Welcome home Tina! Look what we’ve done with your flowers!

Welcome home Tina! Look what we’ve done with your flowers!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Busy afternoon here at HOCHANDA! The Craftalonga Barbie Class on the 17th February is going to be busy! Good grief!!

But I wanted to welcome Tina back to Blighty! She’s been in the States with her family, and has been travelling back since Friday! So rather than turn up at the airport with a bunch of flowers, How about a

WELCOME HOME, and LOOK what we’ve done with your flowers, TINA!! xxxxxxx

At 6 pm we are launching some beautiful and very versatile floral frames.

Recognise the designs? Yes, we took our lovely Tina’s floral swirls, and turned them into corner dies! So now we’ve got these patterns, not only as Groovi plates and Stamps,

but also as dies. I think you will like them. I do! They are so clever and cool to work with! I’m just a die-cutting novice, but even I came up with so many ideas ! Paul too. And the design team….

Dee Paramour

Wendy Thorburn
Shelagh Metselaar
Dee Paramour

Wendy Thorburn

Anyway, I must dash. I shall leave you with a beautiful sample by Josie, using the Groovi plates. They’re on the 6pm show too.

Josie Davidson

Love and hugs,

And a huge hug for Tina.



20 thoughts on “Welcome home Tina! Look what we’ve done with your flowers!

  1. Haven’t watched the show yet but have recorded it and I’m now looking forward to the 6 pm show. Used to love the craft a long shows so really pleased that you are doing one again.

  2. Great show this afternoon – great demos.
    What a lovely way to welcome Tina back by showcasing her designs in dies. I shall certainly be buying these. The team have come up with some beautiful samples.
    Off now for a quick bite to eat before the 6pm ODS.
    Hugs, Cherry

  3. Can’t wait for the Craftalong launch! What an amazing birthday I will have – yes, I was born on 17th February! It’s going to be such fun. I might even try and phone in on the day!
    Loving the dies made from Tina’s flowers. I am home from seeing Samuel so will be able to watch the show. I had to record this afternoon’s shows as they can’t get Hochanda on their TV.
    Love always Rx

  4. Wow they are beautiful . Well wasn’t the last shows busy fell to temptation got the craft along set as everyone else has looking forward to the class know. Time know for you next shows and another big temptation coming I can see loving everything as always love joy

  5. Great show this afternoon. Like the idea of the craft a long. I shall watch just can’t buy the goods. I am sure I shall learn something though. X

  6. Loved the shows this afternoon, the crafalong kit is on its way to me so I will be ready for the show next month. The ODS is coming too, so it will be a beans on toast month! Welcome home Tina. XX

  7. Evening bloggy friends, last day of freedom as I go back to work tomorrow. Has been a nice break though. XX

  8. What a great show this afternoon Barbara. The Craftalong is certainly going to be a major event!
    I love the flower plates from Tina and the dies look wonderful and will complement them beautifully.
    I am off to watch the ODS on catch up and will be watching tomorrow. Thanks again to the DT for such beautiful samples and welcome back Tina.
    Thanks Barbara, as always. Annette X

  9. Great to see the reason that I’ve signed up to the smashing New Design Die Club. Looking forward to that little parcel dropping through my letter box. 💌
    I don’t know how you do it Barbara but you seem to be the catalyst at Hochanda when it comes to sharing your passion and excitement for all the wonderful new Clarity ideas and designs. Can’t wait to share in the new plans for 2019❣️
    Welcome home Tina….may your jet lagness be short.💤

  10. Great shows Barbara, have yet to watch ODS shows. Looking forward to the Craftalonga next month, I have all of your old workshops that you did on Creat and Craft put on to DVD discs, unfortunately the machine no longer works.X

  11. Hi Barbara
    I missedtge shiwstoday but will watch them on catch up. Love the new flowe Dies , aren’t they pretty. The font is nice and clear too, I think these will fly. Welcome home Tina.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Loved the shows, great demos etc and good that the classroom/workshop shows are to look forward to, used to love working alongside you! Anyhoo, have saved my pennies (at the moment) as we’re wanting to downsize our home so that must come first at the moment, That said I’ll be trying to book Leyburn tickets soon as they’re available, we’ve been looking forward to that since last year! x

  13. I enjoyed your shows this afternoon Barbara and thanks for all the wonderful demos. The new corner die cuts are so pretty and will try to watch tomorrow. Tina is a clever lady and I hope she has had a great trip to the States. x

  14. Hello Barb, a beautiful range of designs across the products spectrum. The new dies are gorgeous, wow I am sure Tina is very proud of them. Have not caught up with the 6pm show yet, but if the earlier show was anything to go by, I bet it was busy. Take care all. Bx

  15. Thank you Barbara and everyone. I love the look of designs as dies and can’t wait to play with them. The dies are going to used and enjoyed for a lot longer than a bunch of flowers could have. The design team’s work is stunning for the shows. Huge hugs. 🙂 x

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