Youtube Tuesday – A Hare About Town

Youtube Tuesday – A Hare About Town

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Been haring around all day! 
Also, really want to go and see Mum and Dad, so I’m writing really fast!
Here’s a spin on a recent trick which helps the process along heaps. Watch!
When you think the Video is over, keep watching….

There you go!!!
We live and learn!
There’s a MEGA DEAL as always, on all the Hidden Hare dies -and the TOWN DIE!
In fact, most of the things I used in the video are reduced by 20% until next Tuesday.
Hidden Hares Dies
Town Aperture Die
All Canvas boards
Double-sided adhesive sheets
All Designer Card
Must hare over to Gillingham, to see my parents. Got some lovely Dutch cheeses and bread to share with them.
Love & Hugs,

22 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – A Hare About Town

  1. Brilliant! I love this technique. My fresh cut die collection is building and of course I have to have the stamps and stencils too. Loving them all, such beautiful designs. Xx

  2. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Looking forward to seeing the new stencils with Maria tomorrow. Xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    I’ve been catching up with the blog, where did the last few days go! Looks like you had a wonderful time away, oh the houses are gorgeous aren’t they. I’m looking forward to seeing Maria’s shows this week, the new stencils look fantastic and we always learn a lot. Right I’m off to watch the YouTube video. You must have read my mind today, I need more double sided sheets, oh goodie they are on sale! Have a lovely time with mum and dad.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. I’m a silly old Hector🙈
    Watched You Tube Tuesday vid this arvo, then later on read that I needed to watch the end of your Blog vid……so, thinking I’m a clever cat, I scooted to the end of the Blog vid!! Nothing to see but a collection of YouTube vids…….Strange I thought. Then realised the secret hare had changed to houses. Curiouser & curiouser said Alice.
    I’ve caught up now so all’s right in the world.
    As you were……
    Great step by step BTW, thank you.

  5. Brilliant Barbara. had a go with water and sure enough – it works. Also had a go and forgot to take the die off!!
    Also had a go with Paul’s pop up – oh dear – one buckled card – think it was too big on the inside.
    However learning all the time and the product, demos and everyone at Clarity are fantastic. Now to my Christmas list!!
    Love Anne xx

  6. Will have to watch tomorrow, when I have time to concentrate! Have a lovely evening with your parents, enjoying all that lovely bread and cheese! Annette X

  7. Been catching up on past Youtube videos, surprised at how much I had forgotten. They are an invaluable resource.
    Looking forward to seeing the new stencils, surprised they are so large, but have some ideas for ART projects. I’m doing quite a few autumn and winter pieces at the moment, can’t wait to see what Maria does with them.

  8. Barbara, I absolutely love the way you do your videos! It feels like you are in the room teaching me personally. You are just so natural doing it. One can see you love what you do. One day when I win the lotto, I will buy all of your stamps & dies. Thank you for being such a great online teacher. 🌹 Crafty greetings from South Africa.

  9. Fabulous demo Barbara, I loved the sequel when no one was watching but me!!! I have yet to try this trick but you have demoed it twice so I should be ok.
    Hope you had a lovely evening with Mum and Dad.

  10. A super video, funny you should do that technique today, I tried it yesterday and gave up as had so many pieces missing. I remembered you mentioned spritzing it but forgot what order. Never mind I will try it again now. Hope you had a lovely time with your

  11. I love watching your youtube videos Barbara. Can’t wait to have a go at this technique. Unfortunately I don’t have a Gemini but have a Bigshot. I am finding that the dies don’t always cut with one pass. Has anyone else had this problem? x

  12. Good evening Barbara
    Well I thoroughly enjoyed your video and now I have a point of reference to go back to
    Thank you for your inspiration and sharing it with us all
    Enjoy your visit to see your parents and your bread and cheese. Hugs 🤗

  13. Hi Barb,
    Isn’t it amazing what you can do when there’s nobody looking! Really clever idea to spritz the die first – I would never have thought of that in a million years – thank goodness for Barbara Gray! Must give this a go now and see if it works as well for me. Hope you’ve had a lovely evening with your mum and dad. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as good as possible. Looking forward to Maria’s shows tomorrow, bu am going to be really good and not buy anything for once! Love and hugsAlison xxx

  14. Great tips on today’s You Tube video Barbara and the finished look is beautiful. Hope you had a lovely time eating yummy bread and cheese with your Mum and Dad. x

  15. Just st got to watch YouTube loved it as usual like the extra bit on end wow you really got it know with your water trick must try it haven’t got street die yet on me list as need 😍 hope you had lovely time with your mum and dad and they enjoy the lovely bread and cheese Mmmm. Well I am finally out of the pressure bandages back in stocking skin very fragile and dry so lots cream on the leg was great having shower with both legs on water no bandage and plastic leg protector on to stop that leg getting wet cannot believe it’s taken 3 months to get here so can go out in shoes been having to wear me slippers cause of bandages so out today in boots great neck get night Marie’s tomorrow must check record set night xx

  16. Hi Barb, hope you did not hare over there too fast, and I am sure Mum and Dad loved the cheese and bread. A super YouTube video, these dies are topping my Clarity wish list. Let’s see if Father Christmas is listening. Take care all. Bx

  17. Oh Barb, you are a gem! I heard you talking about spritzing the dies on TV and gave it a try, you are right it makes a huge difference.
    However, being one for a challenge, and prior to the spritz trick revelation, I’ve been building ‘Mountain Ash’ negatives, by hand. It’s a long overdue Christmas present for a family member, who would choose a die with so many tiny pieces wouldn’t they!, and I’ve been using Dee’s technique from the ii book of using the positive as a jig and then gluing down the negative pieces. I’ve done several single colour versions, and two multicolour (i.e. background, green leaves and red berries) versions, and they look really effective.
    I’ll be honest and say my die cutting machine had sat on a shelf for ages until these Fresh Cuts came along. Thank you, they’ve revived my crafty enthusiasm.
    Claire x

  18. Great video Barbara. Have been using the stained glass window dies for Christmas cards – will get brave now and use the negatives as well with this technique. I did giggle when watching the video as the subtitles were on and you apparently kept referring to “hidden hair dyes” 😃😃

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