Beautiful Birds in a Tree

Beautiful Birds in a Tree

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! What a day again. What a caper! But it is fine. We put our heads together at Clarity and came up with an excellent Last Minute-TV-Show-Strategy. It’s amazing what you can pull out of the hat when the chips are down, innit?! Dear Paul is going up to the Studios first thing tomorrow, to prep for the 6pm One Day Special which launches at 6pm. It’s a 2 parter. Part one is tomorrow evening. Part 2 is Saturday evening !!! What is it Barbie? What is it that you have pulled out of the hat in the 11th hour? Well, it would have to be one helluva hat! Lots of you asked for the Designer Papers in 12×12. For journalling, for scrapbooking, for paper engineering – and so on. They have landed! Woohoo! Not a moment too soon I might add! I pushed for these, not because I want to make huge cards – goodness no – but because I wanted a simple solution to the inserts for the Papercut cards! Paul will show you what I mean – along with loads of other ideas and techniques which Paul is so good at.

Now you know that each Monday we showcase one of the Clarity Products of the Month here on the blog, right? Last Monday it was the fantastic Birds in a Tree Fresh Cuts Die. LOVE THAT DIE!!!

And today it’s the same design but in Groovi format. This has to be one of the best, most versatile designs we have ever introduced, don’t you agree? Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, condolences, Christmas, Easter – you name the occasion, then send the Birds in a Tree!

Birds in a Tree A5 Sq Groovi Plate

The Groovi Design of the Month is the Birds in a Tree A5 Sq Groovi Plate.

Alas! No real playtime today. I am sure you understand…

The Birds in a Tree design is also available in Fresh Cut Die, stencil, and Three-Way Overlay stamp set; all on offer until the end of the month!

Check out all our Offers of the Month here!

Mel drew this one. I asked her to draw something similar but different, because I thought it would be great to sit alongside this one. She came in the other day with fresh artwork. Oh boy. The similar but different is superb. Absolutely blimming beautiful. Happy Days.

Do I know how lucky I am to have friends like Mel, Linda and Tina, who can draw so brilliantly? Oh yes. I do indeedy!

Love always,



24 thoughts on “Beautiful Birds in a Tree

  1. Clarity and the fabulous team can always be relied on in a pinch. The shows are on to record and can’t wait to see the larger papers. Will be economical too as you can get 4 6″ × 6″ backgrounds from one sheet.

  2. Ooooooo a Clarity treat. Liking the look of the new paper pads and those new stamps look amazing! My new leafy swirl die arrived today and it us beautiful so will be used lots I can already tell. Xx

  3. Lots going on with us this week so the recorder is set for all the shows just in case – don’t want to miss out!
    So pleased you are bringing out 12×12 papers they are always so useful and economical too.
    Between Paul and Maria there will be lots of hints, tips and inspiration.
    Have a good evening.

  4. Ooh err !! no housework going to get done this week then with such a busy Clarity schedule. Liking the sound of the 12 x 12 as they will be perfect for going with the dies with less waste or rather trimmings than the 8 x 8 papers. Hope you all don’t meet yourself coming backwards !! take care x

  5. You all are great and we get bonus extra shows full of lovely goodies and great ideas 💡. Hope your feeling bit better love Joy x

  6. I hope today finds you less downhearted, may I thank you for your honesty and integrity. . I stopped watching C&C before the founding of Hochanda as I personally wasn’t comfortable with one of the main contributors being a major stakeholder in said company. So interest piqued by your post off I trotted to companies house.
    I can now see why you were so distressed. One of the companies you mentioned has lost one long time platinum member. I love clarity and I have the deepest respect for you. I only wish all those now bleating about presenters and demo time would wake up and smell the bacon. Love to all at Clarity and Hochanda

  7. Hi Barbara
    Well you, Paul and the rest of the wonderful Dream Team really do work sooooo hard.
    Can’t wait to see the new designs that Mel has come up with.
    Clarity just keeps growing and growing
    Well Done everyone
    Love & Hugs

  8. Hi Barb, Clarity reigns!
    Clarity an oor superhero Pergaman tae the rescue. Perfect!
    Looking forward to seeing what ideas Paul comes up with.
    Love and big cuddle xxxx

    Please everyone, make sure to tell all your pals about the extra Clarity shows as the Freeview electronic guide on the telly is still the old schedule. We all want as much viewers and sales as possible for oor Clarity and Hochanda families eh.

  9. You really are amazing. Well done Paul for stepping up to the challenge. Think I will need one of those new paper pads (well all of them really but will have to be one at a time). Fabulous. X

  10. Hi Barbara
    How exciting 12×12 pads, I think they are going to fly. I have a friend who makes beautiful gift bags from 12×12 paper so I must let her know they are available. Good old clarity to the rescue!
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Yippeeedippeedoodarr.
    So excited to receive the email today with the schedule of extra loveliness from Clarity on Hochanda TV this week. 👏
    I applaud you all for being such a flexible, hard working team.
    Who needs award recognition when you so faithfully produce as many excellent shows, equipment etc as you do, at the drop of a hat.

  12. Good news for all of us. But do take care within it all. Stress does horrible stuff, if you don’t take heed at the warnings. We need you better, so somehow you have to rest. Perhaps you could use some older things to show people new to Clarity how to use them and get us combining old and new? New people won’t know anything about the classroom or the DVDs. You won’t need to learn new things to show them.

  13. Hi Ms. Barbara ❤️ Thank you so much for the inspiration and Clarity that I receive from your shows on Hochanda. As a US viewer I appreciate all the hard work your team displays. I will watch and purchase from you always. Give everyone at Clarity my best.

  14. Hi Barbara
    How exciting 12×12 designer papers, I think they are going to fly. I’ve got a friend who makes beautiful gift bags with 12×12 papers, I must let her know! Well done Clarity for stepping up to the plate.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hello Barb, well done Clarity and Paul for stepping in again, it really warms my heart that your team can just work so well and quickly together to bring us something special. Mmmm 12 x12 papers, do I need more? I guess I do. Looking forward to the shows. Take care all. Bx

  16. Looking forward to the new shows by as others have disappeared take care not to run yourself into the ground . Take care of yourselves xx

  17. All the extra shows are a great bonus for us, but I hope you don’t wear yourselves out in the process. The 12×12 papers are a great idea, as I use 6×6 and A5 and it will mean so much less waste.
    If you look on the Groovi Worldwide Facebook page Barb, you will see that Jean Page Burt May have started a new Groovi trend! We had our ENGG club meeting yesterday and she made a gorgeous Groovi cake. Take a look – although you can’t request a taste unfortunately, as we ate it all!
    Groovi has brought new friends into my life, as well as a fantastic new craft, so thank you 🙂 Hugs. Annette x

  18. Me again!!!
    When I opened the e-mail giving the list of shows until the end of February I gasped – WOW – it’s a lot to organise at such short notice. Paul is a real trooper for stepping in.

  19. Ooooo what a great team. Looking forward to watching the shows later, must remember to record tomorrows shows as well.
    More new dies yay, I really love the fresh cut dies, I was bored with dies before and didn’t really use them very much but I love love love the freshcut dies, such beautiful designs x

  20. Fantastic news to hear about 12 x 12 papers. Shall use them mostly for scrap booking but sure they will come in useful for lots more crafty things.

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