Brand new Dove & Deer Dies at the NEC

Brand new Dove & Deer Dies at the NEC

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Long day at the NEC. Trying to get in the building was quite a challenge. Sat for hours in a holding queue, waiting for a space near the hall. But nobody was getting the vans that had already unloaded moved on. So there we sat. Shambolic. And people wonder why we are winding down the exhibitions! You know you‘re in for a treat when the exhibitors are almost coming to blows getting IN the hall. Roll on Sunday.

So we pedalled faster and harder to catch up, and the lovely picnic which Heather always makes us to keep us going had to wait till we got to Norma’s B&B.

Never mind. Nothing Terminal. Just gutty.

The stand looks great, the TV show is all in a box ready to sort out first thing in the morning, so I hope you can join me at 12 for a live hour from the NEC.

A pair of wonderful new heart doily dies and the nested hearts to match….

Maria MoorhouseShelagh MetselaarMaria MoorhouseDee ParamourDee Paramour

Calendars available too, although they are selling fast this year! Gone‘s gone this year.

Time to hit the hay,

love & hugs



27 thoughts on “Brand new Dove & Deer Dies at the NEC

  1. What a pain! Bit like us in traffic yesterday but I’ll forget about that ! Lovely new dies, great for lots of occasions. Have a successful time at the show and catch you on t.v.

  2. Hello Barbara
    What a day you have had! But, and I think most people will agree, we really appreciate everything you and the Clarity team do. Although sometimes it must feel as if we are sucking the lifeblood out of you all.
    See you all on Friday and I hope there are some calendars left!
    Love, Roz xxx

    1. Hear, hear Ros. Maybe I will bump into you on Friday. I had hoped to catch a place on Linda’s make and take, but my train gets me in later this time, so no chance. I shall just watch and enjoy. 😊

  3. What a performance – thought the NEC were better organised than that!! Hope the weekend goes well, the new dies are lovely. Will be watching every day at noon.
    You have such a hectic life and we appreciate all you do for us Clarity addicts but please make sure you get some rest too. We love you Barb so please take care.

  4. Hope you have a decent nights sleep and ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Love the new dies and the design team have done a tremendous job. Good luck at the NEC.

  5. Love the new dies, I suppose they may find their way into my basket on Saturday when I come to NEC. I’ll be watching at 12:00 Barbara. Xx

  6. Thought the NEC would employ a professional logistics company to facilitate – perhaps being married to a project manager has infiltrated somewhere along the line. Sleep well and enjoy the next few days. ;~}

  7. Hi Barbara
    I hope you get some rest tonight. I will see you tomorrow. I think those dies will pop into my basket.
    Hugs from Chris. X

  8. I do hope you have a good few days at the NEC even if the start was terrible. We would all miss you if not there. Hopefully Heather’s lovely food has revived you all. I shall be there tomorrow fingers crossed that I manage to get on a make and take session. The dies look beautiful. XX

  9. Hi Barb,
    What a pain for you all. You would think that the NEC of all places would have everything off pat with all of the exhibitions etc that they host. I’m sure that you know that we really appreciate everything that you do for us . The new dies look fabulous but unfortunately they will have to go on my wish list – daren’t spend anymore on crafty stuff for a few weeks ! Hope the live shows go well and that the whole 4 days will be good for you and the Clarity Team ( keep an eye out for those dishonest so and sos too) . Sending love and hugs to you, Dave and all of the team,Alison xxx
    Ps please tell Heather that I hope her Mam is recovering well. Xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Been for a walk along the prom from Seaton Carew to Hartlepool Headland and back today which was lovely in the sunny,crisp weather. My knee held up well ( although other one giving me a bit of bother) and seems to be getting stronger which I’m pleased about. Hope everyone going to NEC has a great time. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  10. Oh dear not a great start but I’m sure when the Clarity customers start arriving it will be worthwhile. The new dies are going to fly again when you have your show. Good luck with everything, let’s hope you don’t get any visits from the thieves. Xx

  11. Evening Barbara. What a flippin performance!!! I hope that you don’t have to wait on Sunday!
    I love those new dies… I liked those designs as stencils so the dies will be going on my wish list which is getting longer and longer. I’m sure they will sell well!
    Looking forward to watching all the live shows from the NEC. Have a great 4 days.
    Love and hugs to you all! Xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a day you’ve had, you would think these events would be better organised wouldn’t you. I hope all goes well and you don’t have any mishaps this year when packing up! Love the new Dies, would make lovely Christmas cards but I must resist! Hopefully will be able to watch you before I go to work.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Must go on line get my Calender love have a clarity calender lovely hearts in dies hope all goes well tomorrow looking forward to show recorded set to night night xxx

  14. Seriously there is no reason why the NEC can’t get everything sorted these days, must be so infuriating for you all! Anyhow, sounds like you’ve got it sorted but could do without the headache. Hope all goes well and looking forward to the shows. Missed the postie today and she had my calendar so I’m off to the sorting office tomorrow to pick it up!

  15. Hi Barbara
    More New Dies!!
    Clarity Towers must be bursting at the seams with all these new products!! Looks like you will have to get even bigger premises soon!!
    They are beautiful as all Clarity Dies.
    Lovely examples from the Dream Team.
    Sleep well 💤💤💤
    Love & Hugs

  16. Hello Barb, how disappointing that the organisers of such big shows at venues like the NEC don’t have better planning in place. Especially as it is vendors like yourselves that bring in the people and create the footfall, which in turn makes them their money. I can understand how this leads to businesses like Clarity not wanting to pay for inconveniences, other than to keep your customers happy and loyal. Hope you managed to eat the picnic eventually. Looking forward to some pics, and I hope that it is a good show, the new dies are sure to be popular, and the artwork is stunning. Take care all, and if you are going to the NEC, make sure to stop by and say hi to the Clarity contingent. Bx

  17. Hope you had a good night’s sleep and feel more rested today, ahead of 4 manic ones. We do appreciate all you do for our crafting pleasure, especially when things beyond your control make it so challenging. See you on Friday. Hugs. Annette X

  18. They need you at the helm Barb., ” no messing, get your gear off loaded and shift yourselves”! Hope all goes well and it’s a successful show xx

  19. You would think a show that size would be better organised. My beautiful signed calendar arrived today, great projects and lovely artwork and I really like the new size xx

  20. Oh dear – you certainly don’t need additional aggravation in the middle of such a hectic time for you. Hope you got a good night’s sleep and are ready to go today. Will be watching at 12

  21. D’oh! I’m sad I can’t make it now… give you & the team a big group hug. But I guess they’ll be lots of mates to hug instead, over the next few days.
    Please accept this cyber hug instead…..
    Here’s hoping it’ll all be a great success and well worth the effort.🌈

  22. Wow, that was a start to a hectic few days that you didn’t need!! Hope all goes well, I have the shows on to record as I am busy sorting out my moms 90th birthday tea for 70 people on Saturday. Have lined up help for the day but keep thinking of things in the middle of the night!! Hopefully you will be at the NEC in March x

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