Back on the Horse…and a new Stencil.

Back on the Horse…and a new Stencil.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Grace and her lovely fella left early this morning, headed back to the Big Apple already. Can’t believe she’s gone again. But hey ho. We had a blast, and she thoroughly enjoyed her Christmas for sure! It was so good to spend a week with friends and family. So so good. How quickly it passes though, eh.

Mark’s still here for a couple of days, so it’s a gradual departure, which is better. He’s gone up to London to party with his mates, so I thought I’d come up here and wrap my head round what’s on the horizon at Clarity….

This time next week I’ll be packing my bags ready for telly on Sunday again!

A while ago, Leonie and I spend a day together, making plans for 2019. One of the things she mentioned was frameless stencils. She felt we ought to develop a range of them, for printing and mixed media; she has already designed some, which we’re working on for her first official Clarity show later in January. Very happy to be working with Leonie next year. She’s not only a true creative – she’s a good friend. Great energy.

Here’s a framelss stencil, so you get what we mean. The Flower Heart, which I drew yonks ago as a stamp, we’ve now turned into a frameless stencil. It’ll be on the TV next Sunday.

I thought I’d have a play today, firstly so I get a sense of direction again, and secondly for distraction.

See the tiny tabs on the side. We decided to add them so you have a choice. You can snip them off if you prefer, but they’re great for positioning and lifting the stencil onto canvas and Gelpress. Just bend them upwards.

 Decided to emboss it, so you can see how thick our Claritystencils are, and how handy it is to NOT have a frame around the outside. See? I can position it anywhere.

Here, I have run the clean stencil through a Gemini with a 5”x5” card blank. Very classy.

Dry brushed the raised images, to highlight them.

Stamped Beauty onto a little panel using a Distress Oxide ink pad. Tumbled Glass. Great blue.

Dragged and smeared the panel edge for a more grungy look.

Let’s do the same to the card. See how you drag the ink pad along the edge, to puddle up some ink along that edge?

Then just swipe your finger through the ink along the edges. Add the Sentiment panel. Done.


I like that more distressed effect. The offset embossed heart, and the random smears.

Hahahaha!! Still very tame compared to the crazy art which Leonie and our Sam Crowe create, but that’s okay. We can do neat grunge too!

So look out for our new frameless stencils; we have so many cool things in the pipeline for 2019!


Time to go make Dave a cuppa.

Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “Back on the Horse…and a new Stencil.

  1. Sad to see the family leave eh? But then that makes the homecoming so much more special doesn’t it? Ooh loving the look of these ere stencils, why do you keep doing this to me Barb?? I’m never going to be flippin rich!! Lol.
    Enjoy your cuppa with him indoors. Much love xxxx

  2. What a wonderful concept, does your brain ever stop working and creating. I am becoming a convert with your stencils after watching your a Christmas shows.

  3. Rich? Not me Dawn!!! I spent more on Clarity this year than all other things put together.
    Barbara, looks like 2019 will be the same with the teasers you’ve given us so far. Having renewed all 4 clubs and booked for the retreat I’m already in the dog house with the OH. Well, you can’t take it with you, no sprogs to leave it to, so might as well enjoy it while I can.
    Love the card using the stencil, great for making quick batch cards, thanks for the idea. These stencils will be as popular as the aperture dies.
    Enjoy your last few days with Mark.
    Wishing you all well, enjoy your cuppa with Dave☕️
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Oh I love the hat heart what great idea looking forward to seeing those and others to come how exciting. Sorry to hear Grace hads give back I know you will be missing her but sounds like you had a great time all together and Marc is still her for few more days have s lovely evening we have house full tomorrow our lovely family coming lovely oking forward to anisther day all together xxx

  5. At least they’re leaving you slowly. X.
    For a split second today I thought I wouldn’t be going home. Someone hit our car at lunchtime, he came across the main road in front of us not noticing that he should be waiting for a filter arrow, hit us front bumper side on, airbags deployed. I saw it all in slow motion but couldn’t do anything but shout stop and I’m not sure I shouted that to the person who was coming towards us as I knew he shouldn’t be or hubby. No current injuries to hubby, me or the young kid driving an old wreck. My chest did hurt at first but that seems to have gone off, luckily I’m well padded in that department but we will see how we feel in the morning. Hoping not to have whiplash – never had it before so guess I will know if I do. We were lucky our car saved us and probably him. Very kind people at the scene, young girl who called the police – probably thinking I’m glad he hit them or it could have been me as she was on an island in the middle of the road. She was probably more traumatised as she saw it all, as did the man behind him who hit us, as he cut him up to turn right. All on his dash cam so not too much explaining to do. Our car is probably a right-off – I’m upset about that more than anything else and I know it’s only a piece of tin – more like plastic but I love that car and got upset when the RAC man had to pull the front off to attach it to his van to tow. Main thing is we’re safe and well and now at home as is the driver of the other car. Although he admitted to me a couple of times it was his fault, I’m glad we got the dash cam from the other car as his story could change overnight. He’s only been driving 2 years he said, I said my hubby had been driving over 50 and that was the first accident he’d been involved in. He’s not from our area and didn’t know the road he said …… Anyway, moan over and thanks for listening, I had to get some of it off my padded chest ! X

    1. So sorry to hear Jackie. I do hope all you guys involved are healed physically & emotionally very quickly.
      I too said goodbye to my first born today. Home feels very quiet now, and just a tad sad. We all had a great family time though, so I’ll dwell on the laughs instead of becoming morose.
      Love the stencil idea. Clarity always come up trumps with fresh ideas on the old ways of crafting. You never stand still which means we get to be led on new, exciting adventures. Roll on 2019 with Clarity…….👏🤗👯

    2. Sorry to hear about your accident Jackie. I think you are going to be a bit sore tomorrow, but as you say it could have been so much worse. I hope 2019 starts better than 2018 ended! Best wishes. x

    3. Oh Jackie, what a relief that everyone involved was unhurt. Such a shame your car is damaged beyond repair though, hopefully you can get it sorted out quickly with the insurers. XX

    4. Jackie, so sorry to hear about your accident today. The main thing is that you are all safe and sound if a bit shaken. There are some really reckless drivers on the road and it seems to be getting worse. Love and hugs,Alison

    5. So sorry to hear about your road accident, the car can be replaced but you can’t. So glad you and your husband are relatively unhurt. Must have been an awful shock for you both though. Hope you feel better

    6. Thanks everyone, very lucky, have a lovely bruise on my tummy, starting to feel some twinges in my neck and a fuzzy head but think we’re still in shock. Reading the news today of the coach crash and other sad things makes me feel greatful. I just keep having a few tears over our car – stupid I know but it always seemed special. The fact it saved us proved that. X

  6. Wow a lthat felt stencil and a great card! I can see great use on cards and mixed media! Glad still have your son around even if he is out with friends! It lessens the pain of all of them going at the same time! Hope Dave enjoyed your cuppa!

  7. Gorgeous card – I have that image as a stamp and love it! It’s good the kids are going home slowly – more time to adjust! Looking forward to your shows and also to Leonie joining you later in Jan! xxx

  8. Hi Barbara. You amaze me. How you keep up with everything, even blogging on Christmas day! I have kept up with the blog though and I did the Elvis the Elf hunt even if it was midnight by the time I got on the computer. Looking forward to next year. Have a good one.

  9. Dear Barbara . Glad you have had a lovely Christmas. The parting is always sad. I have just had a four hour journey back from Sidmouth to an empty house . Always hard when you have been with the family, this time with two little 18 month old noisy boys, but gorgeous. Look forward to all the new ideas for the future. You have been amazing writing a blog over the holiday. Loved your pottery that you made. What lovely presents. Hope Dave is better, enjoy your tea. Xxxxxxxx

  10. Oh boy I am in love with the idea of no edge stencils – clever stick our Leonie and your heart is stunning – I am going to have to purchase that stencil as soon as I can! I have been able to slowly start building my stash of Clarity stencils a little bit each month and I adore them just as much as my old Clarity stamps. I’m twitching with excitement to see what you and Leonie working together come up with – 2019 is looking like it’s going to be a good one! xx

  11. Oooo lovely idea, now I think I should have ordered a new stencil folder when I put a folder order in just before Christmas. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming and what Leonnie will do with them too. Sorry to hear that Grace has left already, hope its not too long before you both have a visit planned. Have fun with Mark while he is still here. XX

  12. Good evening Barbara
    First Jackie so glad you and hubby are ok I know what you mean about loving your car 🚙.
    But cars can be replaced and you will love your new one too.
    Now Barbara what a great idea these stencils are I will be watching with great interest. Lovely card xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that Grace has had to leave already, but at least you have had the pleasure of her company (& her Mark) for a few days and you’ve still got your Mark there for a couple of days. This stencil is very pretty and I do like the idea of frameless stencils. Also looking forward to seeing what Leonie comes up with. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  14. The frameless stencils are a great idea Barbara and love what you have done with this heart. It is always sad when they have to leave, but at least Mark has a couple more days and you all had a great time over Christmas so lots of happy times to remember. x

  15. Hi Barbara. I love that heart… The stamp is one of my favourites so its a pleasure to have the stencil to use now! Being able to get inky and messy is for me a real release from the clean and precise work done with the groovi so to have the promise of new things on the horizon is exciting. And don’t get me wrong… I love doing my groovi stuff too but the two things are just poles apart… Maybe that’s why I enjoy both so much!
    I’m glad you’ve had a lovely time with your kids over Christmas. It’s always sad to say farewell to them again but they’ll be back home when they need you or when there is an important date. They know where they are always welcome and that’s what counts.
    With love and hugs as always Xxxx

  16. Christmas has seemed to go by in a flash this year, or is that just me that feels like it has? Frameless stencils sounds good to me, looking forward to seeing more and also what can be done with them. I’m sure that you and Leonie will come upnwith great ideas. I don’t really do grungy but neat grungy would be a good start for me to get into it. Enjoy the next few days with your Mark and feast on the memories you’ve made with the all your family this Christmas. Love and hugs Pam xx

  17. Hello Barb, a great idea and a beautiful stencil, it is a pity that Grace and her Mark have already left, but they have to leave to come back. Looking forward to the first show of 2019 and looking forward to Leonie’s shows too. Take care all. Bx

  18. Ah, Barbara, I’ve been doing that with that stencil, and quite a few others for years. I’d often buy one to use with the border and another one to cut the border off of! 🙂 There are so many of your designs that look great without the border. Maybe all you need to do is make them detachable?

    I’m looking forward to seeing Leonie, she’s a fab addition to team Clarity.

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