Ahhh… Home Sweet Home…

Ahhh… Home Sweet Home…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just got through the door. Thought I’d crack on with this ere blog – and then. KICK BACK. I am feeling pretty cream-crackered, to be honest. It has been a busy busy week! When you do an 8am show, you have to be at the studios at 6am. Yep, there we were, all blurry eyed at the crack of sparrows – and Leonie had a live show at 7am! Crikey! A day in the life of a TV presenter, eh?

But the TV Shows today with our Linda were so enjoyable – not to mention financially rewarding!! And there we were, thinking you already all had all the ball tools (or Balling Tools, as lovely Janice called them ! Linda and I folded up off camera. Talk about ROFPMSL!!!). Innuendo abounded this morning! First Linda’s talking about liking the largest tool best, and flicking it lightly – then Janice is selling a bumper pack of Balling tools! Oy Vey!!!

Had to top up the quantities available not once but twice, just to keep the shows going! So very well done Linda for superb entertainment and tuition, and a personal huge THANK YOU, for taking the weight off my shoulders. There’s been a whole helluvalot going on behind the scenes at work, and it does takes its toll, doesn’t it. Especially when you get to 59. You just don’t ping back, like you used to.

Can I also say thank you to the HOCHANDA team ? They did a cracking job today. Filming close up parchment work really isn’t that easy, but Andy did a great job, didn’t he? I must say, I really do enjoy working at HOCHANDA. It is such a pleasant place, but that’s mainly down to the friendly, helpful, easy going team there. Presenters are fun, producers are on the ball, floor crews are professional – and the whole vibe across all departments is upbeat.

I took a couple of pics of the set before we kicked off at noon. Quiet before the storm….

Beautiful art samples made for a super set up! Thanks dream team!!!
Every now and then I have to pinch myself;
still can’t quite fathom how we ended up owning Pergamano!
This tidy little set up took Linda and myself about 2 hours on Wednesday evening.

That’ll do for today folks. I want to kick back and chillax before work tomorrow. We have got so much to do!! Would like a day off – but it ain’t mañana!!!

Love & Hugs,



33 thoughts on “Ahhh… Home Sweet Home…

    1. I saw both of your shows yesterday, they were fantastic and I learnt a lot, I have never been sure on what ball tool to use, I know now.
      I wondered if you have a hedgehog among your plates, I would love one
      Thankyou for the show xx

  1. I managed to see a little of your lunchtime show which was brilliant. Going to sit and catch up tomorrow. We were up at crack of sparrows as well today had to be at my son’s house early. What should have taken us twenty minutes took just over an hour, rush hour traffic and school runs. X X

  2. Thank you and Linda so much for today. I learned such a lot and it was like having a private lesson. I have been doing it all wrong! I need to take it slowly and be very patient and I might get better results. I can only dream of achieving what Linda does, but I know that with time, my results will improve.
    I must say that I belly laughed so much today, which proves what sort of mind I have! It wasn’t only what was said, but the look on your face and all of you trying to hide the giggles. What a tonic it was and such a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. I shall be watching the shows several times over, while i practise.
    Have a relaxing evening with Dave. Hugs. Annette X

  3. Hello Barbara – loved the shows today. Just what I needed, as this year is all about perfecting my Groovi skills, especially cutting, which I had been getting good at, but have been unable to practice the last few weeks! Will have more time now I am leaving my job. Loved seeing Linda. Learnt so much today. Have a good evening Barbara, hope you get to relax. Lots of love Donna X

  4. Loved the shows and learnt SOOOO much. Crafted along with you both especially doing the free hand feathers, thank you. Such a relaxing new craft. Hope you enjoy your evening. Xx

  5. Tried watching the 8am show on Hochanda rewind but it wasn’t playing ball! Will try again later. The bit I did manage was full of great tips and Lindale was so relaxing to watch. Thank you for the new show. Xx

  6. Evening bloggy friends, nearly the weekend. Just got a few more bits together ready for the CraftalongaBarbie. Xx

  7. Hello Barbara
    I watched the fantastic 8am show (took me back to last year’s Retreat) and was looking forward to the 12 o’clock show but ut it wasn’t to be. Got a phone call to say my husband had been rushed into hospital with double pneumonia. It was touch and go but he has rallied and is stable at the moment.
    Luckily I had set to record both shows yesterday so, hopefully, will watch tomorrow before visiting.

        1. Hi Roz,
          What an awful shock for you. I hope your hubby continues to make a full recovery soon. Thinking of you both, love Alison xx

  8. Brilliant shows. I was there at 8 o’clock with breakfast and coffee,but had to watch the second show later as I had a visitor. You two are a brilliant double act and Yannis and Janice are great presenters too. Hope you and Linda both have your feet up now with a nice hot drink to recover. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  9. Hi Barbara, well I tried to watch the early show but to no avail but caught the next show.
    Well now I know where I have been going wrong so your show has helped such a Lot.
    Linda is brilliant wow what a teacher is there no end to her talent!!
    Will be watching on the Thursday shows as lots to learn.
    Try and get a rest if possible, such a brilliant company .
    Lots of hugs .
    Lynn xx

  10. I was so lucky to win a trip to Hochanda on my birthday last year and it was the best crafty day ever.

    People don’t realise how small it really is and so few staff but I was totally impressed and loved every minute.

    My highlights were meeting Yiannis and the fabulous Lisa Horton.

    So pleased all my favourites are on Hochanda. Loving your shows as always. Good luck with the Craftalong soon.


  11. Although I have been parching for nearly 20 years I have never got on with shaders so it was good to see an expert explain them. Linda is a star and I am so glad she is involved with Clarity, she is a great teacher.
    You had two of my favourite presenters with you today which made the shows so much nicer. Really relaxing.
    Got the giggles at some of the faces you pulled, can see you really enjoy Hochanda despite the massive preparation required.
    Really looking forward to future Pergamano shows even though it means getting up early to watch!!
    All the travelling this week plus the TV it is no wonder you are cream crackered. Try to have a rest this evening. Take care of yourself. xxx


    Linda was brilliant I. Lover her calmness and of course her beautiful work. It was lovely to watch up close.

    Early night for you. Xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Watched both shows tonight on catch up . I really enjoyed them both and it certainly looked as though you were all having a good time. I can’t believe how many tips I picked up from Linda and I love watching her – she makes it look so easy! Her work is absolutely stunning. I’m going to have a good practise tomorrow as I already have a load of the designs already drawn out ( from when I was in hospital) so I can get to grips with the different types of shading. Looking forward to more informative shows in the months to come.Thank you both and I hope you manage to get a break soon. Love and hugs,Alison xx.

  14. What great shows loved them learnt a lot must get groovi out over weekend and have another go. Well from the be 59 year old I’m month younger than you but you we’re me out just thought few years ago could have kept up but last few years pain had taken over. Night night least home in your own bed thanks again Barbara and Linda for great shows lot information love Joy xxx

  15. Good evening Barbara
    Loved the shows today so very inspirational
    You and Linda did a great job explaining And demonstrating the techniques
    Hope you are now chillaxing with Dave

  16. I did see the later show and enjoyed learning a bit more about parchment although at the moment I am not doing any. It’s a shame you can’t take it easy tomorrow instead of having to rush into work, but at least the weekend is nearly here, and I know you wouldn’t have it an other way Barbara. x

  17. Recorded the shows so have the pleasure of watching at the weekend. So excited that the parchment shows will be on every month, I have a lot to learn. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend with Dave.xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    I have recorded both shows and as soon as I get a bit of time to myself I shall sit and enjoy watching them.
    I do hope you managed to have a chillaxing evening with your Dave.
    Love & Hugs

  19. Hi Barbara
    Only caught part of the lunchtime show but what I saw was excellent. Will be watching the other show on catch up. The samples are beautiful, it’s inspired me to get my Groovi out again, my mojo has been missing lately.
    Night night, love Diane xxx

  20. Hello Barb, shows were great to watch, samples and demos were super, and yes picked up on some of those innuendos. Linda is so gentle and calm, yet she gets everything through to the viewers. Must say, love your hair tied up, at first I thought you had it cropped. Take care all. Bx

  21. I really enjoyed the shows and learnt so much. I bought the balling kit for Christmas and am learning how to use them effectively. (Now always to be called the balling kit!!)

  22. Hi there I really loved the first show I learnt so much and.laughed a lot too 😂😙
    Brilliant xxx
    Watching the second show later on today
    take care
    Julie xxx

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