Parchment meets Embroidery the Groovi way!

Parchment meets Embroidery the Groovi way!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. We certainly hit the ground running after our little Easter break, eh?!?

It’s like a relay race up at HOCHANDA this week! Lou is showcasing our new acrylic shapes today, together with a very neat, innovative product which turns things into a mirror. She is back at 1pm and 5pm, so that’s well worth seeing.

Then at 6pm she is handing the baton to Tina, who is launching a brand new set of Groovi plates, which she designed with embroidery in mind. Mind you, the plates work perfectly well just as beautiful Groovi plates – the difference is that there are strategically placed piercing dots, should you choose to. I think when you see her samples, you will be amazed. I certainly was !

The bundle comes with top quality gold thread and 2 embroidery needles. To get you started.

Here is a little selection of lovely art samples created by the clever team, to show you just how effective sewing on parchment is.

Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson
Carys James-Richards
Karen Jackson
Ronk Langton
Jane Telford
Maggie Byford

There are lots of tricks and tips which Tina will share with you during the shows, and each plate comes with a pattern guide. Here is a detailed digital download which Tina has kindly created for us. Simply click the link below.


Right. Gottago. It’s pottery! New term, new theme. Teapots and flowers…..

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

33 thoughts on “Parchment meets Embroidery the Groovi way!

  1. I used to do the Form a Line Kits years ago and loved them so this is right up my street! Love the samples. Glad you had a good weekend and were able to unwind. Enjoy pottery. Hx

  2. I have done stitching on cards and enjoyed it so need these. Fabulous idea to make it all easier . You certainly have a busy week. I have been watching Lou, she is doing great, I need to try those products see if I can get out of my neat and tidy comfort zone. Enjoy pottery. X

  3. With the combination of parchment and stitching, these will be so popular Barbara. I am also watching Lou right now, and the mirror spray is such a great product and she always comes up with wonderful ideas. x

  4. After Ray watched Lou’s show he went hunting on the web to see what other Pentart products were available.
    Decided he wanted to play – nuff said – he’d better not complain about MY spend on Clarity for the next month !!!!!
    Tina’s new plates look great as do the samples so it will be interesting to see what she does with them.
    Going through the Easter Egg hunt challenge ( I only found 8 ) I found some other items missing from my collection so there is a new list accumulating.
    It’s a pleasure to go out with no scarves or jackets, not quite so warm today but still pleasant. Gardens are looking very colourful and there are a lot of birds around. Spring has definitely sprung. 🌸🌻🌷🌼🌺
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Fantastic combination, used to love doing stitch cards and it is good to see the idea being used with Groovi. Got to be a winner with so many people.

  6. Beautiful samples from the design team, I’ve also done stitched cards in the past, think these plates will go onto my wish list. Enjoyed Lou’s shows, brilliant products, idea’s and inspiration. xx

  7. Totally blown away by these, cant see well enough to thread a needle anymore, even with a threader, such a pity I would love to give these a go. looking forward to the shows though, and saving my pennies for Friday with Leonie!

  8. I did some card embroidery a few years ago, so its nice to see it on Groovi. The plates looks like another Clarity winner. Enjoy your pottery class. XX

  9. I had thought of getting rid of some of my threads and tiny beads a while back. Fortunately, something stopped me. I definitely need these plates. Just one request to add to the Clarity range, please – more time to fit in everything I want to do. Have a good time at pottery. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  10. Ohh these are beautiful I have been creating a parchment card for my Mum’s birthday quick change of plan one of these will be heading her way. Thanks for the inspiration

  11. Hi Barbara
    I haven’t seen Tina’s show yet but these are lovely and will be very popular. They remind me of spirelli which I did years ago which was really enjoyable. Loved Lou’s shows too, it’s a good week for Clarity. Hope you had fun at pottery.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. These Embroidery Plates are stunning! Another beautiful idea by Tina! Thank you so much Barbara for the downloadable stitching templates – it will be a great help when my new plates arrive.

  13. Hello Barbara – oh my goodness, what can I say. Just watched the lovely Tina and have completely been blown away. What a concept and to apply it to parchment is amazing. Bought the plates, the extra thread and now can’t wait for it to arrive. I used to do card embroidery when I was young, but over time have forgotten the stitches, but downloaded Tina’s guide to get me started. Please Barbara, if you have the time, would love an ii book with embroidery stitches and projects. Have loads of beads where I make jewellery so I hope Tina will show us that as well. Can’t wait to see 8 o’clock show. A real inspiration, thank you Lots of love Donna X

  14. Hi Barb,
    These plates are brilliant and the samples are simply exquisite. I used to love doing spirelli years ago and still have some gorgeous threads so they will come in handy as the plates just happen to fall into my basket – yes Gilly I had to have them! Tina and a Paul did a great job and the downloads will be really useful to have too. Good to see another sell out. Hope you had a great pottery class. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. Hi Barbara & Everyone,
    Have just caught up with Tina & Pauls first show.
    A lady who got me into crafting so many years ago showed me how to do stitching cards which i can remember so well .
    After watching Tina & Paul, i may have to invest in some of these , i can then sit at night and still do some craft with my Groovi.
    My monthly happy parcel came this week , so please with the Die , and working out lots of way to use it.
    The news letter was brilliant , you always feel that you are talking to us all on a one to one basis.
    Hope you have enjoyed your classes today and i am sure we are all looking to see what you are now working on.
    Hugs to all , Lynn

  16. Great show. Lovely plates by the very clever and very talented Tina. Watching Tina took me right back to when I was 10 in 1962 when our teacher, Mr Hinchcliffe, taught us to make a curve from straight lines using a piece of card and wool. Same technique. Brilliant then and now.

  17. Was not going to buy a ymore groovi plates this month BUT the first craft I ever did was embroidery and was my first love over 60 years ago, so had to have these cannot wait for them to arrive. Many thanks Barbara and Tina you have made me very happy.

    Love to all at Clarity

  18. Wow look great Tina away still till tomorrow evening will catch up when get loving pictures of teams art work one looks like the old drawing set as child the spira graph brilliant. Hope you arrived home safely not to many things to sort at office all gone smoothly night night xxx

  19. Hello Barb, Hope you enjoyed Pottery class. Loved Lou’s shows, her enthusiasm is infectious. Great products. The new plates look lovely, I bet you there was a mad shopping frenzy during Tina’s shows, as always the artwork is just outstanding and beautiful. Take care all. Bx

  20. What an amazing Clarity day that was! I was blown away by Lou, as her enthusiasm was infectious and she is so talented. I had to laugh at her saying ‘me ‘ed is goin’ Like this’, while demonstrating. Washing machine and she so reminded me of you. What a fantastic lady and, although I don’t do mixed media, I shall look forward to watching more of her.
    Then I watched Tina and Paul and was again amazed at the samples produced by the DT. The plates are beautiful and, although I don’t plan to be sewing, I can use the plates for Groovi and the option of sewing is always there.
    Hope you enjoyed your pottery. Hugs. Annette x

  21. Yesterday was a real success for Clarity on Hochanda my recorder is full of things to refer back to. Loved Lou’s great demos and the samples were fantastic from the DT

  22. It’s a good job your teapot takes a while to be ready for action with the hive of activity going on at work. Another sell out & a shortage of gold thread no less😜
    It reminds me of the Christmas that Delia Smith popped pickled walnuts into one of her creations & we searched the country for a flipping jar without success!🤣
    I think those were the days before t’internet & Hochanda…….. *Muses* Was there really such a time🤔
    Loving all the demo’s this week. You’ve got a great gang of dedicated artists haven’t you🤗

  23. Really thrilled to see these plates, especially as I have a vast quantity of metallic threads left over from a machine embroidery course. Now I have to get a TV program recorder……… Keep up the good work- much appreciated!

  24. Well those plates didn’t last long flipping heck !!! Glad I could order from the clarity web site phew xxx
    They look amazing and I just love paper embroidery too, thanks for the pattern download. Enjoy your pottery , I taught myself to crochet (I’m a leftie too) so if you make a teapot I’ll make you a tea cosy if you want one, just drop me a line.

  25. I have purchased the embroidery plates ,but am struggling a little to do them, is there a video or instruction s I can refer to,(. I am new at groovi)
    Grateful for any suggestions,

  26. Hello, just saw this new embroidery on parchment and would love to learn more. I have been making greeting cards with embroidery and love it very much.
    Please can you point me in the direction as to where I can purchase the plates etc. I will wait patiently to hearing from you soon. Thank you 🙏🏼!

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