Stampset of the Month

Stampset of the Month

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. For! I just saw which stamp set is on offer this month! Boy oh boy. If I’s had 50 of these with us at the NEC I could have sold every single one! There was a particular piece of artwork using these stamps one of the artboard which clearly drew people in – and I must say, it was very lovely. But this stamp set has to be one of our very best, don’t you agree?

If you haven’t got it yet, this is a definite Must-have-in-my-stamp-stash kinda stampset! And most certainly at this price! I used it on the DVD Artful Crafting . So let’s have a bloggy offer on the DVD as well: how about half price, from £14.99 to £7.50? I did a neat cloud resist trick as I recall….

Birdhouse Garden Stamp Set!

Birdhouse Garden Stamp Set

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Barbara Gray
Dee Paramour
Janet Pring
Elaine Milner
Linda Spencer

Tired today mind. Just don’t ping back from these long exhibitions like I used too. Is it ok to have a little cat nap?

Love & hugs

Barb xxx

pS I’ll pick a winner for the Guess the Location comp tomorrow, when I find the artwork! Xxxx

25 thoughts on “Stampset of the Month

  1. Take it easy Barb, I found the minute I hit my 60’s a cat nap is always welcome, what with that and the envelope from the NHS you will get soon 60 is a whole new ball game! Great shows from the NEC, you and Leonie, the tears ran down my legs.

    1. LOL at the tears down your legs ! And not so LOL for the NHS envelope as I’ll get one in Oct then ?! I dread to think ! X

  2. Hi Barbara, I love this set as it includes Romeo, there was a Romeo at the pub we’ve just been to after a funeral, he was asleep on top of a heater ! I hope you manage a ‘Romeo’ nap I think you deserve it after such a busy week and celebrating your birthday at the same time. I hope you get to see the kids soon too – you must be owed a holiday. I must dig the DVD out again too! Lovely samples x

  3. I have this set after seeing you demo it on TV a few years ago, think it was with the Gelli plate and paints. Love it and I think it was the fore runner to the overlay stamps as the fence panel fits so precisely every time. Hope you have a few days to recover. Xx

  4. Just woke up from my ‘after-75’ snooze – not getting the zzzz’s at night these days. 60 seems a long time ago!!! Fully expected you to be shattered after the week you’ve had, especially as you put so much oomph into all you do.
    The NEC shows were fun and informative.
    This stamp set is very versatile and use it a lot but the DT samples have given me a few new ideas. Thank you.
    Try to get some quality rest tonight.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Once again my message has gone flying off into the ether,
    hey ho maybe it will turn up later, it usually does.
    Try to get some quality sleep tonight.
    Hugs x

  6. You must all be feeling chattered after busy few days sounds like was great time felt quiet jealous I could come Bob was working well one more week and he retires next Monday morning finishes after his last night Sunday so looking forward to him being about. Hope you get few days to relax and hopefully a holiday for you and Dave pretty soon may be trip to see Grace and Mark think over due for you. Take care lots love xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Of course it’s ok to have a catnap. I have had a lion share of catnaps over time!!
    You must be shattered after your time at the NEC, at least it seems like you had a good time, and your shows, such fun.
    Take care
    Love & Hugs

  8. Glad you’re home safe & sound after a marathon 4 days. I was exhausted after one day and I didn’t do anything except shop at Clarity stand, a make and take and watching Linda at the live show. I have this lovely stamp set and urge anyone who hasn’t to invest in it as it is so versatile, as is the Groovi plate that features the same images. X

  9. Also love this set -my favourite too. What is the house stamp Linda Spencer used in her sample – it fits so well. Thanks to all the DT members (and barbara!) whose samples are in this blog -all great.

  10. Go for that cat nap. Well deserved and needed I should think. I too love that stamp set, I have watched you demo it many times and it always looks fab. I use elements from it quite often. x

  11. You well deserve a catnap after 4 days at the NEC. Just one day does me in, when I get to go. Hope you and Dave manage some rest and quality time together this week to get your energy back. Love that stamp set and the DVD bought it when it first came out, so much you can do with

  12. Evening Barbara. I love that stamp set. So many really useful components and they will mix and match so well with other things too!!
    I think you deserve a ‘cat nap’ or 3. You have been at full pelt for a few weeks and then in overdrive for the NEC so no one is going to complain if you give yourself a well earned day off! Relax and recharge your batteries.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I do love this stamp set ever since I watched you use it with the gell plate at a show years ago. In fact you gave me the demo yo did I still have it up in my craft room I bought the gell starter kit there and then you made it look so so easy . But I have yet to use it Sorry 😐
    Smacked hands
    Forty winks is mandatory after the 60. Lol 😆
    Have a lovely evening Hugs x

  14. Nap’s are vital in my humble opinion. I struggle to get through the day without one, unless I intend to veg in front of the box for the entire evening and at the tender age of 64, I think I’ve earned one. Let’s me craft the night away! x

  15. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely nothing wrong with a catnap – I have them every day! I need them as I no longer sleep very well at night – those flaming personal summers!!! You must be shattered after the NEC and I hope that you and Dave will be able to spend some good quality time together now it’s finished. You’ll love your NHS envelope – it’s no Clarity club envelope believe me!!! I’m willing to bet that there could be some good stories if my friends are anything to go by! Sending love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  16. I hope your catnap revived you Barbara, and no wonder you are feeling tired after so many busy days. Great samples featuring this very pretty and useful stamp set too. x

  17. Hi Barb, a lovely selection for stamp of the month, very versatile and a go to stamp set. Love the artwork. Hope you had a refreshing catnap. Take care all. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara
    You are definitely allowed a cat nap, you must all be exhausted. I’ve always liked this stamp set but have sat on the fence ( haha) as there was always something else I wanted, but I think I might just succumb, especially after seeing the design team samples.
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Dear Barbara, you need more than a cat nap after all last week. Pleased you had time to celebrate your birthday. Now enjoy it again. The shows were great, would love to have got to one of them. Hope you and Dave manage to get a long rest. Love xxxxxxx

  20. Hi Barbara,
    Your show was fantastic I sat on the front row between two very clever ladies after having watch you demo earlier. I just started groovi and I love it but my first love is stamps, so I feel a buy coming on. I hope you recover soon your the best and so young in your mini skirt and beautiful floaty top on Saturday. Don’t nap too long we need you. Hugs Cynthia

  21. Hello Barbara. It was lovely to meet you on Sunday at the NEC – I was the one on crutches, when you were showing us how to use your wedding design towards the end of the afternoon. How’s your voice now? Thank you for the tips you shared, I learnt a lot, just by watching at close quarters – the eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Wait till you get to my age….
    I’m looking forward to another chance to see you “live”. Hugs.

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