Kind Hearts are the Garden

Kind Hearts are the Garden

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Just got home from a couple of days in Peterborough. Thank you so much for making our TV shows on HOCHANDA such a success!

The uptake for the Craftalong Class on February 17th has been nothing short of amazing. Michelle, our buyer (and a personal friend I might add), was so chuffed on Sunday ! She had come in to the TV studio on her day off, just to be supportive and help – and I was more pleased for her than anything! She works so hard to bring things together, like never really switches off. And she was absolutely delighted at the launch of the New Years Classroom Concept. I, on the other hand, just KNEW you would be up for it – and there you were !!! So thank you. It promises to be a very exciting crafty session.

A few folks wondered why the Craftalong Bundle is only available through Hochanda, right up until the day after the gig.

Must admit – it is pretty special. Also available individually, except for the stencil.

I did try to explain it on the day; if a TV channel is prepared to let us crafters have a full 2-hour Sunday Afternoon prime time crafty session together, with no selly telly attached, then I believe we should show our appreciation by driving sales to the channel. And Barbara pushing for that, not HOCHANDA. What a great opportunity! The place on the Hochanda webiste to get the bits and bobs we will be using is :

I’ve already put my name down for another two sessions, AND recruited Leonie for a couple on our behalf ! So Clarity is definitely doing this regularly! Woohoo!

In an attempt to do a little Monday Blog with flowers and trees, here’s a step by step of the Garden hearts stampset I showcased on Sunday, too. That was a surprise too! I knew the die would fly;

I knew the Groovi plate would fly.

But this old stamp? Well. I thought you all had it!!! How wrong was I?? They sold out faster than I could stamp and finish the picture!!

There you go. That simple. Trim, edge with a black sharpie pen and mount on a large white card blank. Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt – and I’m off to watch Merlin!!

Love & Hugs


PS. No. Merlin is not my new nickname for Dave the Magician! But wait till I show you what was awaiting me upon my return from Middle England this evening! Can you wait till Friday? Can I wait till Friday?!?!?

19 thoughts on “Kind Hearts are the Garden

  1. Thanks for blogging this, I have the stamp and will no doubt get the groovi version in due course. Trying to be a little careful as we will have to spend out on another car ! So will give the class a miss on this occasion but enjoy watching and picking up tips ! Love the new dies too, even hubby was impressed when he looked up from his crossword here and there! Loved what you and Paul have done with them! Can’t wait to find out what was waiting for you!
    Had a tooth out today so had a quiet one, doing a bit of groovi ! Have a good week ! X

  2. Fabulous shows Barb and this is one of my favourite demos. Super colours too. Ooh now I am intrigued as to what was waiting for you – can I wait till Friday??? Guess I’m gonna have to. Much love. Xxx

  3. oooo that sounds so intriguing!!! Wonder what it was? I hope it was a lovely surprise. I think it probably was!
    Shows this weekend have been fantastic! Such fab demos showing lots of inspiration.
    Anyway have a good relaxing evening
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Just watched the recorded shows, and loved the demos and DT cards which have given me lots of new ideas for how to use my lovely stamp. So pleased to see the classroom sessions coming back – very excited!

  5. Hi Barbara & everyone,
    great shows yesterday for me the new dies look brilliant you always come up with something different from the norm.
    Just started die cutting and the help from Rosalind Lynn Annette have been second to none, which i thank them so much.
    I have joined the die club and am looking froward to , learning different things to do with each die .
    Thank you Clarity for your hard work , exceptional service and fantastic products long may it continue.

  6. Great shows, great things to spend our money on (not to mention the rush on the Clarity phones this morning). I wonder if my ideas about Merlin could be right? Interesting! Just to warn you, the naughty table have booked their places on the retreats. Can’t wait. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  7. Watched all the shows this evening which I recorded as we’ve had a hectic day. What super ideas from you and Paul, so relaxing watching you work.
    Eagerly awaiting my purchases and the club packs this month – the new die looks amazing.
    Will be watching the craftalongabarbara but won’t buy the bundle as I already have some of the content.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Brilliant shows today and I really enjoyed watching. There is so much to look forward to, but I can’t spend any money, as I am saving to visit my family in Vancouver in March. However, I can still enjoy watching and getting lots of inspiration from you and the team. Can’t wait to see what your surprise was! Hugs. Annette X

  9. I enjoyed watching the shows Barbara and look forward to watching the craftalong programmes, and it’s great that you have got several slots for Clarity. x

  10. Such uniqueness & inspiration from Clarity this weekend. I’m always in a good mood when I’ve had my shot in the arm from you guys at Clarity.😍
    The Hochanda presenters genuinely look like they’re enjoying themselves so much too.😜
    Great shows👯

  11. Great shows and fabulous new goodies! I got my craftalongabarbie kit and I can’t wait to see the whole show concept of 2 hours of solid teaching and learning. Well done to Hochanda for giving us such an amazing opportunity. Xx

  12. I really enjoyed watching the shows, thanks for this brilliant demo. Have ordered the groovi plate and die, as already have the stamp. Looking forward to the craft along shows. xx

  13. Wow what a great Sunday / Monday. While you were away the office phone was read hot to me 40 mins to get through first thing at 8am The retreat must be nearly full up too. We do love are clarity us crafters cannot way for my new goodies to arrive and get to playing need to find that stamp one of my favourites. Excited about retreat booked hotel last week dog in kennels and Katie resbite so was so pleased when got booked in got few friends coming to good friends that I made in clarity East Midlands was some great ladies there who have stayed friends been great support to me over last few years and of cause new friends made last year and new ones to yet to meet will be ally pally with Katie and open day so she doesn’t miss out night xxx

    1. Good morning Joy. I don’t know you, but always read your posts on here. I just wanted to say that having just read your message, you have started my day off with a smile, as your excitement is infectious. Have a wonderful time at the retreat and hopefully, one day I will be able to go to one and meet you. Love to you and Katie. Annette X

  14. Hello Barb, I think the concept is wonderful and the sale reasoning is sound. Loved this demo, and the stamp is beautiful. Your pile of papers that you showed are lovely, I just need your storage space. I can just imagine what your surprise was, but will wait until Friday to find out. Take care all. Bx

  15. Hi Barbara
    I’m going to play catch up today but it’s good to see up close how this one was done, it’s such a pretty stamp isn’t it. I’ve gig to be good for a couple of months as I didn’t work the hours I normally do in December ( well not at work anyway!) so craft spending money is reduced. Upi will catch up soon though. Hooe the suprise was lovely.
    Love Diane xxx

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