Playtime on the Town with Oxides – and a Bloggy Offer!

Playtime on the Town with Oxides – and a Bloggy Offer!

Hi there.

Busy today. Have locked myself in my little artroom, and am getting to grips with next year’s calendar. It has to be at the printer’s by Wednesday lunchtime if I want to showcase it on Sunday 28th October on HOCHANDA, which is the next time I’m on telly. So that’s today sorted! It’s got to be done. We have a calendar every year! it’s the law!!!

Thought I’d have a break, come see you, and go back to it later. I’m up to June, so am turning the corner – or going round the bend! All a question of perspective, eh….

The best way to switch off for me is to get inky or painty, so I decided to have a play with the Oxide Ink Pads we stock. I really haven’t had much time to experiment lately, (wondfer why!), so here are my findings….

They are lovely and chalky, very opaque, so great for overlaying. Almost like an acrylic chalk paint, but in inkpad format.

I thought I would see how they work with the 3 way overlay TOWN stamps –  – my current faves….

There are 3 stamps in the collection, but they are also each available individually. I want to have a play with just one of them today. With No. 3. The NEGATIVE

First, let’s try the black card test. How opaque are they?

Fabulous. I only skimmed the Ripe Persimmon over the stamp, because I wanted to see whether it would dry out too quickly to use. But no. It was fine. There’s plenty of ink left for Ghost Prints, second generation images.

Anyway, next test:

Can you build up colour on the stamp, like a palette?

Keep your eye on the stamp. I am dabbing and smearing the different ink colours onto the same stamp.

Not cleaning it inbetween colours either….So you can see where the colours overlap on the card they also blend. See how the pink becomes purple when it sits on teal?

Right. So if you think your work is too dark, you can let it dry, and then go back in over the top with a lighter colour. The Twisted Citron has certainly livened this up.

Look at all the ink on the stamp too….mmmm….I wonder whether this ink is water soluble…I really ought to read the label!

Hahahaha! That’s the big selling point on the label! WATER- REACTIVE. Right. Well then let’s give it a light water spritz at arm’s length, and see what happens….

Oh wow! OK. That’s cool. Cor! That looks like a beautiful, delicate little water-colour painting!

I wonder whether you can use the inks with our blending pens, to add a little depth and flash of colour where we are a bit too faint….

Oh yes! They work like a treat with the blending nibs. See where I am going in and adding a hint of Mustard Seed? I love this.

You you can add drop shadows and contrast using the exact same medium, but get into the tiny areas with the blending nibs. Super.

I think I will leave this just as it is. In fact, I think I’ll get it framed. I’ll show you next week….

Well. Impressed with the Oxides ? YES indeed! We have the original 48 colours in our shop. Click here to investigate…


Let’s have a little Bloggy offer. If you buy any 5 OXIDE inkpads, I will make sure that we send you a Blending pen with nibs as a gift. FREE. GRATIS!

No need to add it to your shopping basket – It will get added at our end.

If you are not sure which colours to pick, here is the set I used:

Mustard Seed / Peacock Feathers / Tumbled Glass / Picked Raspberry / Twisted Citron

Offer ends Midnight Sunday x

We should be ok for stock, but if we sell out of certain colours, we may call you to offer you a similar alternative


Right. Break’s over. Back to the Calendar.

Love & Hugs,



24 thoughts on “Playtime on the Town with Oxides – and a Bloggy Offer!

  1. Oh I do LOVE the oxides and they work really well with the 3 way overlay stamps!
    I am just packing my stuff ready to go to Maria’s workshop tomorrow…really looking forward to it! I do so enjoy going there!
    Hope you get the rest of the year done…those calendars are a must have!
    Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs! xx

  2. I love the oxide inks and how versatile they are. I have them on my need list for when I have spare money, which isn’t often these days!
    The effects you have achieved with the houses are fabulous and I am sitting next to them so I can feel a wee play coming on.

  3. I do look forward to seeing and getting the new calendar. This year’s takes pride of place in my shed (and so did last year’s and the year before’s). Love your experiments with the Oxides. I already have the first 48 and can’t wait for the last 12. I will have to have a play as I have that stamp set too. Good luck getting July to December sorted.

  4. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of art. I really love Oxides, they are sooo muted and adding water turns them into a work of art. Will have to succumb to your offer and buy those stamps. I have the stencil and have used it often but the stamps will be slightly smaller. Thanks Barbara, I am lying poorly in bed and that has lightened my heart.

  5. I love the oxides too and I love how you have used them here. The calendar is a definite must and always takes pride of place on my craft room wall each year. Can’t wait to see next years. Xxx

  6. I love Distress Oxides. You never quite know how things are going to turn out which makes crafting all the more fun! x

  7. I love the Oxides so fantastic for overlaying a real go to in my craft stash. They work really well on photo polymer as they don’t pill, also work really well on the Gelli plate. Excited to see the finished designs in the calendar when you bring it to air. Xx

  8. Afternoon bloggy friends, lovely warm sunny here, not sure it’s going to last though. Had a play with my new little bird 3 way overlay stamps this afternoon. Went straight to the top of my favourite list! Beautiful designs. Xx

  9. That is such a beautiful little watercolour print. I can just see it in your gallery at home! Might just need some more oxides in my collection, so I’ll just make sure of what I have before I place an order – can’t tell you how many duplicates of things I have found in my craft room!!! x

  10. Hi Barbara that really came out quite beautiful and as you said it looks just like a lovely little watercolour.
    I have spent the last few days still loaded down with a really bad chest infection but put it to good use watching UTube Tuesday’s Tutorials ! And thoroughly enjoyed them all – thank you Barbara I really learned a lot
    I wanted to also thank you for bringing this beautiful craft to us too.I have wanted to try this for quite some time but always that nagging thought I can’t do this feeling. I am mostly housebound due to health and mobility problems so I have always enjoyed colouring and have found it to be very therapeutic to lose myself in my colouring bubble and I finally said to myself “myself if you don’t try you will never know”
    I am now completely hooked and it has opened up another door to crafting for me. I had to pack up and place all my cardmaking things into my sons garage as I am now staying in a Sheltered housing scheme and there just wasn’t the space for die cutting machines and boxes of cardstock and all the stash you collect over time. Broke my heart .
    But as the saying goes One doorway closes and another opens. Thank you again Barbara I think I am really going to enjoy “Getting In The Groove!”
    Apologies for the long post

  11. Hi Barbara
    Another work of art, WOW, you sure do have fun making masterpieces! Your talent just shines through everything you do.
    Oh and by the way, I caught up with yesterday’s blog earlier and WOW to those amazing mugs too! I could see them on the shelves in John Lewis!!!
    Love & Hugs

  12. Don’t have any Oxides YET!! Spent too much on Groovi and stamps, but can see them going on my list soon.
    Great that you showed us several ways of using them as that makes them more useful and encourages us to experiment more.
    The calendar will be beautiful whatever you design.
    Sleep well tonight.

  13. Hello Barbara
    I have a few Oxides but usually don’t think to use them. I have these stamps so really must have a play!
    Looking forward to the next calendar,
    Love, Roz xxx

  14. Love your art work & how you’ve used the distress oxides. I tend to use mine as backgrounds for Groovi & over stamping.
    What an exciting offer, must check what colours I’m missing…..perhaps when “Killing Eve” gets too tense!😬

  15. Hi Barbara
    Well would you believe if I’ve got some oxideink pads after playing with some at my friends house bug I haven’t used them yet, would never have thought to stamp with them. I must have a play. Oh bother you’ve used those stamps again and I can hear my husband saying to me at Ally Pally, ‘ oh I like the houses aren’t they great’ why did I resist temptation! Haha, I will get them soon I’m sure. Love your mugs, haven’t you done well with them, your pot is looking good too. Good luck with the calendar, they are always stunning.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Love how the ripe persimmon gives a fire like glow to the houses or a sunset effect. Lovely colours with all the work. Good luck with the calendar at least with June you’re halfway there. My birthday today so been a bit busy with visitors which has been lovely. House full of cards and flowers ! Xx

    1. WHAT? I don’t believe it.😱
      Get the wrappers off & treat yourself to a messy play afternoon on this “made for sitting at your table with oxide ink” rainy Sunday. No excuses 🤗

  17. I always love the annual calendar. Don’t have any of the oxide ink pads – but suspect that might be about to change! Thanks as always for the amazing inspiration

  18. i love the oxides. I only have a few but they blend so well. Used them in class with Maria and that sold them to me. xx

  19. Hi Barb, love your Oxide tests/creations. I don’t have any yet, and have had to curb my craft expenditure for a while. But your offer is brilliant, so may succumb to it. Looking forward to the new Calendar, I love looking up at it from my work desk (day job), as it inspires me. Bx

  20. Beautiful results using the Oxide inks Barbara, and unfortunately I missed your offer as I was away at the weekend but they do work well with the fabulous houses. x

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