Let’s shed some light on our Products of the Month !

Let’s shed some light on our Products of the Month !

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. Monday, Monday. New Blog Direction!

We were having a meeting recently, and the Products of the Month came up. Did you know that every single month, 12 months a year, we launch a Product of the Month for all 4 of our core products: Stamps, Stencils, Groovi and now Fresh Cut Dies. Those products are reduced by 33% for the entire month, PLUS your Clarity Club Discount. Well worth further investigation, methinks!

Now there are 4 core products, and mostly 4 Mondays in a month. Can you see where I’m going with this? So today, let’s throw a light on…


A5 sq. Thank You Ribbon Writing plateGRO-WO-40273-03

For inspiration, please allow me to reach into our extensive library of artwork samples, and select a lovely piece from one of our very talented Design Team members, Jane Telford.

Jane has combined our Ribbon Writing Plate (designed by Jim) with our Garden Birds, (illustrated by Mel). What a team, eh? Oh! And I drew the cherry blossom! Let me give you the links to the products on the website…


Garden Birds Baby Plates Set – GRO-BI-40284-01

Nested Squares A5 Sq Plate – GRO-PA-40037-03
Diagonal Basic Border Piercing Grid – GRO-GG-40383-14
Perforating Tool 1-Needle Bold – PER-TO-70028-XX
Perforating Tool 2-Needle Bold – PER-TO-70279-XX
Perga Liners – PER-CO-70063-XX

Jane has very kindly written out the instructions for us too. Thank you Jane!

  1. On plain A4 parchment emboss the large bird. Emboss the Thank You to look like the bird is holding it, then emboss the small bird.
  2. Emboss the frame around the birds using the square, extending the lines to fit evenly around them. Emboss the branches, leaves, and flowers. Emboss little dotty flowers using the diagonal grid randomly around the birds and the Thank you.
  3. On the reverse, emboss the white work on the birds as shown. Add colour using the blendable Perga Liners blending with Dorso oil.
  4. Perforate in the centre of the dotty flowers and around the frame. Cut away the waste.
  5. Attach to brown card with brads and attach to a card blank.

For a FREE digital download of this project, click HERE. Why not print off and collect these weekly downloads in a folder, so that you have an instant Go To for inspiration?

The product of the Month offer lasts all month, but next Monday, let’s shed some light on Tina’s beautiful Flower Stamps!

Love & Hugs,



19 thoughts on “Let’s shed some light on our Products of the Month !

  1. A wonderful piece of artwork Jane, so fresh and springlike. I always mean to download these inspiration sheets so I am going to make it my January Resolution to do them and put them in a folder so they are always at hand.

  2. I always download the inspiration sheets and then forget to go back to them! I must make a point of doing that this year.
    I have just got home from a lovely day with the East Northants Groovi Group. What a great bunch of people! Didn’t do a whole lot of ‘Groovi-ing’, but had some great chats and some good laughs and shared ideas. What a super way to start the week. Hugs. Annette X

  3. Hi Barb,
    I love these plates( all of them!) and Jane has produced a beautiful piece for us to salivate over. I always download the instructions so I’ve got them handy when I need them. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well Donna, you spurred me into action today! I’ve begun to sort through my craft stuff in an attempt to make more room. It has taken me all day to go through my craft cupboard and decide what I want to keep. Result is that I now have space in said cupboard! Mind you I do have 4 big piles of craft goodies to give away and a wheelie bin half full of stuff to throw away! Will continue tomorrow – you never know, I might even be able to see the floor and my craft desk by then !!! Love and hugs to all Alison xxx

  4. What a lovely idea. Thanks to you for the reduced price products and to Jane for the instructions which I am sure will be greatly appreciated by all.

    THANKS too for the package received on Saturday.

    My favourite cough jollop is no longer made and nothing else works for me so looks like I will have to grin and bear it!!! On the plus side, no appetite, does wonders for the diet.

    Hugs to all 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Hi Barbara.
    I really did enjoy doing this project. That garden bird is one of my favourite Images and thought it would look great carrying the Thank you ribbon.
    Thank you for highlighting it on your blog and hope that people have fun with the instructions! If anyone does have a go please let us see it on groovi worldwide.
    Have a great evening. Love and hugs Xxxx

  6. Smashing idea t’rric team of Clarity…..👏🏼
    Hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze in the Seed Fresh Cut Die project too, as I’m awaiting that little parcel any day now🌾
    After checking my Premium Bonds I then log on to Clarity for the Product of the Month, on the 1st of each and every month……am I a little sad🤓
    Don’t judge me, it has to be in that order so that I know how much I can spend🥳

    1. Hello Sue – Having had a really bad day at work your comments about premium bonds and how much you can spend really made me laugh. It was just what I needed, and no your not sad, as I’m seriously thinking about quitting my job I will probably be doing something similar! Have a good evening love DonnaX

      1. Hello Donna, sorry to hear all’s not well. I gave up work early & I’m loving it. One piece of advice that helped me decide that I could manage financially was to live for a year on a reduced budget to see how I could cope. This helped in 2 ways…. It meant I was saving money & it showed that I could do without lots of “stuff” in my life. You’d be surprised at the savings you can find. It was a challenge but quite cathartic really. Getting a bit heavy now & that’s not like me. 🤡
        Be kind to yourself whatever happens.
        Hugs. x

        1. Sending you a big hug Donna. I’ve been in your situation, worked in a school and eventually I had to leave for my health and sanity. It’s a big step but there is life on the other side. X

          1. Don’t worry too much Donna, things always work out eventually. I had a very stressful job but couldn’t see my way to giving up. Cancer forced the issue and it was the best thing that could have happened to me as I could give up work with no guilt. It was such a relief. Now 20 years on I’m relatively healthy and my mind is my own. You must make the right decision for you.
            Love and hugs,

  7. Thanks Jane for that love the Garden birds one of my favourite stamps loved them as soon as I see them haven’t got them on groovi plates would love them though but get lot pain in shoulder so don’t often groovi but do enjoy it when I do must get my groovi stuff out and have play . Well feeling bit ache and shivery tonight know burning up so of to bed see if can shake were ever this of with early night xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    What’s great idea, I look at the email when it comes through but often forget to revisit the website to order something I have had my eye on. This will be a lovely reminder. The inspiration sheet is a great idea and Jane your design is beautiful, thank you. Hope you enjoyed your pottery throw down on Saturday, your big pot is great. .
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Hi Barb, the Clarity offers are always great value, and the artwork of the talented design team always inspirational, that is why there are so many loyal followers, the value and the creative spark. Take care all. Bx

  10. Beautiful Project by Jane, I really must make time to attempt these inspiration pieces.
    I enjoy checking the monthly offers too. x

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