It’s a Woodland thing….

It’s a Woodland thing….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in!

Wednesday’s blog. When we look inside, right?

Well, I came home after 3 weeks of galavanting around, full of new resolve to slow down – and what happens? I do a 10 hour day at the office, then drive over to Mum and Dads in rush hour traffic (via the M25 aka OCP Orbital Car Park), hang out with them till midnight – and then drive home again! Sheesh!!

However. I enjoyed every minute of it. The office is buzzing, some new and amazing plates came off the lasers yesterday, and creativity abounds.

Mum and Dad? Well, I just love hanging out with them. We never stopped gassing! My Dad has such a bone dry British sense of humour, and most of it goes straight over Mum’s German head.  They’re like a comedy act! I love them dearly, and relish our evenings together in their dining room, drinking tea and chewing the cud. They have known me longer than anyone in the world, they know the way I tick, they love me unconditionally, we have so so much in common – and it’s the one place beyond home where I can be me entirely.

Maria is on telly today. 12 noon and 4pm. She is showcasing a set of exquisite new woodland stencils. They are larger than usual, and they have lots of superb animal elements entwined. Mel drew them.

It’s actually Mel’s birthday today! So can we all sing together? Ready? She reads the blog every single day, so she will have heard us!

These designs are so clever! How many animals can you see here?

Dee Paramour

And what about here?

Jane Telford

They are so beautifully entwined. Just a line here and a flash there…
Dee Paramour

And here too?!

Carole PankszteloWendy Thorburn

Large stencil: perfect for mixed media, for background, for isolated elements, for Gel Press printing – the list goes on. Yes indeed. And I look forward to seeing what Maria comes up with at lunchtime.

There are also some beautiful stamps and Groovi plates on the show – some of the best of Clarity actually. So I do hope you tune in and watch.

As for me, I am off to my potty pottery class this afternoon. Have missed the last two weeks because of the NEC and QVC, so I can’t wait to see how my pot has turned out!

I read something the other day which creased me up.

“My teacher said I would never be any good at poetry because of my dyslexia. How wrong he was! I have made 3 great mugs and a coil pot already!”

Love & Hugs,



25 thoughts on “It’s a Woodland thing….

  1. Morning Barbara!
    And a Happy birthday to Mel! Very lovely lady and very clever indeed! Those new stencils are ace!

    So glad you get to share special times with your mum and dad. I feel quite jealous sometimes but that’s life! I will have a good time with my girl instead on Saturday ….we’re going to the bridal shop so she can try that dress on again and make her mind up then be measured for it more accurately. It still feels an age off her wedding but I am sure as soon as Christmas is over the time will fly by!
    Off to do a few jobs in the house now before I settle with a cuppa to watch Maria on the telly!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Mel. I love the squirrel on the toadstool but can see so many animals as you say. Enjoy your pottery class. Our son is dyslexic so can relate to the mistakes made. Can be amusing at times. X X

  3. Hello Barbara

    First, Happy Birthday Mel. I hope you enjoy your day and are spoilt rotten.

    How lovely, Barbara, you are able to spend time with your parents. I hope your father continues to improve. Looking forward to Maria’s shows.

    Roz xxx

  4. Dear Barbara. Glad you had a wonderful few days in Leiden. It looked great. Now you are busy again. Happy birthday to Mel.
    I will have to watch Maria on the iPad. In the lakes where it is horrible, wet and very windy. Came to spend some time with my daughter, who came home from Hong Kong to sort her daughters wedding dress. Then as Katie is getting married in Lorton, lots to do here Not getting much chance to chat as they are so busy.
    Love watching Maria so will catch the next show. Xxx

  5. The stencils look great. Happy Birthday to Mel. Glad you had a lovely evening with your parents Barbara. Will watch Maria later on catch up. Hope your pottery class goes

  6. I managed to catch Maria using those wonderful stencils and the beautiful stamps too..great demos. I’m glad you had a lovely evening with your Mum and Dad too Barbara. x

  7. Hi Barb,
    Happy Birthday Mel – such a clever lady.
    New stencils look brilliant and I need to catch Maria’s shows on catch up. How lovely that you manage to spend such quality time with your Mum and Dad. It is something I used to love to do . My parents only lived a mile and a half away so it was easy for me to pop and see them. My Dad used to come every Sunday morning for an hour after church and that was lovely. When I had my first knee op, I went and spent time with my Mam so that Dave could go out and about without worrying about me. We had such lovely chats about her family and life in London and then Cyprus and Kenya during the War where she met my Dad who was in the RAF. Sadly they are no longer here and I miss that time with them so much and envy you a little ,but I’m glad that you can take time out of your hectic life to chill out with people who love you so much, and I know that they will love having you there. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Another day of Christmas card making – I’ve got a nice stack of them now – still more needed though! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  8. Happy Birthday Mel.
    The stencils are wonderful, not surprised it was another fast sell out! Maria did a sterling job on TV with one arm in a sling. Great samples from the design team as usual.
    Hope the pottery class is going well. looking forward to seeing the results.

  9. Happy birthday Mel hope your having a great day . Just watching last of shows got other two to catch up on later. Glad you had a great time with your mum dad bless them hoe your dads leg is okay know have a good evening , look for to here about pottery classes and may be pictures of your pot 😍 Joy x

  10. Happy Birthday Mel. The new stencils are beautiful. Glad you had a lovely evening with your Mum and Dad Barbara.

  11. Happy Birthday Mel!! Thank you for all your amazing designs.

    Love these new stencils, will be catching up on Maria’s shows on rewind. Hope you had fun at pottery, bet your pot was looking great. XX

  12. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Just off out to the cinema to watch Bohemian Rhapsody, can’t wait…..hope people won’t mind if I sing along. XX

  13. Hi Mel, Happy Birthday Craft Buddy! I hope you had plenty of fun filled celebrations. Your latest stencils are wonderful, and are as amazing as all your other designs! They have given me some lovely ideas for projects for my recently arrived granddaughter!

  14. Happy Birthday Mel. The stencils look brilliant, have recorded Maria’s shows and look forward to watching them soon. xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Glad you had a good time with mum and dad last night, sounds like you all had fun. Your funny made me laugh, I hope your potty pot came out ok. I missed the shows today, people kept turning up and interrupting! I will catch up tomorrow while ironing, the stencils look fantastic. Happy birthday Mel, hope you had a great day.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hello Barb, that last bit cracked me up! Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Mel, and oh my word, Maria’s show was just fabulous, beautiful artwork, and inspiring demos. Love these stencils, and they are on my wish list. Glad you enjoyed time with your Mum and Dad, hope they are both well. Take care all. Bx

  17. Belated happy birthday wishes to Mel: such a talented lady.
    Glad you had such a lovely evening with your parents Barbara. How I miss those times with my darling mum, who I miss every day. Times to treasure.
    Hope you enjoyed your pottery – you do make me laugh and I would love to be a fly on the wall in your classes 😂 Annette X

  18. Belated Birthday wishes to Mel, very talented lady indeed.

    Wonderful inspiration from the DT, I still have the pleasure of watching Maria’s shows to come x

  19. I have been away from my computer and TV for five weeks after my fall putting rubbish in the wheellie resulting in a broken right wrist. (A good job I am left handed) being looked after by my brother and sister-in-law in Leek, Staffs. It is nice to read your many blogs Barbara. Now back to reality I am looking forward to watching Paul at 6.p.m. with Groovi. Yippee. It looks as if Josie has done another brilliant design.

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