It’s Official – The Gray Friday Sale is on.

It’s Official – The Gray Friday Sale is on.


Here we go here we go here we go !!!!


The Clarity Elves are at the ready, all spit spot and ready to serve.

This, my friends, is the Sale of the Clarity Year.

It is a blanket sale, on pretty much EVERYTHING CLARITY

The stamps which have been on your wishlist…

That stencilset you had your eye on…

That Groovi plate Collection you wanted…

Those beautiful Fresh Cut Dies you fancied…


AND the Pergamano tools and products too!

No clearance here.

No no no. If we run out, we make more. That’s the best thing about being in-house manufacturers!

33% off

Stamps, Stencils, Groovi, Pergamano & Fresh Cut Dies

Shop Gray Friday here

I mentioned this yesterday, but in case you missed it….

Just for fun, we have hidden a Golden Ticket in one of our 2019 Clarity Calendars.

If you buy the Clarity Calendar 2019 over Gray Friday weekend, you could be the lucky winner of a Golden Ticket!

What does this Golden Ticket mean?

The Golden Ticket gives you £50 to spend on absolutely anything at Clarity, either online or over the phone. Already got a calendar? Well, get another one for a friend!!

There’s only one hidden ticket.

Good Luck everyone.

Clarity Calendar 2019

The Sale will go on until Monday evening. You can come back as many times as you like.

And NO! We’re not going out of business! Are you kidding??

We’re only just getting revved up!!

Love & Hugs



24 thoughts on “It’s Official – The Gray Friday Sale is on.

  1. Paul did a great job on TV as usual, he’s a star.
    Didn’t realise you’d posted a second blog yesterday but did wonder why the goodies were put up a day early. Now I know.
    I spent the afternoon browsing all 100 pages and checking my stash to make sure I didn’t double up. It took a long time as each page took a while to load on my lap top.
    Placed my order straight away though.
    I think you may have co-opted some of Santa’s elves to help cope with all the orders as mine have all been delivered in 36-48 hours from ordering in this hectic week. The service has been terrific despite your warning of potential delays so thank you Barbara and the team for all your hard work.

  2. Amen to you Cherry. 🤣I’m also receiving all of this week’s bargs in record time. Not expecting last night’s order for a while though…’ll take longer to reach high & low this time. Hope the elves don’t run out of doughnuts 🍩Though I’ve just spotted this sushi emoji 🍣 Always tastes best in Japan so perhaps keep that back for the staff retreat 🏔️
    I’m rambling again. Off to make sure I didn’t miss anything🤸

  3. Yep! I’ve been there too and will probably go back ! Good time to build up the pergamano tools even if I dont know what to do with them all ! Thanks Clarity x

  4. Thanks for the sale Barb , stocked up essentials last night …had to hold back though as daughter son in law and grandchildren are moving in for a few months . Will be limited for space , already dismantling my craft room 😢. Still it’s a good excuse to have a proper clear out lol lol 😃

  5. I put my first irder in at 3am, already back by 10am to do my second, grown up kids dont need christmas presents do they lol!! I love you clarity such a genuine company run by lovely people

  6. Hi Barbara
    Oooh how exciting I’m off to have a look and make a list. I hope you all have a fun weekend even though it’s all hands on deck! Keep the doughnut levels up. Thank you once again for an amazing sale
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Wow – the order I placed last night has already been despatched. Now that’s service for you. Thank you, and thank you again 🙂 Keep going, you are all fantastic.

  8. Had a browse last night, just to get an idea of what I needed as didn’t have my ‘personal’ stock list to hand but this has now been remedied and I’m off to make a cuppa to keep me going whilst I shop! xx

  9. Wow, what a week you and the Clarity team must have had. Thank you for having such a genuine sale. It is no wonder that you have such a lot of loyal fans and customers. I placed my order last night and wish I could have ordered more, but I just had to hold back, especially with Christmas coming up. However, I am not complaining, as Groovi Plates never run out and I can have lots of fun with what I have already.
    I hope that you will have some down time over the weekend. Thanks again. Annette X

  10. Put in an order last night and then spent the day thinking of the things that I had seen yesterday so just popped back on and placed another one! Couldn’t resist the added bonus of getting a golden ticket too, so in went a calendar.
    Gray Friday Clarity sales are the best, good job it’s only once a year! XX

  11. Evening bloggy friends, lots of jolly people as I was walking up and down the aisles of the Clarity sale. I’m sure I could hear the elves singing too… XX

  12. I’ve done it! 2hours going through the Gray Friday bonanza, after a very stressful working day. Well worth the effort and thank you to everyone who works at Clarity.
    Also handed in my resignation after being on the see-saw for some months. I do feel a lot calmer now – only 2 months to go
    .Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend x

  13. Can’t wait to get on the website, only got home today from a 4 night trip to Rome our amazing anniversary present. Had a wonderful time even though we had lots of rain and a terrific thunder storm. How exciting to come back to a Clarity sale, Barbara you really are so very generous. Thank you so much. Must dash to the sale now, love and hugs xxx

  14. Your offers are always fantastic but Gray Friday certainly beats them all. I am sure the Clarity team will be working overtime to get the orders out. I am going to look for a few essentials but got to be a bit restrained as a lot to pay for this month. Thank-you though for the great deals. xx

  15. Thanks to the Clarity elves for the quick delivery of my order this week, very impressed! Have given hubbie my Xmas list including my Clarity wishlist. Have told him about Gray Friday so I will keep my fingers crossed that he has taken the hint. x 🙂

  16. Hi Barbara and everyone , after reading your blog today all your team must be worn out with all the hard work they are putting in getting all the orders out.
    I placed an order last night for a few things I needed , but need to go back and order a book I need will do this in the morning.
    Well Barbara you have looked after us all so well, hope the doughnuts are keeping you all well fed.
    Hope everyone has a great time enjoying their purchases.
    Lynn xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    WOW what an amazing sale. All I need to do now is win the lottery.
    Wouldn’t it be lovely just to phone Clarity Towers and just place an order for one of everything xxxxxxx
    Off to dream some more

  18. Did my order but forgot to come on here say hello so catching up. List a bit shorter until you come on tv again with new goodies. You will be having night mates hearing that ping of orders coming through and counting orders instead of sheep xxx

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