Blog Candy Competition Winner

Blog Candy Competition Winner

Hi there,

Good of you to pop in.

Remember we had a bloggy competition, and I asked you to tell us how I made a piece of artwork when I had lame internet where I was?

Well, we had several very, very accurate entries. Really brilliant!

So I thought I would lay out the step by step photos for you, then tell you the winner of the £30 gift voucher. Now don‘t all go whizzing down to the end of the blog, to see who won!

Check out the artwork on the way down!!


Ready, steady, GO!!!

Use the 3rd largest nested square Picot die to cut out the clear parchment before you even begin with the embossing.
Then line up the V’s on the corresponding Groovi plate, and tape into position. Use the Groovi Guard to hold the parchment down while you work.
Emboss the Happy Couple plate into the centre using the No. 1 tool from the Starter Kit.

Colour in the leaves on the back with Perga Liner B pencils. Use the light and dark pencils to create light and shade.

Use the flat of the pencils on the larger areas, and blend the colours together. Always working on the back of the parchment.

Use a blending pen with Dorso oil on the back to blend the colours and eliminate that gritty pencil texture.

You can use an eraser to erase anything you may not be happy with. Then, after you have finished your dorso oil work,  use a sharp, dark green pencil to flick in the veins on the leaves.

Pick a background paper from the Indian Summer collection, pick the next largest picot nested square,

and add the smallest nested circle to cut out a moon.

Now you have the background, you can mount this on a white card blank. Then the moon will peep through the aperture.

Let’s add initials in the heart on the tree. I found them on the Universal Framer plate. Test to make sure the little initials fit on a scrap piece first,

  then do for real, and add a few white embossed dots for decoration using the diagonal bold grid.


This is where we are so far….

Once you are happy with the whole composition and you don’t want to add any more colour or whitework, use 3mm tape to secure.

Make the little postage stamp, by writing out the words with the Universal framer plate, then placing the smallest picot square around it to cut.

Find a straightline groove on a plate, and add the colour in the frame with a sharp pencil.

Attach the little stamp in the bird’s beak. A tiny amount of tape is best behind the coloured line.


So that’s it.

Several of you pretty much nailed it, but one person got it all exactly right .

And that person was Sara Cox. Well done Sara! Amazing attention to detail too!

So thank you thank you to everybody who joined it; Sara wins the £30 gift voucher.

Got to go. Dentist. Yuck.

Love & Hugs,



21 thoughts on “Blog Candy Competition Winner

  1. Evening bloggy friends, last week at work before I go to Wales for my week of R&R. Need to get some clay moulds made so they can dry while I’m away ready for painting. Xx

  2. I read all the way down, honestly. Well done Sara congratulations, enjoy your prize. Hope the dentist visit didn’t cause you any pain

  3. Very clear instructions, pretty project, congratulations Sara.
    Dentists give me the shivers but I suppose we all need them – unfortunately!!!

  4. Wow – I just checked and I won! Thank you so much. I am thrilled and look forward to spending my prize, although it’s so hard to choose – I love it all! Good luck at the dentist, Barbara.

  5. Hi Barb,
    I was very good and read all the way to the bottom as well.Congratulations to Sara, well done and enjoy your spending! I hate the dentists – they terrify me! Hope your visit wasn’t stressful or expensive! Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Much better day up here today. Donna, hope your trip to Wales next week will be brilliant and you get your R and R. Thankfully, the weather should be much better by then. Went to the gym this morning at 7.30 only to arrive and be told it was closed due to a power cut but it might be open in a couple of hours. Needless to say didn’t go back! I’ll just have to swim harder tomorrow! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  6. Congratulations Sara and I did read all the way to the bottom, well, sort of!!!!!! Hope trip to the dentist went well and wasn’t too painful, both literally and financially! x

  7. Hi Barbara
    Well done Sara, enjoy spending your credit xxx
    I hope all goes well at the dentist Barbara, you are braver than me!!!
    Love & Hugs

  8. Hi Barbara
    What brilliant instructions, easy to follow and with lovely close up photos too. I read to the end and didn’t skip 😊. Well done Sara enjoy your voucher.
    Love Diane xxx

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