Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Now I have had to abandon Operation Ally Pally, and turn my attention to the TV shows today.

2pm – 4pm, it’s stamps and stencils. then at 6pm, it’s Groovi Floral ABC time!

Jane Telford
Glynis Whitehead
Carole Panksztelo
Shelia Bradley
Josie Davidson

With all this running around, the weight should be dropping off me! Not so though. Trouble is, I keep eating chocolate to stay awake! Mmmm. That’s my excuse – and I’m sticking to it!

22 thoughts on “Excitement

  1. Die neuen Teller sind fantastisch. Ich kann es kaum erwarten sie zu sehen und meiner Sammlung hinzu zu fügen.

  2. these are so beautiful looking forward to 6pm
    will make some beautiful cards and love the different sizes barbara as done
    thank you love

  3. Enjoyed the shows this afternoon, always like seeing gelli plates being used as it makes me get mine out. Looking forward to the 6pm show to see the amazing DT samples. XX

  4. evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is getting their order finger ready either on the mouse or the phone. XX

  5. Great 2 hours this afternoon, I do have one complaint, I am still wiping fruit juice off of my keyboard, I had just taken a huge sip when the subject of the floppy thing was mentioned! How did you keep a straight face! Looking forward to the next hour.

  6. Wowza, 10 minute sell out.🎊🎉🤗🤗🤗🤗🎉🎊……and I was one of them….*skips and shouts around the living room*🤸🤸🤸
    First time ordering with Hochanda TV so well chuffed but couldn’t see where to pop DEAL10 sadly. Heyho, I need to get back to the Wolves
    semi final now. Too much jeapordy in one Sunday afternoon 🙈

    1. If you phone Hochanda I am sure they will help you out with that. They were really helpful on the only occasion I had to phone.

      1. Thanks Hilda, I’m sure you’re right. It was done online & I was so chuffed to get them in my basket with the timer ticking away, being my first time shopping with Hochanda 🙈 I could never be the new replacement for James Bond or Dr. Who…….😂
        I’ve emailed them so we’ll see. 👍
        Thanks again. 👭

  7. Hello Barbara – love the Groovi plates showcased at 6 o’clock. Have bought mine, the designs are beautiful. You should be proud of yourself Barbara. Have a lovely evening, lots of love Donna X

  8. I have not seen the shows as I have been at Maria’s class at Hadnall. we had a great time and judging from what I have been reading you have had a sell out. Am I surprised , certainly not. The plates look fabulous. xx

  9. Great shows today. Succumbed to the ODS, after telling myself it was to go onto my wish list! Extended delivery for me, but as its a Birthday present to myself, it will arrive nearer to my birthday. I also couldn’t see where to put in DEAL10, or the option of Flexi-buy, but phoned Hochanda and a lovely lady sorted it out, by cancelling my original order and, reordering it, so I could take advantage of the offer. Brilliant beautiful samples from the design team. xxx

    1. I had exactly the same issue ordering online, I selected Flexi Pay and entered the code but it didn’t take off the discount or show the 3 payments. I phoned and they cancelled my first order and reordered to include the 10% off and make the order Flexi Pay. CS were helpful, but trying to order on an obvious sell out is stressful ! On large value purchases the 3 payments do make it manageable though.

  10. Can’t wait to get the new plates. Will they be available at the Retreat? Not possible for me to get them today. X

  11. Wow those plates are beautiful love them are they going to be stamps too didn’t take long to sell out not surprised they are fantastic loving shows today brilliant you and Paul going to be shattered long weekend but very fruitful xxx

  12. HiBarb,
    Wow! That was a frenetic show wasn’t it? I managed to get the ODS on Paul’s show( I think probably the last one as I tried and it had sold out and tried again in a couple of minutes and got one!) and with the 10% off too so that was fantastic. Can I just congratulate you on such a success – that must have been a record. I also want to congratulate the entire DT because that book and all of the samples were sublime and such a credit to Clarity. Not sure what Paul is going to be doing tomorrow though or is it an early finish? Thanks Barb, love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Congratulations to all at claritystamp OMG, sold out in under 10 minutes. Don’t know how you managed not to be in floods of tears. What a show of just how popular groovi has become.

  14. Well congrats all round I was on it in the first 2 minutes and got my order in and with the 10% off deal, blooming amazing, well it is my birthday next saturday so rude not too.
    Many thanks xx

  15. What a stunning collection. Thanks to Hochanda for letting you show the entire album. Your design team is just amazing. Congratulations on selling out.

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