I do like a good old scrap!

I do like a good old scrap!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Busy busy busy here! I have been prepping for the Saturday TV Show, Hot plate – Cold Plate, which Mike Bossom and I are doing together. Thing is, we are changing hats, so I have been playing with hot wax most of today! Whose idea was it to have a skill swop?!? I’m enjoying it immensely, actually. Takes me out of my comfort zone, although the Gelpress (aka Saturday’s cold plate) isn’t exactly a comfy pair of slippers either! But I bet we have fun.

Both artforms are totally unpredictable, aren’t they. I mean, you can definitely steer the art in a certain direction, and the more you practice, the more control you do get. But destination never guaranteed!

I actually like the scrap paper which you drag the iron onto when you’re working!

In fact, here goes! Which one of the three would you pick?

See the garden?

Let’s make a scene, shall we? The lovely Birdhouse Stampset is on the show on Saturday, so let’s use that.

But now what? What are we going to do with this scrap of loveliness? I know! Let’s wrap the scrap!

If you sit back and squint, it looks really great!!

A couple of hollyhocks stamped lightly, the flat of a black pencil to bring out the texture of the canvas board – bingo!
Keep squinting!

Thoroughly enjoyed that little game. It’s worth getting the Encaustic Starter Kit just for this!! I do hope you can join us 12 and 4 on Saturday. Let me show you my serious bits…. (oooh-I say!)

I’m no expert, but to be honest, you don’t have to be!!
Just a couple of techniques and tricks – and you’re away!!

Time to stop though. My neck is really aching.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

20 thoughts on “I do like a good old scrap!

  1. Looks great fun , I bought a Encaustic art kit years ago , must get it out and play ..shows are on record as have got Louis’s workshop sat morning ,then out with mum and my sister

  2. Fantastic Barbara, you are so talented. The bird house set is so lovely and perfect for these type of scenes. I shall be looking after grandson on Saturday pm but will try to watch some of the show. We bought a new bird bath today to replace my dad’s old one which has cracked but I decided that can go down the garden with plants on it instead. I can’t bear to let it go.xx

  3. Wow Barbara that looks fabulous. I have nearly bought the encaustic starter kit several times over the years but I may have to give in this time. Really looking forward to this show. Xx

  4. Oooooo love the birdhouse stamp and I really like what you’ve done with the wax for today’s arty blog. The show on Saturday will be very interesting. Xx

  5. Wow! You’re amazing Barbara. I’ve never had a go at encaustic art. My nieces have done some with great success.
    Looking forward to watching on Saturday!
    Relax and rest your neck and shoulders.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  6. You are so clever!!! My first efforts were nowhere near as good. Have arranged my Saturday to watch but will also record as I think the progs will need to be revisited.
    Not so sunny here today but still quite warm and dry.
    Regarding your neck – I ache just watching you bent over the demo table on Hochanda. My physio says my neck problem is because a) I spend too much time with my head bent down looking at my crafting etc, and b) because I read in bed. The cure apparently is to walk and sit head up, shoulders back, and not bend over tables !!!
    How the heck are we supposed to enjoy our hobbies posed like we have an iron rod up our spines? I have had to compromise, shorter spells at the craft table, regular breaks, and a lap tray to prop my book on while reading in bed.
    Have a good rest tonight.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. .. looks great Barbara. You’ve just melted into that wax scrap and made something lovely. Not so sure I’ll do as well with the fantastic Gel Press, but looking forward to it very much. I’ll take a leaf from your book perhaps. It could be a case of Geli and I scream! See you Saturday 🙂

  8. So looking forward to Saturdays shows. You are so clever, your art with the birdhouse is brilliant. I havecalways wanted to try encaustic art but havent had the courage as yet. Hope your neck is less painful by Saturday.xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Well done! I really what you’ve done with that “scrap” . The birdhouse set is one of my favourites, so it’s good to see it being used here. Really looking forward to seeing the shows. I’ve always liked watching the encaustic shows and fancied having a go, but knowing me I’d probably end up burning myself ! I managed to pick up the cast iron casserole lid tonight, only problem was it had just come out of the oven and I was just using my bare hand- ouch!!! I will watch with interest, but daren’t start another hobby – I’m nearly bankrupt as it is!!! Hope you’re neck doesn’t give you too much trouble. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Wow, beautiful scenes Barbara and love the wax/inky piece using the scrap, you are so good at spotting a scene within what to most of us look like just random splodges. Looking forward to seeing the shows. x

  11. It’s great fun working with the hot wax look what you did with scraps again made it a work of art fantastic work of art xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Wow oh wow, what an amazing piece of art work from a scrap, you are clever. The stamps look fantastic against that background. I like the pictures you’ve made, is this the start of the next clarity paper and parchment pad? Looking forward to the shows on Saturday.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. love these wax pieces, it always looks so simple to do but in reality is probably not !! Have set the shows to record. Sounds as if you are both going to have great fun trying each others craft on Saturday.

  14. Hello Barb, I do love how you turn a piece of scrap into art. Looking forward to the shows. I love watching them when they are on anyway, but I guess these will be a real mix up. Your wax pieces are just superb. I have an iron, I think I have the card, not sure if I have the wax. Take care all. Bx

  15. I think you will start a resurge in people trying encaustic art, with pieces like this on the show. I have a couple of framed pieces made by a friend a few years ago and they are beautiful. I did try myself and it is really not that difficult to do and the results can be stunning. Looking forward to seeing the shows on Saturday. Have a good day. Hugs. Annette X

  16. I have admired encaustic art shows for ages but sure mine wouldn’t look anything like the wonderful art being produced, will watch the shows for certain this weekend. Waiting patiently for Leonie’s shows the DTs sneak peeks have looked great

  17. Lovely picture. I did do Encaustic Art a very long time ago and did do a workshop with Mike and have some lovely pictures. Must try it again. Loved the shows.

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