Taking down the decorations and taking down the price!

Taking down the decorations and taking down the price!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in !

What a busy day we have had. Ticked a load of boxes for HOCHANDA telly Sunday. All packed and ready to rock n roll now!! Call me pedantic, but there’s no way José I’m going on live TV without being prepped to the hilt !!! And there’s so much to consider on the first Clarity Show of the year!

In addition, I have to take the decorations down today. Not done yet….. All over the dining room table now….

It’s a funny old thing, innit? We spend weeks preparing and getting fired up – and in the twinkling of an eye – it’s over again till next year.

I spent hours making the house look lovely, in readiness for friends and family. And it was my delight. I loved doing it. So it was with a slightly heavy heart that I got up at the crack of sparrows today, and began with the dismantling. Then I had a little moment of Clarity, as it were!

Called the guys at work, suggested a Down-with-the-Decs-down-with the-prices-weekend-Blitz-Sale – they loved it – and jumped on it. Seriously. That’s how it went. Not planned weeks in advance. Not at all. Just a quirky thought about a fresh start and a little mop up.

One of the best things about the Clarity Crew is that they can hop about instantly, and conjure up something like a substantial Weekend Sale – complete with product allocation, banners, Emails, eshots, website modifications, social media – the whole shebang – within hours. That’s what I call splendid. #proudmum.

So I hope you find something in the 40% weekend sale. This one is a clear out though. When the things sell out, they sell out! We won’t be making more at this clearance price.

Shop the Sale here

Time to go and find Dave. I have got some great news to share with him…

Love & Hugs



PS NO! I’m way too old for that!!!

24 thoughts on “Taking down the decorations and taking down the price!

  1. This was me today too, did think to myself I could leave them up all year…but then decided it wouldn’t have the same appeal. Have had a very quick look through the sale so will have to pop back for a proper look later. Hope your exciting news went down well. XX

  2. Oh you do make me chuckle! Hope Dave appreciated your news 😃
    Just as I’m trying to be good it looks like I will be on the naughty step – again! There are a few things in the sale I need but will wait until tomorrow to order.
    To fall in with your idea and get it organised so quickly says a great deal about your team, they must love their work, and you of course.
    Have a good evening, 🍒🍒🍒

    1. PS: our decks stay up until 12th night, then it’s all go, down in half an hour, stowed away, then blitz the dust and spend the next month vacuuming up the twinkles.

  3. Evening bloggy friends, sitting here with a mountain of boxes ready to go back in the loft. Happy weekend everyone. XX

  4. I hate taking down the decorations as it means I don’t have an excuse not to clean up! 🙂 Ours came down on New Years Day this year as we are busy with this weekend. If this year goes as quickly as 2018 it won’t be long before we are putting them back up!!! 🙂
    Can’t think what your great news is but you did make me chuckle. Just going to have a “quick browse” through the sale. xx

  5. I’ve been taking ours down bit by bit, I’ve got cards remaining till the 12th night. It’s lovely to put them up but the house looks bigger again when they come down ! I saw the sale and am deliberating – got to be careful as we’re going to need a new car and I doubt there will be a sale on that ! Good luck with the telly, looking forward to it x x

  6. I took our decorations down yesterday, most are back in the loft but as always I have found 2 decorations in the conservatory that I missed. The place does look bare but after a few days it will seem like normal again hopefully. Need to go & look at the Clearance sale before the goodies disappear. Have a great weekend & hope Dave was pleased with the news !!

  7. Yes, taking down the decorations is always very sad, but we have the lighter nights to look forward to now.
    So pleased that you have got all of your preparations done for the tv. Really looking forward to the shows and all of the new tempting goodies. I have already chosen my items out of your wonderful sale, and placed my order! Some things that I was tempted with in the Gray Sale! I hope that all goes well for you with your journey to Hochanda – I don’t need to wish you good luck with the programmes, as I know that it will all be wonderful. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  8. Took our down at weekend does take long to pack all away nice to have a good dust don’t those cobwebs come all gone know did make me laugh hope Dave likes the good news enjoy your Saturday xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I’m sitting here looking at my Christmas tree and enjoying it – tomorrow it will be packed up in its box and put up in the loft . I’m always sorry to take down the decorations( especially the tree) but I do admit the room looks bigger when they’re gone. Thank you for the sale – I’ve ordered the only 2 dies that I haven’t got! Looking forward to the shows at the weekend , I’m sure they’ll be brilliant with sell outs. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  10. Decs will come down tomorrow, inside and out, just enjoying all the lights and candles for one more evening.
    Going to have a look at the sale, was just thinking today that I would order one of the personalised “made by” stamps for my granddaughter so that will be added on to any purchases I make. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t see the dining room table! We’ve just been saying I’ve managed to keep the poinsettia alive this year, that’s a first! Looking forward to the shows on Sunday, the craftalong sessions are going to be good next month too, whata brilliant idea. I’m just offto have a peep at the sale, just in case there’s anything I need. Oh you do make me laugh,I wonder what your news is.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. I have been trying to guess what news you had for Dave and hope that you will put us out of our misery soon! Hope he liked it. 😀
    You must run on Duracell, as you achieve so much. If I was going on live tv on Sunday, I wouldn’t have been able to manage to take the decorations down. They would still be gathering dust!
    Looking forward to the shows and I know you will be fabulous. Off to look at the sale. Cheers. Annette X

  13. Hi Barbara
    I too hate taking down my tree, I miss the lights. My husband did suggest that we just chuck a dust sheet over it!!!
    I hope Dave found your news great too xxxxx
    Love & Hugs

  14. You are a professional, Barbara, and an inspiration. You are always prepared but, if you had to improvise, I have seen you do that too. Your skills far exceed what you acknowledge. Putting decs up is an act of love and an art – taking them down isn’t, so one takes longer and is worth the investment. Organising a sale on the same day is amazing, though I have yet to see it. It is not just your team you should be proud of. We are proud of you. Thank you. Good luck on Sunday.

    1. Went to the sale and found a Follow Up Friday from Paul on monochrome with Floral Friends. Scoot over, people, if you haven’t yet seen it because it is brilliant.

  15. Hello Barb, wow thanks, some great bargains there in the clearance sale. And your dining table looks rather busy, we have to do ours this weekend too, once we get our guests off at the airport. Take care all, I hope everyone is managing to get themselves sorted for the true start of the New Year. Bx

  16. Just catching up with the blog after my first full week back at work (very strange after being off for 3 1/2 months!) Am also allowed to drive short distances now so life is getting back to normal. The clearance sale looks fab- just had a quick look but am spending the afternoon crafting with a friend so I’m guessing we’ll be doing some shopping as well 😁😁

  17. Good evening Barbara
    Snap. I have been taking down my decorations too
    Love to see them up but the chore of taking them down is a pain been up and down that loft ladder all day. Lol
    Looking forward to your shows tomorrow with baited breath to see if. My bank balance can afford to treat me. Haha
    Have a lovely evening chilling with those you love x

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