Tina’s Layout Show! Let her show you how.

Tina’s Layout Show! Let her show you how.

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Tina is on Telly again tomorrow, with the much awaited and highly anticipated


At first glance, one wonders what to do with all these pretty panels and mini artworks. Let Tina explain it to you. It is very, very clever. And just to offer additional clarity – if you’ll pardon the pun –  we have included a project concertina sheet, designed by Tina herself.

with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Here are the plates in question, plus all the other ingredients and plates Tina will be calling on during her shows.

These new beauties are fantastic for backgrounds and fills.

And here are some wonderful samples created by the ever clever Groovi Team, to get your creative juices flowing….

 Carys James-RichardsJosie DavidsonCarys James-RichardsChris Walker
Glynis WhiteheadBecca KempsterGlynis WhiteheadLinda Page

Wowee. I think we are in for a real treat. I have seen the samples which Tina has prepared, using the coloured parchment which is also on the show. We have put together a super A5 parchment bundle at an exceptionally good price.

Click here to investigate

The mind boggles where she gets her ideas from. One very clever and very beautiful woman indeed.

When are the shows?

Thursday, 11am and 3pm


  • SKY 673 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Be sure to tune in!

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23 thoughts on “Tina’s Layout Show! Let her show you how.

  1. Oh WOW !! these look amazing. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t need anymore plates when I first saw them on the website banner but now I’ve seen the samples here & the sneaky peaks on FB I feel that they will be tumbling into my basket. Both shows set to record as I will be out at our fortnightly Groovi meeting at Bromsgrove. By the way I am glad your Dad is feeling so much better after getting the treatment that was needed.

  2. Afternoon Barbara!
    These are fantastic plates and make such pretty cards. And you can either do different layers or make it look like different layers just as easily!
    Looking forward to seeing Tina’s demos tomorrow!
    Hope you have a relaxing evening.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Oh my Goodness! These look fantastic! SO very tempting! Really Barbara, I mustn’t – I’ve had a message from Clarity to say that the dies that I ordered yesterday evening are on their way! Such wonderful service from Team Clarity, as always! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I really shall have to sit on my hands tomorrow, because of my spend on the Dies yesterday! They will be going onto my wish list though!
      Hi Alison – I left you comments yesterday, we were doing our comments at the same time.
      Love and hugs to everyone, Gilly xxx

  4. Oh wow, I have been drooling over these plates today and I shall definitely be ordering them tomorrow. I agree that Tina is very talented and, having met her on Monday, she is as lovely as she is clever. I am looking forward to seeing the shows. Love Annette X

  5. Oh, what gorgeous samples! I wanted the plates as soon as I saw them but after seeing the samples they’re even more irresistible. Hope your ankle is feeling better, ready for the NEC and that all’s gone well with the big pot today. xx

  6. The samples are stunning as usual, compliments to the design team.
    Keep telling myself NO MORE but as always something comes up that is irresistable! I can see the panels falling into my basket but as for the rest it depends what you have in store for the ODS on Sunday.
    I have over 230 traditional parchment pattern packs left over from when I was running workshops. Trying to decide whether to ditch them to make more room for Groovi or keep them ‘just in case’ and lose some of my other books to make more space. It’s a battle I think all things Clarity may win one way or another.
    Hope the “potty” class is going well and look forward to seeing the results.

  7. What size are these plates coming out tomorrow please? Guess that’s another month of toast. Can’t afford beans as well.

  8. Oh wow! They’re like card sketch templates – just what I need to get the creative juices flowing! I always admire the beautiful layouts that people come up with, looks like these new plates might just help me to create some of my own! I have to say that my personal preference is for smaller cards, so I would like it if these were the A6 size, but I guess what’ll do a lot will do a little!
    I look forward to seeing the demos.

  9. They look fantastic amazing art work looking forward to watching Tina must go set record ready just in case someone comes and cannot watch. Xxx

  10. It’s been a truly Clarity week so far. I’ve received my Design Club vintage phone….
    love to bits, and Groivi Christmas plates….
    and after watching Leonie today decided to get messy & dared to try out my sticky ink & pergo glitter for the first time….Now everything is getting the bling treatment 🎊 Day planned for more Clarity & T’rrific Tina tomoz. #feelthelove💞
    Bought a Dyson recently & discovered a nack of hoovering round sills, tables & fireplace without needing a duster in record time. Result🤗

  11. Recorder set, will be watching live too! New plates look great but think I’ll be adding them to my wishlist for now. Xx

  12. Hi Barb.
    Oh dear! I just know I’ll have to have these plates! I was searching for them only a couple of days ago after seeing them used on Maria’s sample in the club leaflet – I thought I’d missed them somehow, not realising they were brand new ones! Hope your ankle is better now. Recorder set for tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Just got back from a lovely meal in Durham for our 31st wedding anniversary. Called at my sisters to check on trees and thankfully they are still standing!!! Gilly, so pleased that you are following in my naughty ways!! Glad that you and Neill are getting out and about now, just take it a little bit at a time though. Looking forward to seeing the demos and samples in the shows tomorrow. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxxx

  13. Hello Barb, looking at those plates I think Tina is in for a very busy show. And wow, that exquisite artwork, such beauty and creativity, very clever and talented ladies. Take care all, and enjoy. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What lovely plates and beautiful samples from the design teams, I think these will fly. Tina is clever isn’t she and very talented. I’ve got the programs recorded to enjoy at leasure.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. The plates look amazing and the samples as usual are out of this world. Looking forward to the shows, well done Tina.

  16. Well I have just bought the latest fresh dies and I love them .I want to try Groovi and wish now I had bought the joint dies and plates .Im a bit worried about how to start on the Groovi ,is it really easy and is it something I could pick up without going to classes help any one .

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