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Let me fill you in on what’s happening at Clarity Towers today. So we got a phone call last night. Unfortunately, Dawn Bibby is unwell, and has had to cancel the One Day Special which was scheduled to begin this evening at 6pm. Big ask, but could we help? So I got on the phone to Paul, and we came up with an idea. You see, it is pretty tricky to rustle up 5 live hours worth of TV at the drop of a hat – unless you’ve got a good stock of something special – and a couple of heroes in the building!

Remember when we launched our beautiful Fresh Cut Dies in May last year? They caused quite a sensation, because of the aperture, papercut kinda design and the designs themselves – not to mention the special coated quality. Here is the ad we used. Would you believe it was only last May ?!? 6th May. my Dad’s birthday. Was a very lucky Day then…

We called them FRESH CUT, because we were taking a fresh look at dies! And I think 7 months on, you will agree that we have certainly done that!

Anyway, Paul and I took a look in the cupboard, made a couple of phone calls, and decided to bring back the original collection – this first set complete with ii-Book. They haven’t been back on the box since their launch, so “Let’s do it!” we said. The proposal and all the background work has already been done, so we just have to find it!

There are 8 seedhead and flowerhead aperture dies in the bundle, illustrated by our clever Mel. Really beautiful.

Also included in the offer is a brand new ii-book, including 30 fabulous projects by Dee Paramour, Shelagh Metselaar and Wendy Thorburn, 3 of our talented Clarity Paper Engineers.

The 11-part square nested die set, which is sold separately, provides the outer cutting edge. Looking back, they have really surprised us since the launch of Fresh Cuts. We honestly assumed that they would be a slow burner, because most people would already have nested cutting dies. We have been baffled by the number of these which have sold! And across the board all shapes too.

Lets have a look at some inspiration by the design team……..

Dee Paramour

Shelagh Metselaar

Wendy Thorburn

It’s actually interesting to go back to the beginning, and revisit what we introduced back in May. These card blanks were also something we needed to include in our new range, but assumed most folks would have a stash. Not so!! And if you did, you decided you needed a bigger stash! They have flown!!

10 black, 10 white available in 4 sizes 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 and 8×8.

Top quality envelopes available separately………….

So Paul the trooper is already on the road up to the studios as I write, to prep and get the set sorted. He will launch these superb dies at 6pm this evening. And he will do all 5 hours live TV. I did suggest I accompany him to split the load; he told me no need; to stick to my plan. Good man. Good friend.

Please spread the word, and help us make this ODS a success.

SKY 673 (24/7) .  FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM) .  FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx


  1. Wow! What a commitment! Go Paul! It’s great to have such lovely friends and workmates who can help out and make such fantastic shows,plus all the people who tirelessly work behind the scenes who also make it happen and which makes us happy too! Thankyou!

  2. I bought a couple of these at the time but not played too much so will record for more ideas.

    The crafty mojo seems to disappear after Christmas so this should kickstart me again!

  3. I read this on FB yesterday ! Well done for being so organised and well done to Paul for stepping up ! Can only be a good thing to watch it again and pick up the tips we’ve forgotten and for those who missed them first time round to get another chance ! Sorry for Dawn to have hurt her hip but she’ll be able to have another go later. Clarity comes to the rescue ! Good luck Paul, not that he needs it as he’s cool, calm and collected ! X

  4. The thing that sets Clarity apart from other craft companies is diversity, flexibility and humility. Well done Team Clarity, I will be watching and supporting xx

  5. I know you can’t be complacent but you have such a huge following I’m not surprised everything sells well. Such a community on this blog goes a long way too. Look forward to supporting Paul tonight.
    Love n hugs 🤗

  6. Well done Paul. It’s great to have such a supportive colleague and friend. I’m sure lots of us will tune in to support him.
    I’ve got these dies and they have so many uses and cut clean as a whistle!

  7. Hi Barbara
    Well done Clarity for stepping up and helping Hochanda out, as you’ve always said, team work makes the dream work. It will be lovely to revisit the Dies, I’ve used mine such a lot and in so many ways but there is always room for more inspiration. I have to say, I like the samples where it’s cut in white and laid onto black, that’s something I haven’t tried! Hope all goes well and Paul has a safe journey.
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps hope you enjoyed Mary Poppins, it’s on our list to go and see.

  8. Not savvy enough to post photo on the blog but have sent a photo of artwork via Barbara @ Clarity. Hope it gets to you. Good luck to Paul. Such a brilliant presenter!

  9. Way to go Team Clarity!! Am I surprised – No! Am I pleased you were able to help? Hell Yes!! Apart from anything else it will give those folk who missed out last time a chance to buy this time around. Go Paul!! Go Clarity!! Top notch all round. Glad you enjoyed the film, bet Dave did too really!! 😉😉 xx

  10. Wow! Well done team Clarity and Paul! I used to get called in at very short notice to teach any class from Reception to Year 4 and that got the adrenaline going but to travel to the studious and present all that live TV is something else!!
    A shame for Dawn, very frustrating for her, I hope she is better soon xx

  11. What a great guy Paul is stepping in like that. Love those dies, only have three of them so far but they have been well used. Hope you enjoyed your film. Will be watching the shows for more inspiration at 6. I think your team are amazing they would do anything for you, but there again their boss is amazing and would do the

  12. As other have said, it will be good to see these dies again, and how wonderful that Clarity are able to jump in to save the day. Paul will be wonderful and I will be recording to pick up new ideas. By the way, my father’s birthday was 6th May too. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  13. I have put the shows on to record & will watch as many as I can either on Freeview or online. I must admit when I first read the announcement on the Hochanda FB page I thought they were repeating the shows from 2018 but soon realised my mistake when I saw the later posts. (senior moment) Well done to to you all for stepping into help out as it effects everyone at Clarity Towers but it does give us all another chance to see what Paul creates with these lovely dies. Hope you didn’t have to miss your film trip whilst sorting all this out. x

  14. Hi Barbara
    What an absolute star that man Paul is. Well done to Clarity for being able to jump in at a moments notice to help out at Hochanda
    It’s great to look back just to see how far you’ve come.

  15. Paul is such a hero! The Clarity team always rise to the challenge – I’ll be sure to tune in at 6pm. I love the dit’s and am already building a great collection. Can’t wait for more inspiration tonight 👍

  16. What a star Paul is and how great that the team at Clarity can manage something like this so short notice. I will record the shows, but I look forward t seeing some more inspiration for the dies I already have.

  17. Oh boy – what a hero Paul is! Knowing how much time you all put into prepping for the shows he must be a little nervous, but he comes across as so calm and professional that I’m sure all will be well x

  18. How great to be able to help out. Paul is great with his knowledge of all things die cutting. Will be watching x

  19. Team Clarity rocks !! Paul is an angel to do all this at such short notice 😇
    I have these dies and they are well used but I will watch because I like the way Paul presents and has lots of tips for us. Looks like a relaxing evening ahead.
    Hope you enjoyed the film yesterday.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  20. Well, what a great team Barbara, and all sorted within such a short space of time with Paul to the rescue. I will tune in to watch though probably tomorrow. Hope it all goes well, that saying not – hope – but I’m sure it will. x

  21. Well done clarity you done it again always pull the rabbit out the hat what a team Paul your fantastic not long know and Paul will be onshow so looking forward to extrashows something to watch tomorrow . Mayget mine out and play along with Paul or between Joy xx

  22. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you all well.
    What can I say what a trooper is Paul and a brilliant presenter calm and so great with lots of tips and knowledge.
    So sorry for Dawn ,but I am sure It will all go well only just heard so catch up will be the day.
    Lynn xxx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely brilliant of Clarity and Paul for stepping in like this. It’s also obvious that Hochanda respect and think a lot about Clarity for them to ask if you could do it. I have all of these dies (& most of the others if truth be told lol ) and love them. I have a lovely stash of cards made from them and can recommend them to anyone who hasn’t got them ( the dies that is not my cards!!) . I will watch Paul’s shows from today on catch up and record tomorrow’s. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  24. Hello Barb, well that certainly is Team Clarity to the rescue. Go Paul, always there to help and step in. Will hopefully catch some of the shows today, and last nights show on catch-up. These dies are stunning, and on my ever growing wish List. Take care all. Bx

  25. Hello Barbara, what a fantastic team you all are, both yourself and Paul come up trumps every time. Well done. You deserve medals. It is a privilege to be a member of your crafting family and Clarity and Groovi worldwide. Paul is such a hero and I am sure you are so proud of him for stepping in at the last minute. May you go from strength to strength.

  26. What lovely shows Paul. I love these Fresh Cut dies but would love to have a Poppy one (like the stencil). I know there is the Poppy Heads but the other one is lovely too.
    Fingers crossed.

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