Back to front – and back again!!

Back to front – and back again!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

After a day of recording German and English Youtubes parallel, I decided it was time to have a little play with stamps and paint and stuff….. you know how it goes.

Downtime it’s called.

So this is what I came up with. Ready? Hang on to your hollyhocks! It goes a bit woowah towards the end!

This scrap copy paper was sitting on the top of the scrap pile. Like like like the colours muchly…. Was definitely done with the excess on a brayer, using the Golden Open Paints, the Azo Gold and the Quinacridone Blue….

It needs some birds, thought I. The Geese! Yes!

Only thing is, the couple are pointing in the wrong direction. The lighter end of the scrap is at the other end. Couldn’t I use the lonely goose? The solo one? She’s looking in the right direction. Ah well. Didn’t see her until I had already done the job!

Thinking cap on. Gel press printing plate out! Stamp the goosey couple on the Gelpress with a Blackout ink pad. Very good ink pad. Permanent, which you need to use on acrylic paint, but also doesn’t stain the Gel Press.

Flip the Gel Press on the Megamount, and stamp the geese into the opening.


Looking longingly at their friends, all setting out for warmer climes.

Use a white pencil eraser to take out a lot of the paint within the geese. Works a treat!

Now use black and white Perga Liner B-pencils to add light and shade to the geese. Piece of cake. By the way, did you know that you can buy the Perga Liner pencils individually now? If your favourite blue is getting short, now you can replace it with a long one! Woohoo!!!

So now, we have a delightful piece of atmospheric artwork. On a paper scrap. But what to do with it. I would love to transfer it to a canvas board. Thinking cap on…

Foto Transfer medium out! This is where it goes a bit woowah. This is where you have to detach from your scrap masterpiece emotionally, because in 3 minutes time, it could well be a binner, a wozere, an iznomore.

Cover both the canvas board and the actual artwork (painty side) with the medium,

…then quickly press them together. On the tub it says wait 24 hours for the medium to dry. Not a chance. This is dinner’s-being-served-in-10-minutes-Barbie here!

So speed dry with a heat gun will have to do!

Use a sponge to wet the surface. Not too much water; just enough so that the image appears. Now let’s watch the magic happen.

By gently rubbing the surface with a damp little sponge, gradually the paper will peel away to reveal the artwork.

See? Blimming brilliant stuff, this Foto Transfer gear! Photo?!?!? What photo?!?!?

And I love it when some of the picture comes away too. Give it a real grungy, distressed, aged look. Bit like me then…

But when you get in close, you can see just how superb this gets.

And guess what! The geese are up the right end now! Just where I wanted them.

When it is dry, I will spray a sealant over the whole canvas board.

I love these geese. Maria had the garden birds on her TV show yesterday. They are super too. our clever Mel drew all of these birds. Where would we be without her?!

Head on over to the birdstamps section on our website. Pretty special, even if I say so myself.

Love and hugs,



23 thoughts on “Back to front – and back again!!

  1. Just beautiful, lovely work of art. You make seem so easy to do.
    When are we going to see your finished pottery?
    Love the geese, thank you xx

  2. Dinner was ready on time … and so were you Barb,
    and right on point with this Artwork. I may have seen you do this before, but it really is a great technique and even better reveal.. xx

  3. Love all the bird stamps but this is a new thing for me as I haven’t used the photo transfer method yet.
    Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

  4. Oooooo will have to get some of the photo transfer medium, liking the look of the end artwork. Thank you for showing us these new gems. Also I had a lovely surprise today when my club envelope was waiting for me when I got in from work. What beautiful designs. Xx

  5. Plenty of those about here at the moment, en route to somewhere. Last week I guesstimated a skein of around five hundred heading towards the Ythan Estuary. As for the stamps – bought them after using them at the Retreat and they still haven’t had a whiff of an ink pad. They’re not alone, either. ;~}

  6. Evening bloggy friends, nearly Friday! Which means its nearly the weekend! Which means its nearly time to start my Christmas crafting… Xx

  7. That’s funny the South African Geese Cant flying over when I sat in car today waiting for Bob they are so noisy as they went lovely watching them use to land on rugby field near are old bungalow were 100s of them think camped out over night got some photo thingy must get it out have a go xxx

  8. Wow! Love the geese and the technique, must get some photo transfer medium. I’ve had the geese a while now, when we did the first calendar challenges I think. I didn’t win but it’s on my kitchen wall just the same. You have some fabulous scraps Barb. Oh! My Design Club goodies arrived this morning, absolutely

  9. Hi Barb,
    This is fabulous. Definitely going to have to get some of the FotoTransfer Medium. Very clever indeed. I have the geese stamps – as Pam says from the calendar challenge a couple of years ago I think. I remember making a card for Dave( mine) for his birthday using the stamp and he was very impressed. Hope the pottery class went well yesterday. My Club envelope arrived today and I love all three, thank you – can’t wait for the Fresh Cut club too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Swimming this morning – managed 90 lengths in 65 minutes which I was well chuffed with. Christmas card making this afternoon – only managed 7 today! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  10. The geese are perfect with the scrap background Barbara, and the photo transfer paper works beautifully on the canvas, and the little missing bits add charm to the finished piece. x

  11. love how you turn an arty scrap into a work of art. Need to bite the bullet & have a go !! Happy post took me by surprise today, fantastic as usual. Feel the pain you felt when told to cut your pots in half. I would be the same if asked to do that at the end of the class, not so bad if it had been half way so replacements could be made. Hope today’s class went better.

  12. Hi Barbara
    You really do make me giggle. Fancy going to all that trouble of using the gel press to turn your geese round, only to then use the foto transfer process to turn them back round the other way again. 🤣😂🤣
    I think that is the sort of thing I would do too!!
    Never mind, I know you would have had good fun getting to that point.
    Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

  13. Hello Barb, now that is absolutely awesome artwork. What a great technique, I will have to get some of that transfer Gel, as I now have so many idea of what to do swimming around in my head!! Take care all. Bx

  14. I remember you doing this technique with us on the retreat a couple of years ago. I bought the foto transfer medium and unsurprisingly it’s not been opened!! I need to get brave and have a go, especially as I’ve got more time off work now. Saw the shoulder specialist and he won’t let me go back for at least another 4 weeks 😕, so I’ll just have to keep crafting! 😃

  15. Such a cool technique. Now I just need to get my scraps to look as arty as yours and I might have something to work with!!!

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