Sunday – No Gray Hares here!

Sunday – No Gray Hares here!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

hopping between shows here!

Thanks for watching and cheering this afternoon. Oh. And buying! Busy busy.

If you’re wondering why we are on HOCHANDA a week earlier than usual, it’s because we will be at the NEC next weekend, so Clarity has come early !

Wait till you see these new dies. I drew the Make a Wish one for my parents’ diamond Wedding Anniversary back in September, and Mel drew the other three beauties.

I call them our Hidden Hares….

Dee Paramour
Maria MoorhouseWendy ThorburnMaria MoorhouseShelagh Metselaar

They are so delightful, we have converted them into Groovi plates too.  Entire country scenes, ready for you to simply emboss and put your magic to, or extract just some of the hundreds of beautiful elements to create your own picture, your own design.

Chris Walker
Glynis WhiteheadSheila BradleyJosie DavidsonMaria Moorhouse

There’s something very magical about a hare, isn’t there?

Paul and I are going to show you loads of tricks and techniques today and tomorrow, on HOCHANDA.

Hare are the showtimes Today:



Hare are the showtimes Tomorrow:




Got to go. Busy busy day !

Love & Hugs,



27 thoughts on “Sunday – No Gray Hares here!

  1. All set to record in case I can’t watch them live. Mind you, I have ordered the full set of 3 way overlay stamps and stencils this afternoon, so I might just have to behave myself until I come to the NEC on Friday. Thanks again for the tickets.

  2. I have been watching your shows Barbara, and what absolutely fantastic viewing! I was smiling all the time, you are amazing. I’ll be watching the ODS too, which are so beautiful. Just off to find some leaves as long as the wind hasn’t taken them away! xx

  3. Hi Barb, loved your show, very inspirational and innovative. I was in awe, especially at your leaf art. And, you heard me shouting at you “how do you attach the leaf, how do you attach your leaf…”!!! Maybe one year I’ll have a garden visit when the leaves have just fallen. So frustrating, good ones just outside my door, as there’s a sycamore tree in the bit at the other side of my back garden, but they are always dried up by the time I get out. Maybe I should test out the tree climbing skills of my garden volunteer 😉!!!

    In the past I have dried small leaves and flowers and bits and pieces, made some unusual bits for cards. I attached them to card with a water based clear varnish, and varnished over to seal.

    Looking forward to your next show. Love your own design, so special, and so many elements to it that could be fussy cut. That one is going on my need list for sure.

    Hope you have lots of sellouts. Love you xxxx

  4. Hares/Rabbits in Asia are equivalent to our Man in the Moon, as when one looks at the moon in the Far East one sees a hare/rabbit! Magical.

  5. I really enjoyed this afternoon’s show. So many different ideas. Love the leaves and now I am looking at our neighbour’s tree in a different light. Lots of wonderful leaves, will not need them all obviously so Fred can deal with the surplus. Brilliant, thank-you Barbara. xx

  6. Wow! Love the new stamps and what you did with them was amazing. Lovely leaf art too, wish I had a tree with lovely big leaves like those. Will have to keep my eyes open when I’m out walking. My mum has an amazing colourful Acer tree with bright red leaves, the only problem is they are rather small so I wouldn’t get much of a landscape on one. Good luck with the ODS will be getting these as they are lovely. Xx

  7. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone enjoyed the shows this afternoon. Looking forward to the dies at 6 pm. Xx

  8. Loved your shows this afternoon, such a variety of ideas to pep up our crafting. Ordered just 2 of the stamp & stencil sets but may order some others later.
    I know already that I will be buying all of the Make a Wish sets as they have an owl as well as hares. Will they be coming out as stamps and stencils? Do hope so.
    Bitterly cold here and pitch dark already.
    Looking forward to the shows this evening and tomorrow.
    Hope the ankle is better.

  9. Loved the shows this afternoon sitting in my kitchen and trying to make a groovi penguin at the same time. Got so involved with it all. Looking forward to the later shows and set to record too xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows this afternoon. I think the dies look amazing so I will see you at the NEC. I am recording the ODS shows for later. X

  11. Loving the hares didn’t see some of them to start with thought one was a toad till looked again and realised was a hare the one sitting next to tree haha they are great temptations calling again oh dear better go katie isn’t well-being sick not nice xx

  12. Hi Barbara just watched you on ochanda using your Gemini am noticed you didn’t use the metal shim for intracat dies as I have just got one not used it yet

  13. Hello,
    Haven’t caught up with the afternoon shows yet (all recorded) but loved the dies in the 6 o’clock show. The samples and your demos are great. Your space at the NEC is always my first port of call so shall look forward to visiting on Thursday.

  14. Wow these look great, the DT samples wonderful as usual. Need to catch up with the shows as we have been away to a family wedding but will my credit card survive ?? plus the calendar for next year is on sale.

  15. Hi Barb,
    Managed to catch most of the second hour today and then the launch and Paul’s show ( will catch up with the rest of yours tomorrow) Really enjoyed them and as ever, the samples were fabulous. Great tip about the water too. Needless to say the dies and Groovi plates fell into my Clarity basket but couldn’t stretch to the stamps as well unfortunately. Hope Paul has some stock to play with tomorrow. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well I’m on the naughty step again – does anybody want to join me? Been for a walk today , just 11/2 miles but my knee lasted thankfully. Decided that when I’m not at gym or swimming ,I’m going to walk up to the next village and back to try to strengthen it a bit ( about 3 miles), Really want it stronger before my next appointment( mid January) as want to discuss other knee then as well! Sending love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  16. What a day Barbara, such enthusiasm and vitality. Loved all the shows. Thank you. The design team have done you proud again. I will have to watch the shows again so I can make a note of all the tips. Sadly will miss Paul’s shows tomorrow as I will have the workman here. All the changes are nearly finished.
    Hope you get a decent nights sleep. xx

  17. Started watching your shows on catchup tonight, some great tips and brilliant samples by the design team. Loved the leaf demo Barbara. So much I want at the moment. Hoping to get to the NEC. Sorry not commented lately as been away. Looking forward to watcing more shows tomorrow, fantastic. xx

  18. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all well, how do you like this cold spell? Bit of a shock to the system after being 24 degrees in Majorca, can’t seem to get warm. Fantastic new products on Barbara’s shows, sdtill have a lot to catch up on. Be joining you Alison on the naughty step hopefully next weekend. You really are doing well with your

    1. Hi Pam, i know what you mean about the cold. We came back from the Med and was in 30 degrees in Venice same here can’t get warm.
      Yes the shows were great even the husband watched the 6 0’clock show. Going to the Nec on Saturday but have just put my back out so hoping it is ok for Saturday !!!! see you there.xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows this afternoon the stamps are lovely. The leaf was amazing, I’m going to watch it again. There’s a tree near us that has huge leaves so I must go and collect some. I haven’t seen the programmes with the new Dies yet, but when I saw the one with the stars I thought wedding anniversary, then you said it had been designed for your mum and dad, oh that’s so lovely. Amazing design team samples again.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. A great show this afternoon Barbara, and lots to enjoy with lots of sell outs too of course. There is something about hares that is really magical. x

  21. Hello Barb, have not caught up with the shows yet, looks like I am in for a treat when I watch them. All the samples created by the design teams are stunning, love the Hare dies, they have just jumped onto my Christmas wish list. Hope today is a good Monday. Would love to be off to the NEC, but unfortunately not. Take care all. Bx

  22. I enjoyed the show yesterday afternoon, and you were fabulous, as always. I will catch up with the ODS and watch today when I can. The samples from the design team are some of the most beautiful I have seen!
    Watch those backs when packing for the NEC this week! Hugs Annette X

  23. Thought the shows yesterday afternoon were brilliant. Will be watching the rest on catch up. Loved the demo with the Gelli plate – I do need to get mine out again.

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