit now Barb. Take care all. Bx

  19. Missed the show and if course by 9am all sold out! Paul did well with the other plates and I loved his shows. I am still progressing with the mixed media journey so loved your handprint!

  20. Morning Barbara, Congratulations. Your products are fabulous quality I’m not surprised everything sells so well. I’m new to Clarity so its turning into be quite an expensive time for me. At least it gives me something to blog about on the Hochanda Blog.

  21. Hi,Barb,
    Knew the flower alphabet would be popular but WOW a 12 minute sell out has got to be a record.
    I looked at Hochanda, saw the offer, decided to buy from them instead of direct from Clarity, fired up my computer and stock Sold Out, tried for extended stock and got thrown out of the system. Decided they were well worth the extra cost and bought direct. Cannot wait for delivery they are so beautiful and so many ideas in my head.
    Paul was great as usual, lots of tips and humour. Have to say the Kings and Queens borders are fantastic.
    Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to seeing what surprises you have in store for the retreat.
    Hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  22. I am fairly new to groovi but i love it. Managed to get the new alphabet plates and can’t wait for them to arrive. My collection is growing rapidly because they are all so beautiful and easy to use I am just trying to teach myself how to colour in and have ordered Dorsey oil and the blending pen and nibs hope they will help. Just love every thing about groovi long may it continue. Now you just rest up a bit Barbara give yourself some quality time.

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