How many more sleeps Mum?

How many more sleeps Mum?

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Been a filthy day outside today! Haven’t ventured beyond the back door at all, except to gather a few holly sprigs and beech branches from the garden.

But inside it has been warm and toasty; I’ve had Alexa playing happy Christmas tunes all day, and I’ve been what one could call dressing the house. Tree’s up, garlands and decs everywhere. I blimming love Christmas. The run up to it depends on how you look at it. I see it as a time when the family gets together under one roof again. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it’s a joyous kind of work! We’ve been going like the clappers for months at Clarity, and this is the treat, the reward at the end of the year for me. And as the week counts down to the 24th, and the kids land, rest assured, I will be savouring every moment.

On that exciting note, and with the 24th in mind, how about a Christmas card using that fab fusible fibre that’s still on sale – and still on the table here ?! Shucks. Didn’t put it away!

Many of you have The Twas the Night Stamps I have been drawing for years. So let’s use one of those!

COMPLETE COLLECTION . (Also available individually)

The 4th one with the bauble is one of my faves.

Right. Ready? I want to get back to present wrapping, so it will have to be a quickie!

Get the white fibre ready, ink up the stamp with black archival ink, place the fibre directly onto the stamp. You only need the bauble, so don’t waste fibre on the words.

Lay baking parchmnet over the fibre and iron with a hot iron until you see the image. Don’t over cook it.

Whilst it it still warm, mould the roof of the cottage with the ball tool.

Peel off the stamp – perfect.

 Cut out the Bauble.

  Stamp the Universal Framer onto a 5”x5” blank white card. Told you this was a quickie!!

Stamo the Twas the Night Stamp into the middle. Overlapping a bit? Watch…

 The Fibre bauble will sit like so. Easy.

Let’s put the little Stamp away. So I know where he is next time!

Colour in the Sky with a blue Perga Colour (I went with No. 13). The bullet end.

Colour in the flourishes on the Universal Framer with the fine tip of the same pen. Perfect example of an excellent double-ended pen. Works like a dream.

Go over the blue on the card with a Wink of Stella, to get a beautiful blue shimmer. Easy.

Cut out a circle of double-sided adhesive to attach the bauble.

Tart up the T which didn’t stamp perfectly with a Micron Pen. I know. You didn’t notice. But I did!!!

There you go! Easy. Handmade. Delightfully crisp and tactile.

And the thing is, it only took me 10 minutes from start to finish. Oh. And 10 minutes to find the blimming Wink of Stella pen!!! 

There’s still a Fusible Fibres Buy One Get One Free Sale on the website. In other words, buy one white – we’ll send you a second white FREE etc. Or blue, or green or pink or yellow – we have a super selection of colours! Stock up now.

Anyway, I enjoyed the little cardmaking session. Especially using TWAS THE NIGHT.

It’s getting closer.

Love & Hugs,



16 thoughts on “How many more sleeps Mum?

  1. Beautiful. I do love these stamps and have I ‘ve again used them this year. I also did some groovi ones too for some of my craft friends as I know they will appreciate the work in them.
    Today I was out with some of my crafty girls for lunch. Nice to just sit and chat for a change. Then it was down to the church for the tree festival and carols.
    Tonight it will out to the pub as Hubbie is playing bass in the pub band to raise money for the Beatson cancer centre.

  2. Beautiful! Need to have a go with fusible fibres one day. Vile day here too, bitterly cold & now torrential rain. Nearly done now just a bit more wrapping & 1 final card to make. Sorted my membership out yesterday, Barbara you are so lucky to have Jeannine, such a lovely lady (as are you all!). Must get tea now before the Strictly final, can’t wait. Have a lovely weekend all xx

  3. I haven’t used my stamps this year, I might just start straight after Christmas and use them to get some in hand ready for next Dec ! My aim was to get prepared at the start of this year and, did I?, no I brimming didn’t! What with loads of December birthdays too it’s not helpful ! Anyway, the die cuts came in handy this year and I’ve still just gone one to do to send out – will do that tomorrow. Then I have to do sis’s birthday card for next Sunday, it’s her hubby’s today so used the balloon stencil for that one – that’s come in useful too, glad I came across it by accident! Goodness, I’ve waffled ! Glad you got your decs up, I’ve done mine today, not quite feeling Chrismassy but it will come I’m sure ! X

  4. Gorgeous! Enjoy your decorating and wrapping, and more especially preparing to welcome your little chicks back into the nest x

  5. Oh, Barbara, I’m with you on the run up to Christmas – in fact I think it’s the best bit! Welcoming people into your home, meeting old friends and most important, getting together with family, love it!
    What a great blog, I love the look of the Fusible Fibres, will have to invest in some and have a play. Xxx

  6. Hi,Barbara,
    Filthy day here too. The wind is rattling everything and blowing things over. Started raining too. Outlook not too great either.
    These stamps are great and I love how you made the bauble.
    Glad your family will all be with you for Christmas as it is one of the best times to get together. Hubby and I just snuggle down together on Christmas Eve. And don’t surface until the 27th. It is a very relaxing time for us.
    All for now.🍒

  7. Very pretty, I have been busy today getting Christmas cards finished. Had a slight accident with a pot of glitter with no lid #behooveringthatupforweeks
    One thing I thought about after yesterdays blog is that I have some fusible film and don’t know how to use it. Please could you do a demo with that too if possible? XX

  8. Evening bloggy friends, horrible day outside today so I was glad to be in crafting. Hope your day has been good. XX

  9. Had same sort of day decorations up we are late this year but up one looking festive know cannot believe it next week we’re did December go. Then wrapping presents that’s arrived today nice hot stew for dinner strictly final tonight movie on all day lovely. Not long now till Mark and Grace land more exciting xxx

  10. Evening Barbara. Its been shocking here today!!! Bitterly cold and chucking it down…. No sign of the white stuff they were forecasting here so I suppose that’s one thing we can be thankful for.
    I managed a short walk to the post office first thing before the rain started so that was good.
    I’m having a day off paper crafting and picked up my stitching that’s on the go!
    I bet you’re really looking forward to having Grace and Mark home at Christmas. You’ll have a ball! We’re going to spend our Christmas day with Amy and her beloved Matthew! It won’t be long to their big day at the rate time is flying!!!
    Have a relaxing evening and enjoy the fruits of your labour’s today dressing the house!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  11. I love Christmas , all our kids and families love to get together. It does make a lot of work but we all help and Oh it makes me so happy to see them all getting on so well. So much laughter. Just one great time. xx

  12. Please don’t put your fibre stash away too soon Barbara as I’ve just put my order in & I’ll need my hand holding all the way on this new (to me) crafty Clarity adventure in 2019. Love venturing out of my comfort zone! 🤗

  13. Think I may get out the fusible fibres and have a go. Your twas the night bauble looks super. Lovely that your family come home for Christmas, we take it in turns to go to our two, but never quite make it all altogether. Doing well with Elvis found him every day so

  14. That bauble looks fabulous using the fusible fibre Barbara and love the blue you have added to the sky as well as the pretty frame. Gorgeous! x

  15. I bet your home looks wonderful, warm and welcoming and you must be so excited, anticipating the arrival of your kids.
    How you find the time to write these wonderful blog posts for us, I don’t know! You really must use powerful batteries to keep you going. 😳
    Have a good week, enjoy your Clarity Christmas party, whenever it might be and take care. Hugs Annette x

  16. Hello Barb, a simply delightful card, love it. We have so much to do here, as we’re a getting an influx of family from overseas for Christmas. And I still have cards to make. Take care all, and hope your preparations are going smoothly. Bx

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