Have you seen this Squirrel?

Have you seen this Squirrel?

Hi there,

Greetings from a rather rainy Leiden. Still beautiful nonetheless. Market Day today, so lots of wonderful cheeses which make the roof of your mouth tingle, and warm artisan breads fresh out of the oven. Heaven for the senses.

I thought I’d flag up Maria’s TV show on Wednesday this week. She is showcasing a set of brand new and very special stencils which Mel illustrated. They are so beautiful and rich with images – I think you will love them.

I did have a play a few weeks ago, when they first come off the lasers at work. I wanted to see whether they were as good as they looked. Verdict: and then some!

Here are a few idea I was bouncing around. I don’t think I have shown you this already. If so, then apologies xxx

In fact, tell me now whether you have seen these little country animals before, and I will save myself the effort of duplication, and spare you the yawn of repetition.

If these are new to you, then I will blog a step by step on Monday, to show them off. Then you can watch Maria put her clever spin on them on Wednesday on Hochanda.com. 12 noon and 4pm


Time to go find coffee and cake!

love & Hugs

Barb xxx


15 thoughts on “Have you seen this Squirrel?

  1. I think I may have spotted these designs on the Claritystamp.com home page when I ordered the deerscape last week – maybe they were advertising the up-coming show – either way, I loved them straight away.
    love to you both – save me a bit of cake!
    Maggie (Yorkite) yes…THAT Maggie!!

  2. Think have seen some of them before but good to see the step by steps never see that many always good to be reminded. Rain most of yesterday evening part day f night nice morning here know dark and some very heavy showers mid afternoon . Joy x

  3. Nope don’t think I have seen this squirrel before. I love love love cheese – trying to stay away from it at the moment though, trying to find my waistline! Lol Hmmmmm cake, now that sounds like a really good idea. Glad you are enjoying your little mini break.
    Much love. xxxxx

  4. Hello Barbara – think these were advertised on Clarity website, but don’t believe you have blogged about them. Love the look of them, would love a step by step. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lots of love Donna X

  5. No, we haven’t seen these country animals demonstrated before so look forward to Maria’s shows. Love the squirrel, hedgehog and mice and will definitely be buying these.
    How I envy you – I love cheese and fruit cake but alas they are not on my diet menu. It helps to have so many lovely Clarity goodies to craft with – takes my mind off food!!!
    Enjoy your cake. xxx

  6. I do vaguely recognise your little wild animals, but I don’t think you can ever have too much inspiration on how to use your crafty goodies. Enjoy your day browsing the markets and sampling the goodies on offer – that’s one of my favourite things to do on holiday overseas! x

  7. Hi Barbara and everyone.
    Glad you are having a great time you both deserve some down time.
    The stencils look good , they would be lovely in Dies !!!!
    Hope you found you coffee and a scrummy cake.
    Take care .
    Lynn xx

  8. Hmmmm, think you told us some new stencils were coming to go along with the animal stencils that you already have but don’t think I’ve seen them. Like the look of them, will have to watch the show on Wednesday. Xx

  9. Evening bloggy friends, watching the rugby with doggie sleeping on one side of me and the cat on the other! I can’t move now or I will wake them up! 😀 xx

  10. These look delightful = and, no, you’ve not showcased them before.
    I spy, in addition to the squirrel, a frog – definitely a frog (or toad), for those of us who have been seeing frogs where there are only hares!!

  11. I don’t think I have seen these stencils but they look delightful. Be great with the grunge paste for canvases and with the Gelli press. Do love the country animals, enjoy the rest of your weekend, it’s been heavy showers here today but did manage a short walk without getting wet. Mmm cheeses and cake, yummy.xxx

  12. Haven’t seen these animals before on a stencil but I think they are delightful and will make great canvases with grunge paste and using the Gelli Press. Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Been heavy showers here today, but managed a short walk without getting wet in between the showers. Enjoy the rest of your break. Mmm cheeses and cake sound good.xxx

  13. Beautiful Designs Barb, and whether or not I have seen them before I for one would not mind seeing them again. Love the look of what you have shown us. Bx

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