Picot Dies & Groovi Mates

Picot Dies & Groovi Mates

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Been a busy day here in Birmingham. What a smashing day, actually. It was just great to see so many dear friends and customers. You don‘t realise how much you like people until they pop up in front of you!!

The TV show with Yiannis was a scream. He is such a good presenter. So all in all, a good day.

Now we are off to get fish n chips, and take them back to the B&B. We know how to live!!

Tomorrow it‘s Paul‘s turn to entertain you on the telly. Same time, 12.00 noon. He is bringing back the Picot Dies with their Groovi Mates.

He is so good at this, so do watch at 12, as he guides you through how to make the most of these clever picot cutting plates.



Glynis WhiteheadMaria Moorhouse

Tina CoxTina CoxKaren JacksonChris WalkerChris Walker

Tina CoxGail Sydenham

Sorry, writing this at the NEC on my iPad. Not the easiest. They want to sling us out too, so I shall let them!!!!!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx


31 thoughts on “Picot Dies & Groovi Mates

  1. Managed to watch the show . Absolutely brilliant ,have ordered the new calender , hope the rest of the weekend goes well

  2. Watched the show on my phone at work, loved the chemistry between Barbara and Yannis, certainly made me giggle. The deer and dove dies and the nested hearts fell into my basket , just absolutely love them and cant wait for them to arrive. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  3. Loved the show Barbara so funny and you looked like you really enjoyed yourself. Looking forward to tomorrow. Enjoy your fish and chips hx

  4. I missed it too, forgot it was volunteer day for lunch club ! Was peeling and mashing potatoes ! Will go and catch up. I love the dies and no doubt will succumb a.s.a.p. ! Enjoy the fish and chips. We had …… fish finger sandwiches and blimming nice they were too ! X

  5. Hi Barb,
    Haven’t seen the show yet but will watch it on rewind tonight. Pleased you’ve had a good day as you seemed a bit pessimistic yesterday. It always lovely to see people you haven’t seen for ages. I really look forward to seeing the Scottish gang at Leyburn & Chris M ( and others of course) every year. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the shows. Hope the rest of the time at Birmingham goes well. Enjoy your fish and chips. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. I shall have to catch up on the show, I was doing the make and take with Linda whilst you were on TV. The Clarity stand looked amazing, I shall be back on Saturday with my girls so I am sure they will be having a look. The design team sample look fabulous. They are so clever. Enjoy those fish and chips. xx

  7. You guys make me laugh🤣😂
    I loved watching you have so much fun on Hochanda today, and was shouting out the answers along with the best of them. As I got most correct (but then my Birthday’s in March too) I’m going to treat myself to a calender as my prize🏆
    Didn’t I do well❣️
    Did you receive my cyber hugs in time?Hope so😉

  8. I’m still having trouble with my picot cutting so these sets are at the top of my wish list (which is on my iPhone and taking up rather a lot of the phone memory 😂😂). I’m working tomorrow so will preset the sky+
    Enjoy the rest of the NEC weekend. I hear my hero Noel Fitzpatrick is at the National Pet Show there over the weekend too x

  9. Hello Barbara – loved the show today. Received my calendar, really beautiful. Will do the projects once Christmas crafting is out the way. Nearly done. Walked away from it today after cutting double sided adhesive wrong 3 times. Had a hissy fit moment, wouldn’t have minded if I was attempting something complicated, but it was the simplest thing I was trying to achieve. Went back 2 hours later and did first time. Crazy. Have a great evening, lots of love Donna X

  10. Caught part of the show but have it recorded hopefully so will watch it all again when it’s quiet. Glad the day went well for you. It’s good to catch up with friends. Hope you enjoyed your fish & chips.

  11. Good evening Barbara
    Glad you had a wonderful day today at NEC
    I bet it was busy wish I could have made it
    But other life things about in the way maybe next time
    Enjoy the fish and chips T xx

  12. Oh Barbara, what a hoot. You and Yiannis (my favourite Hochanda presenter) made a wonderful team today. I have worked out how to do the easel card cut-out and will give it a try over the weekend.
    Bought the new die sets today but got interrupted and forgot the stencils so they will have to go on the next order. The picot dies and plates are already in my stash and being used but will still watch the show as Paul always has something different to tell us.
    Enjoy your fish & chips and get a good nights rest. You’ve earned it.

  13. Great shows you and yanis did make me laugh hearts are great too , looking forward to watching paul tomorrow what beautiful art work from everyone it’s just amazing. Would love to come may be next year as bob is retiring so no more working when shows are on have a restful evening enjoy your fish chips and another great day tomorrow xxx

  14. Glad to hear day 1 was good fun, I’m sure day 2 will be just as good. Will watch the show on catch up as I forgot to record it. Enjoy your fish and chips. XX

  15. Oh how I laughed at you and Yiannis today. You make a great double act. The show was great and the samples by the DT are beautiful, as always. I am all ready for tomorrow and will hopefully be able to say ‘hello’ to you at some point. Enjoy your fish and chips and have a good sleep. Hugs. Annette.

  16. Hi Barbara and everyone hope you all enjoyed your day at the NEC.
    Barbara you were great on Tv today very funny you and Yanis .Love the new dies and stencils.
    Looking forward to watching Paul tomorrow.
    Looking forward to coming on Saturday will pick up a few thing and say hello.
    Have a good rest of the show and look after yourselves.
    Lynn xx

  17. You were brilliant today Barbara. I was there and now I have just watched my recording. What a team you made. I have the doves and deer dies and nesting hearts, more designer parchment and the plates we used for Linda’s beautiful make and take. Enjoy your fish and chips and have as much rest as you can lovely lady.
    Hugs from Chris X

  18. Have to catch the show on catch up as I forgot to set recorder .
    Received my make a wish die and same in a groovi plate stunning will have to play tomorrow as my granddaughter came to visit today .
    Have some fun days xxx
    Love and hugs to all on the blog xxx

  19. Missed the show but will catch it on rewind, picked my calendar up from the sorting office and spent a good half hour, with a cuppa, looking thro’ the monthly pics and step by steps…if you’ve not treated yourself yet I can definitely recommend ordering! Will be watching Paul tomorrow!

  20. Lovely seeing you today Barbara. Never got to see you do your show at 12 as was doing the make and take. What a super person Linda is. I heard a voice I recognised, turned around and who should I see but Lynne Bishop sat next to me. Loved the show was confused as there was so much I needed that was new and never had time to make a list, anyway happy with what I bought. Looking forward to watching your Hochanda show and by the sound of it enjoy a good laugh. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well and that you aren’t too tired. Literally just got home and got the kettle on, as called in our sons for a cuppa and was invited for tea. Left at 9.30, motorway closed for 1 junction so took nearly 2hrs to do 45 miles. Off to bed now, phew.xxx

  21. Hello Barb, the show yesterday was an absolute hoot, you and Yiannis work so well together. Love how you popped your hand up when they asked when your birthday was. You couldn’t script a show like that. The heart dies are stunning, loved the demos and all the samples. Looking forward to the show with Paul today. Hope you enjoyed the fish and chips, made me think about tea tonight. Take care all, and enjoy. Bx

  22. Enjoyed the show knew I would and I’m ready for today’s at 12 .Yannis is so loveable and such a kind man and you two together made for a great show so thank you .Looking forward to seeing Paul today .Enjoy the rest of the week .xx

  23. Hi Barbara
    Oh how I laughed yesterday as I watched your show with Yannis, what a great double act. I’ve dashed home from work today so I’m watching Paul with the picot Dies, what a treat. Love all the design team samples, they are beautiful. I think the new Dies need to come home with me too, aren’t they beautiful.
    Love Diane xxx

  24. I agree with everyone your show was wonderful, such fun between you and Yannis. The design team have done a great job again with the samples. Didn’t manage to watch today but will do on catchup. Wish I could have come to see you. Hope one day I can. Enjoy your bonfire and the rest of the shows. Xxxxxx

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