Action Stations! And the top selling products?

Action Stations! And the top selling products?

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Long day at Clarity yesterday! Most of the team was still beavering away when I called it a day. It was dark when I got there and dark when I left! Winter is a-coming!

The phones were ringing off the hook….

..and the Clarity gang were on it like ANTS !!! In fact, they were brilliANT.

I only took a couple of pics – got too caught up pickapickapicking!

  We must have walked miles today, picking those orders. From the Groovi shelves, to the die shelves, to the stamp shelves to the Stencil cabinets – and back again! And as fast as we could pick them, more just kept pouring in from Paul’s office! He was in another building, printing all the orders off.

In fact, even as I write this, the emails just keep ping ping pinging away in the background!

So what has been most popular in the sale orders thus far?

GROOVI. GROOVI and thrice I say GROOVI !!!! Pick a plate, any plate – and it was bought!

I reached for Tina’s layering panels collection

and Linda’s We wish you a Merry Christmas with the 3 robins most, I think.

I certainly knew where they were by lunchtime!

Then there were the Blending pen and nibs.

Lots of Dorso Oil, too

The Clarity Brushes flew out the door – mostly 2 boxes at a time, so we were hauling boxes of them over from the warehouse.

The Picot Dies and matching Groovi plates,

Groovi Tabs. Blimey. Pretty much EVERY GROOVI ORDER


The Designer Papers and Card. At first, Shenandoah Paper was in the lead,

 But then I noticed the Northern Lights Card started appearing more and more!


Oh, and the parchment. Great price, so folks were stocking up, I guess. We do go through it, don’t we?!

The Treescape Die went into loads of orders,

as did The Happy Couple and Queen Anne’s Lace

And the 3-way overlay floral stamps too. You like them!

You bought across the board, I would say. Although Groovi certainly stole the show.

But who knows? Maybe today more stampers will pop in, and the Mixed media crowd will show up. It was interesting to see how popular the old stamp designs still are.

Dear Jayne Nestorenko’s Christmas Children Sets too…

We are so lucky to have a lovely wide selection of goodies.

Something for everyone, as they say.

Anyway. Must dash.

Love & Hugs,



31 thoughts on “Action Stations! And the top selling products?

  1. Are you really up too at ‘silly o’clock’???? I had a good old spend yesterday but did cross several things off my want list. Told hubby l was ordering and he didn’t moan…..he may do when he sees the size of the box???😁

  2. Wasn’t expecting a post this early,I have been awake since 1.30 and up since 3! Don’t know why I am not sleeping and all I have done so far is drink coffee and watch the cricket! You are so busy, put me to shame.

  3. Had my visit yesterday not sure if last but quiet a lot you really are up and off to office early on a Saturday but then I suppose only way to keep on top of those orders coming by in. Rest when you can all of you lots love x

  4. Thank you all the Clarity Team. Your hard work and dedication is amazing. I can’t believe I have already had a confirmation e-mail to say my goods are on the way. Hopefully you will all find room for some “me time” though. You all certainly deserve it

  5. My order is a building as we speak!! It won’t be huge but it will be stuff I have looked at and drooled over in the past, I have even added a couple of groovi plates and I don’t really do Groovi that much (yet!!) Lol. Have a good day everyone, you are all brilliant. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!! 😉😉

  6. Take care sending hugs and don’t forget to breathe 😙
    Thank you, brilliant sale x
    Took me ages to pick might have to have another look today 😂


  7. You deserve a very successful Gray Friday, real genuine bargains right across all the goodies. Efficient customer service, quick deliveries you could teach other Companies a thing or too! Hope you get all the awards you so deserve them. Thank you xx

  8. Everyone will deserve a break when this sale is over. I appear to have bucked the trend then as apart from plenty of nibs for the blending pens, I haven’t gone for any Groovi this time. The Winter tree die was on my order though and some of that new die storage. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

  9. I didn’t expect a post so early and only saw it when I looked at the Facebook page. Wow, you are up early and even found the time to blog in amongst all the sale rush. Thank you!
    Best wishes to all the Clarity team. Annette X

  10. My orders are in so I can now change from shopping mode to excited waiting mode. Have fun with your picking today! If you get mine please sprinkle on some Barbara Gray crafting magic. Xx

  11. I’ll have another browse today as I like to make sure everything is in my order before I buy. Stops the “another clarity parcel” comments if it all comes together! I need a rest today too. Had my first yoga taster class yesterday and I ache everywhere! As I said to John the breathing warm up and being cocooned in the blanket at the end were the only bits I could do comfortably, but I’m sure it would be good for me! x

    1. Persevere with the yoga! I’ve only been dong it for 18 months but enjoy it immensely. Good for core strength, balance and flexibility – all important as we age! Good luck

    2. Hi Susan , just remembered when you get into it you will feel good . It all takes time.
      My friend has just started Tai Chai she says it very slow and it is the breathing , and a
      coffee !! After with all the other ladies in the class.
      Don’t give up wishing you well.
      Lynn xx

  12. Cor blimey Mrs you and the team were busy yesterday. Clearly shows how popular Clarity Stamps is, not only for their quality products but for the little things, such as excellent customer after care and service. Hope today is just a busy!
    Linda 🙂

  13. Thank you Barb and the Clarity team for all the effort you are putting into this, the offers are great, and whilst there are still things on my wish list, I need to have another sift through and prioritise. Take care all. Bx

  14. I did place a small order yesterday. Added a few more piercing tools to my collection. With such a fantastic sale you are bound to be very busy. Well done to all the team. x

  15. Well done everyone, I placed an order yesterday. Got to page 50 of the sale pages, hope to have time to do the rest later.

  16. I took advantage on Thursday …know how you feel I do the online picking at work start 4 am very silly o clock . Still at least it pays the bills and my crafting addiction until I can find something nearer home . 😁😁

  17. Ordered every day this week and only waiting for the Gray Friday sale goods which I ordered on Thursday. Such brilliant service!!!
    You certainly are an early bird and hard worker but DO NOT UNDO the good your recent holiday did for you.
    Hope the doughnut supply doesn’t run out – the local baker must be very happy!!!!
    You and Clarity deserve all the awards possible for goods and service.
    Have a good weekend. XXX

  18. Lovely to hear whats going well in the sale. I was thinking as i sped through the pages making notes of what I wanted, what a fantastic selection of groovi plates there were and wondering how on earth do you keep bringing new ideas out. Same with the stamps and stencils and now we have the dies too, fantastic. I now have to go through my list, be realistic and whittle it down to what I can afford. Thanks for all the offers.

  19. Well I filled my boot and then some
    My new light wave arrived this morning. Wow 😲 what service
    Thank you team clarity
    I might just have to go look through all the 100 pages of bargains again lol
    Clarity Rocks. Hugs xx

  20. Mine came today – thank you everyone! I’ve got another one sat waiting to process, just lasting it out a bit longer in case I think of something else! X

  21. Thank you for all the generous offers, can’t think of any other company that has such a genuine sale. I have ordered some bits and pieces that I always think Oh I’ll get that next time, some storage and the blending pens. Might have to go back for another look! xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    I’m sure you are in bed by now, it must have been a busy day for you all. Gave hubby my wish list, he just smiled and said he will get Santa to sort it. I did say I needed the double sided sheets ASAP so he wasn’t to hide them. Oh I’ve just spotted the treescape, how did I miss that one, isn’t it lovely, I might have to add that on. Hope you get a chance to rest some time.
    Love Diane xxx

  23. My order would ping thro’at silly o’clock this morning as I couldn’t sleep so thought I’d spend my time wisely! xx

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