Youtube Tuesday – and we’re Spraying Meadow Grasses

Youtube Tuesday – and we’re Spraying Meadow Grasses

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Busy day. Long day. But productive day! One doesn’t mind pedalling if one can see the light ahead, eh.
You Tube Tuesday, and Maria is here to show you a very lovely, easy to make card, using our Meadow grasses stamps. 
They are so versatile!
Meadow Grasses Stamp Set

There’s actually a second stampset which goes with this set perfectly.
In fact, I walk past a little canvas which I made a while ago every morning in the hallway upstairs.
It’s nothing special, but there’s something I like about it.
Let me go get it to show you….
I drew these two sets myself. I do wish I had more time to draw.
But hey! We must be careful what we wish for!
But back to Maria’s artwork. She also used the Congrats wordchain.
All in the sale this week.
Word Chain 11
Inka Gold

Spritzer Bottles
Stencil Card
Time to kick back and clear the head. 
This Clarity business of ours is unrelenting !!
Love & Hugs,

14 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – and we’re Spraying Meadow Grasses

  1. Really good video from Maria, lovely card using the meadow flowers. I have these and they always make lovely cards. Xx

  2. Watched Maria today – liked what she did. I have always used these stamps as additions to the main theme or in backgrounds. Never thought of making them the main feature. Liked your canvas too.
    Glad you enjoyed your walk yesterday and that you have had a good day today.

  3. Ooh, I’ve got both these sets…might just have to have a play! Lovely project from Maria and another inspirational video! Trying to get my head into designing my ‘bulk’ Christmas card for this year so have been looking thro’ all my stamps as not got time for Groovi for everyone this time around. Hope everyone is cosy and warm as the weather is definitely ‘on the turn’ in the evenings now.

    1. Hi Sue,
      You’re not wrong there! It was a lovely day till about 3pm and then it just got colder. Definitely a night for the heating to be on! See you soon, love – Alison xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Maria did a fabulous job with the video. Loved this little project. I have these sets of stamps but like Donna, I’ve never used them as the focal element. Time to change that I think! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  5. Super video Maria. I have the stamps and most of the Inka Gold Pastes so must have a go at this. Makes a lovely

  6. Hi Barbara
    Isn’t this lovely, I always enjoy a Maria you tube. I haven’t got these stamps, they are gorgeous aren’t they. Love your canvass too, I would be proud to have something like it on my wall. I hope the prep is going well and you are getting time to enjoy the sunshine.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Hello Barb and Maria, a fab video, love the card that you have created. I still have to get some of the Inka gold pastes, but will do eventually. Your canvas is lovely too Barb, shows how the stamp sets work so well together. Take care all. Bx

  8. Fabulous inspiration as always.
    Barbara. I hope you never stop producing stamps,
    I have just discovered the delight of them and am following your back to basics with the brayer!

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