Take the High Road .

Take the High Road .

Hi there.
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Wednesday’s blog is the day when we look at that richest of all tapestries: LIFE.

This evening I would like to raise the subject of negativity. Not for long. Don’t intend to get sucked into it. Just want to straighten out a couple of points.

I knew we would come under fire the minute we came up with the new Picot cutting Dies combined with Groovi plates, which we launched on Sunday evening. Linda and Paul blew the doors off the shows, and smashed ALL the Hochanda sales records.

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Thousands of people bought the products because they could see the enormous benefits. They – each and every one – invested in the products because they knew that this was a game changing idea, that their parchment art was about to turn a massive corner. Whether it be as a huge time saver (which is my case), or purely as a crafting aid.

But true to form, several naysayers piped up. Of course they did! That is the very essence of a naysayer!

In the dictionary, the definition is>

a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views: Despite a general feeling that things were going well, a few naysayers tried to cast gloom.
Pretty accurate description if you ask me.
Our loyal friends and customers always try to reason with them, try to defend what we are doing. And I really do appreciate what they say and the effort they make. Waste of time though.
Naysayers are just that: NAY SAYERS.
So I choose to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD; there’s less traffic up there; it’s less congested, and the air is clearer.
As long as the vast majority of our customers concur with us that this Groovi thing and now the Picot Dies addition are a good idea, an asset, an advantage – then I – aka Claritystamp/Pergamano – will spend my energy and invest my time on positive creativity.
Of course, the quintessential naysayer also has to have the last word. So it goes without saying that we will get the “Aren’t we allowed an opinion? I thought this was a democracy” retort.
And at that point, I encourage you to save your energy for better things, and join me on the High Road. The view is so much better! Fewer obstacles, less hassle.
Do me a huge favour. Below, write something uplifting and positive. Avoid saying anything negative.
Don’t get sucked in.  Life’s too short.
Love & Hugs,

138 thoughts on “Take the High Road .

  1. I love this time of year, fresh mornings and when the sun shines – the clearest skies! also another open day! can’t wait till Saturday to see good friends, great demos and spend yet more of my hard earned pennies on fantastic products to enhance my favorite hobbies. Thanks for sharing and inspiring Barbara. love and hugs Jxxxx

  2. I am loving all the new products and ideas and sharing in the joy of everyone’s lovely creations. I loving learning new tricks and tips to help me get more proficient so really looking forward to my day out with Clarity at Leyburn this weekend

  3. Along the Clarity journey it’s always been refreshing, enhancing, so many different types of skills taught, products and ideas shared… what’s not to love? ❤️ Xx

  4. Right now, looking out of the window at my B&B near Leyburn, I can’t help but be positive and uplifted. A stunning evening view out over the beautiful expanse of moorland. I have been watching the ever changing cloud formations gently drifting across the huge skies out here, gradually turning rosy. That is one thing you have taught me, Barbara, to really look at the world around, and for that I am ever grateful. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. You and your team have turned my crafting world around. Unfortunately I do have a budget, but I can assure you if I hadn’t I would be buying much more Clarity. Good luck in all of your ventures, old and new.

  6. Barbara,Can I just say how lovely you looked on Saturday. Your top was beautiful and the colour was perfect, where did you get it?
    As to the naysayers, just keep doing what you and your talented team do so well, (even if us mere mortals are going to end up in the poorhouse) and let them wallow in their negativity.

  7. There will unfortunately always be people who don’t like innovation. If they are purists who love traditional parching no one is stopping them they are free to pursue their chosen craft and nothing will detract from the beauty of it. For others of us who adore parching but no longer have the dexterity to do hours of picot cutting Claritystamp have answered our prayers. The numbers of crafters rushing to buy the dies and plates are proof positive that this is just what we need. Well done our wonderful friends at Clarity keep it coming. X 😊

  8. Hi there.they look great, sadly cannot get them at the moment,but hope to later,even though i enjoy picot cutting by hand,please can we have some more groovi ladies, thank you.angrl

  9. Barbara, you provide a service for everyone and some people like to complain! Let them do what makes them happy. But listen because all complaints are opportunities. What is it that they do want? Let’s acknowledge the commitment and skill some parchers show. Just like seamstresses, some will continue with tiny astonishing handwork and others will come over to machines. All have their place.

  10. I’m happy, and very grateful to have been allowed to wake up this morning and have another day alive on this wonderful planet of ours. Trying my best to improve my lot in this life.

    Do your best to make the most of each day, and to make those we encounter in our days have a happier day too.

    Let’s all have an extra special day of Random Acts of Kindness tomorrow, do as many as you can.

    Love you Barb xxxxxx

    1. Hello Brenda
      I so agree with what you say. Even though life can be hard it is for living and enjoying as much as possible. I am so pleased to see you posting as I have missed your wise words.
      Love Roz x

  11. Barbara
    I love all of the new items. Everything evolves, all that you produce doesn’t stop people practicing the original ways. Crafting is to be enjoyed and life is what you make it. As you say rise above it as you will never win.
    Keep up the great work I love all of my Clarity/Groovi products

  12. As a nurse I am lucky and priviliged enough to meet a wide variety of people. Some with sad stories and some with uplifting tales. I’ve also met and been surrounded by a lot of naysayers my thoughts when they start ” just keep smiling just keep smiling, ” a little song I sing in my head. You never know what’s round the corner do what makes you happy. Groovi, pergamano and the picot dies definitely make me smile. Barbara and the rest of the team please keep on doing what you do 😁 hx

  13. I agree quite entirely Barbara!!!
    I personal hated doing all the picot cutting, for several reasons, so I was using a deckle edge blade or a fancy die to complement my designs. At a crafting event, at Doncaster Racecourse earlier this year, I was stood in the queue and got chatting. The lady I spoke to wasn’t impressed and I said I could see her point that it was an art form to parch in the traditional manner. I then went on to point out to her that parching had been in a very deep decline but that your products have actually revolutionised the craft and had opened up the flood gates for so many people to be able to take up this craft and create beautiful artwork and hence parching is highly popular once more. I also said that there were already “plates” for parchment craft and stamps had also been introduced to the craft and become popular – before you were ever involved. There have been numerous advancements in many other areas of crafting over the years and even decades. Where would we be if something like the sewing machine hadn’t been invented and developed? Expect there were plenty of Luddites who didn’t approve of that either – how short sighted – oh and that highlights another development that adds value to our lives – glasses!!! Keep up your fantastic approach to crafting Barbara!!! Hugs Jules

  14. In my opinion Barbara, you and your team are innovative, creative and inspiring. You give us crafters choices and that is always positive. As my mum used to say “if you haven’t got anything nice to say then be quiet!” Keep doing what you are doing and those of us with a passion for creating nice things will be more than happy.

  15. Love this blog and I love Clarity and Groovi. I am really grateful for all the ways you make it possible for me to do what I love.

  16. Well said. Great couple of days for me. Spent a fortune yesterday on a Gemini machine and the picot/Groovi die sets. Can’t wait to receive them as I have lots of plans and can see how I can combine traditional with the new bits and pieces. Spent today parching. Yippee yippee. Life is great despite now being skint!! Love to Barb, Dave, the design team, all at Clarity Towers (is it like Mr Trumps on 5Th Avenue?!!) and all the parchers out there. Xx

  17. I was brought up to say “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Ssssoooooo looking forward to getting my order from Sunday’s show.

  18. I am sure people just trawl the web putting in their two pennyworth! I am certainly with you on the high road. Life really is too short. I would like to add I only watched the shows this afternoon and I was thrilled at the dies as I have bought into the Groovi system but have struggled with the time it takes to picot cut and not getting the result I wanted, so these dies and plates have reignited my interest in Groovi again. It really is a game changer for me. Thank you and of course Jim, who had the unbelievable patience to sort it! Xx

  19. Hello Barbara – Every day I wake up and am glad to be alive. My cup is always half full, not half empty and my thoughts are always positive. My head is full of sunshine and pink rabbits and flying elephants because that is the way I like to view life(daft I know). I am proud to have ordered the picot dies and groovi plates, and thank you Barbara for bringing them to us. I am looking forward to more of this wonderful idea. The possibilities are limitless. With lots of love to you and all your team Donna X

  20. Priority is to enjoy life. Ignore negativity. Sad Muppets that some people are. I’m still positive after spending the day washing and loading the motor home. Creamcrackered but hey. On my way to Leyburn. Yay see you all there. Xxx

  21. I have had an excellent young lady in my local Boots go above and beyond to sort a prescription problem for me. My mum is due for majornsirgery next week and unfortunately there was a blip in the meds order that I did not have the time or energy to deal with as been a long day. The young lady showed how excellent some people are as she went out of her way to resolve the problem dispite it not being her or Boots error!
    There are many more good people than bad but we only hear the negative / bad ….. we need to start celebrating the good and the many little things people do that add up to a blooming big load of difference.
    Thank-you to all who try to help no matter what as it may be a little extra time and effort to you but makes a big difference money could not buy to me xxxxx

  22. We are all so lucky to have wonderful caring people to show us how to do things give us inspiration and please may they always continue to do so. We do have a choice we can learn new ways or carry on as we have always done nobody is forcing us to go either way but if it’s ok with you I’d like to join the high road with you Barbara have a feeling it might get busy ….. thank you for all you put into all that you do

  23. Hello Barbara
    I so agree with you, Barbara. Live and let live I say.
    My family are all well and happy, as are my close friends, some are battling problems but it is a case of chin up and carry on.
    Crafting is a life-saver.
    Love, Roz.xxx

  24. If I don’t like a tv programme I don’t. moan about it I turn it off. If I don’t like a product I don’t moan about it I just don’t buy it. Your products are inspiring but I don’t have every item just the ones I like best and can afford. I will definitely be buying the new dies most likely at leyburn as they will save such a lot of time and let me concentrate on other parts of the design . Thank you for all you do and ignore those who don’t know how to recognise the pleasure others get from your inspirational ideas. Till Saturday and Sunday xx

  25. I’m so grateful for 2 lovely daughters and 3 wonderful grandsons but I do enjoy escaping into my craft room for a few hours every weekend for some me time xx

  26. I love the new picot dies and groovi plates as my order will confirm. Lol. I love all things Clarity and only wish my bank balance was big enough to buy everything I love. However, I shall just buy the things I REALLY love and save the rest for another day!! Onwards and upwards – teamwork makes the dream work and I have always loved the high road!! Xxxxx

  27. I thank you for allowing me to take up parchment something I would not have done without Groovi, I thank you for the stamps, stencils etc but most of all I thank you for crafting this keeps me going takes me out of it all when life gets tough and stops me going me going to that dark hole I once visited…. Bless you all x

  28. Lillian, above commenter, reinforces what I said on FB yesterday- the dies and Groovi plates are going to make the art available, or available again to people who have either never had the ability to do it, due to either sight or dexterity issues, or have had to give it up due to those issues arriving in their life. You are totally right, naysayers do not deserve our time and effort. They choose to behave as they do, and the best thing we can do is ignore them. As the old saying goes, Misery loves company!

  29. There will always be “naysayers” and they are entitled to their opinions. But – let us not be put down by them. Having looked the grim reaper in the eye I bless every day I wake up in the morning. We never know what tomorrow will bring so it is important to live every day the best way we can, be kind to people, and when we go to bed think “it was a good day today”.
    I received my picot bundle and alphabet stamps today and after a hectic morning I relaxed this afternoon and had a Groovi session. Finding all things Clarity has changed both my parching and other crafting. My husband uses some of your stamps with his pyrography. You have a great company, a great team to back you up, a lovely family and a personality that shines through all you do. Keep smiling.

  30. to Wake up every morning to a bright new day full of new things and experiences. To wake up with a smile and say today I am going to be Fantastic 😀😀😀xx

  31. Brilliant! Fantastic idea and LOVE these dies! So many people who think they have to give up because of eyesight or dexterity issues can now carry on with parchment craft. Nothing negative about that Yay!!

  32. Every morning l open my eyes and thank God for giving me another day to enjoy the things I do especially all things Clarity it is such a pleasure to do such a unique hobby thank you Barbara for your inspiration xx

  33. We were late in planting our sunflowers, a lack of time issue, but boy o boy the bee’s are just loving the late blooms, there was at least five / six bee’s tonight gorging on pollen. We live in a wonderful world just look and you will see!

  34. Parchment was a craft I tried and abandoned some time ago. Tried the Groovi system and loved the results. Am loving that Groovi is easy enough for my granddaughters to join me and I know I have passed on my love of crafting to them (even if their mother missed the boat!). They will be the crafters of the future x

  35. Love all things Clarity and so enjoy my crafting. Nobody forces me to buy anything I don’t want to. I’ll join you on the High Road if I may Barbara. It sounds a much nicer place. xx

  36. I am so happy you bought the picot dies out means no more tatty edges and uneven spacing for me and my hands won’t be in so much pain now. Thank you Barb I’ll see you early on Saturday and really looking forward to the workshop on Sunday.

  37. Never a truer word spoke. You can never please everyone so don’t try! You just carry on doing what you are doing, you do an amazing job! See you at Ally Pally. ❤️

  38. I’ve never heard that word before, i will file it away for future reference! On a bright and happy note I’m about to go for Crete for two weeks and look forward to ordering the new dies and anything else that drops into my basket when I get home ! I would never had got intoparchment with you ! X

  39. Hi Barb what a wonderful weekend of Clarity and Pergamano. Just loved it had a wonderful time watching and planning what i am going to buy . LOVE LOVE LOVE All the new Dies
    CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years

  40. Teach me to go to sleep with a lovely thought in my mind, that it might grow in the night and blossom in the dawn, so I may rise in the morning with its fragrance all around me. Well done Barbara and all the Dream Team at Clarity Towers, keep to the High Road we are all there beside you

  41. My twin granddaughters, who live in Vancouver, turned 5 today and it was also their first day at school, so a big day for them. I have a beautiful picture of them and their big brother, smiling and looking so happy. My eldest granddaughter has just done two days in her new high school and has come home happy and positive on both days.
    What more could a granny ask for?
    I look forward to reading your blog every day and have learned so much about positivity from you, so thank you. Onwards and upwards! Annette X

  42. I can see me getting out my Groovi again now I have these on order. Such a fabulous time saver and I hated spoiling my work if the picot didn’t quite come off. If a master parcher is on board then I don’t see what the fuss is about. There are more people doing parchment work of one kind or another now thanks to these fabulous innovations than ever before. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  43. I’m taking the high road with you Barbara and trekking to Leyburn for the open day! I am not able to stay for the workshop on Sunday but I know you will all have an amazing time and I look forward to hearing all about that! Love and hugs and see you soon! xx

  44. I read your blog with interest tonight, Barbara ( I do every night). My point is not everyone likes everything you produce. We all have individual tastes but most of us are mature enough to accept that and wait for something we want to spend our money on. You can’t please everyone all of the time and please don’t even try. That’s why your company is successful, the products you produce are innovative, dare I say ‘on trend’ and appeal to a lot of loyal customers plus the beautiful and inspirational work of your design team. To have been in a cut throat business for 25 years and to be as successful as you are, you and your team are getting it right! A lot of your customers will be with you on your High Road!

  45. Crafting is fun ,its playing ,there are no right or wrong ways of expressing oneself ! Emotions and feeling just are .So too is creativity, it just is .How we get there or where we come from doesn’t matter .I love its freedom to be me.
    Please Barbara keep being your unique self !
    From Carmel in Dublin a long time fan and admirer x

  46. Good Evening Barbara & The Clarity Crew, what a totally lovely day we have had today. I am not a blogger, but felt compelled to tonight. I look forward to reading your blog everyday – your words of wisdom are inspiring and your demo’s brilliant. Had a great weekend watching your shows at the weekend and like so many others thought you have hit the jackpot – again! My orders were placed PDQ! There will always be nay sayers, yes they can have their view, but ignore them. Thousands of us and a massive sell out cannot be wrong! Keep smiling and keep up the great work. Your products are amazing and so is everything / everyone Clarity. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  47. We buy washing machines to save time and effort. We buy dishwashers to save us standing at the sink for ages washing dishes. We have vacuum cleaners to clean up the floors and not have to beat rugs. But don’t they take away the art of keeping our homes clean. NO. THEY SAVE US TIME TO ENJOY OTHER THINGS. OK, some people want to do things the old was, but the rest want an easy life. This is what claritystamp does. You can go with it or not. That’s called choice. End of

  48. I need a new mangle as I discovered when I purchased my Fresh Cut dies but I still invested in the picot dies! The price was great & my eyesight & co-ordination are not getting better with age. I work hard to earn my pennies & will spend them as I see fit & if it gives me pleasure producing cards for family & friends who really appreciate them – then nothing will stop me! Could you just please stop tempting me with all these new goodies & great offers – well just until I have saved up for my new mangle! Barbara & team here’s to your next 25 years – you must be doing something right 😘

  49. I’m thankful for my partner, my friends, my work colleagues, my family, my good fortune, my health, my happiness and my inner strength. And I’m also inordinately thankful to the person who invented an automatic washing machine and dishwasher – I’m sure there are naysayers who said both were a waste of money, but I’m not giving up mine for anything! When you run a B&B and want to make art, I say bring it on if it saves you time xxx

      1. No, we’re in Inverness Lynne, and to be honest my OH is a photographer, so there’s not a lot of wall space for my artwork!!!

  50. My affirmation for today “Bliss is all around me. I perceive it within me, therefore in those moments, I am bliss”. Xx

  51. One persons rubbish is another persons treasure, l urge everyone to keep looking for life’s treasures even when life feels rubbish.

  52. Hi Barbara
    I’m climbing the ladder up to the high road to join you. Love the look of the new Dies and plates, not managed to master the art of picot cutting yet so these will be amazing for me and will give my confidence a boost. I will buy them over time, I’m sure my Christmas list will include them too. Just think, the time I save using them will be extra craft time, perfect. Hope you have a good journey to Leyburn, enjoy the beautiful scenery on the drive.
    Love Diane xxx

  53. Hi Barbara, I am eagerly waiting for my dies to come, did I buy them to be better at parchment-yes I did, did I buy them so I can share this beautiful art with family and friends-yes i did😄I think they are fab👍🏻 We can go through life with our eyes looking down at where we walk or we can look up and see what lies ahead and meet it head on, not every day will be a good day but you can be sure there will be something good in everyday xx

  54. Each to their own when it comes to life, whether its crafting or life in general. If we were all the same wouldn’t it be boring.
    Barbara please carry on your journey along the High Road where most of us will be following. Keep bringing us the new exciting products to craft with as we are getting quite fond of baked beans !! I love to see what people come up with when crafting with the same products, it always amazes me how different they are. xx

  55. Hi Barbara – I’m so glad that you have climbed up to that High Road! Not worth wasting any energy on those sort of people.
    I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful Clarity community. The support from members has helped me time and time again over the last few years. I would like to thank people for all of their supportive comments during the past week – it has helped me to cope following Neill’s collapse and his stay in hospital.
    I am grateful for the wonderful care that he is receiving there at the moment and also for the fact that following an angiogram, his heart has been found to be in very good shape and all of the valves in full working order. No answers yet – but also nothing bad found. I am very pleased with the new picot dies and plates – I have not mastered it yet either. It means that I shall be able to impress people even more with my Clarity cards. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      That is brilliant news! I’m so pleased for both of you. Let’s hope they can now find out what is causing the problem. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

        1. Sorry to hear about Neill, obviously missed you telling us. Great news the results of his tests though. Keep your chin up.xxx

  56. Well, I know what I’d like to say about the ‘naysayers’ but I think it would be unprintable and I wouldn’t like to sully this fantastic blog. You, Barb and your lovely new husband, Dave and all the wonderful people at Clarity are inspirational and in some cases you are saviours and that actually has nothing to do with what you’re actually selling to us. You are living proof that if you put your heart and soul into something, you can reap benefits, but most importantly make an impact on people’s lives in a very positive, yet, unassuming way and make lots of friends who are genuine friends!
    As for the ‘naysayers’ there isn’t room for people like that in the world. It’s like watching telly, if you don’t like what you see…..switch it off!
    Love you Barb xxx

  57. Well I am certainly on the High road with you, why not be. Great to have a shortcut we all need a quick card sometimes. Keep rolling out these fantastic ideas as you say thousands of people are enjoying them. Thank-you for all the great products you bring us. xx

  58. i am glad i have each new day see the lovely birds and her them singing even if it is not sunny day it thank my self lucky that i open my eye’s each morning and smile with my lovely husband .he is my world .Glad you are on the high road you are doing great Barbara ,Thank You lovely lady kathleen xx

  59. I am thankful for many many things and like to live in the positive moments. Keep up the great work Barbara, and all at Clarity you are the best by far! Xx

  60. Ah Barbara, ignore the negativity! You have brought so much joy to so many, many people. I have a craft room stuffed with Clarity products, love them all! And I haven’t bought the picot dies, only ‘cos of cash flow!!! Hoping to get them at Leyburn, which is such a highlight of my year! I would never have got into parchment craft without your wonderful innovations, so please, please, bask in the glory of so many happy and satisfied friends (not just customers, feel we are all friends!)> xx

  61. Take the High Road indeed. Today I visited ‘Bomber Command,’ a history of the aforesaid during WW2. It is interesting, fascinating and very well thought-out, everything having a reason. The larger spire, made of the same material as ‘The Angel of the North’ is exactly the same height as the wingspan of a Lancaster plane and the monument is surrounded by plaques, containing 55000 names, all killed in relation to Bomber Command – youngest 14, eldest – 46, average age 21. The line of sight from the monument is the quite magnificent Lincoln Cathedral, an aerial marker for pilots on both sides of the war, hence no damage. In Lincoln Castle it was a privilege to view one of the four remaining Magna Carta documents, written in gall-based ink on sheep skin parchment. Traditional parchment work?

  62. I am pleased that you have had a clarity thought that these people are not worth the worry. You have given many people the tools to produce first class cards etc. Barbara you are one of a kind and I salute you and your team.

  63. Barbara Gray you and your team are wonderful and enables us all to produce beautiful works of art, big and small. Sending thankful hugs to you all xx

  64. I take the high road with you if I’m allowed I do wish I could come to layburn to meet you and many on the blog but it cannot happen but one can dream and wish ,
    I wish you many more years bringing stunning clarity products .love and hugs 😘

  65. Brief at this late hour but – Clarity, Barbara and the Team are amazing. Products are excellent and the customer service etc. To hang with those who doubt this – especially certain people on the last retreat, who slated Barbara and her products. I love all things Clarity.
    In the throws of ordering the new products. Each goes with each other. Why cannot people just shut up and let the rest of us enjoy what and who we like. Booked for Ally Pally just to see Barbara, Dave et al.
    From one very happy and contented customer.
    (been through my old stamps and had a great time. Then had a look at all my groovi. What an inspiration she is to all of us. Long may she reign – Queen of crafting.
    Best wishes to all the lovely crafters out there. And to the others – well read this, try the products etc – I rest my case

  66. I wish I could come to layburn to meet you alas I cannot but can dream
    I wish you many years of bringing us your wonderful clarity products.i will join you on the high road sending crafting hugs 😘

  67. Hi Barb,
    I’m on the High Road with you as well. I tried parchment craft years ago but just didn’t have the time or the willpower to do all the ” traditional ” methods and gave up. Then along came Groovi and I am hooked. I enjoy picot cutting but admit the going round the edges of the design is a chore. How pleased was I when I saw the new dies. Absolutely blooming brilliant idea. Bought two and the other two will be on my wish list. Can’t see what there is to moan about – if you don’t want to use the dies, no one is forcing you. I’m so looking forward to having a Clarity weekend, spending time with like minded people. I have met some wonderful people through crafting and I’m really looking forward seeing a lot of them at Leyburn. As the saying goes Barb ” Don’t let the b*****s get you down!”. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Gorgeous afternoon up here again today. Much warmer than yesterday. Been attempting to make a birthday card for my 1 year old cousin – finally managed and am really pleased with it. Did have to go back to my Me to You cd though for inspiration!!! Sending love and hugs to everyone, Alison xxx

  68. Found this wonderful mad, arty bird when Hochanda was starting out. Oh yes, she awakened my long sleeping artistic feelings. The timing was extremely well arranged. Moved on to other sites for other ideas and, must say it, cheaper products. Well I’m back with the original and the best. And I’m glad to be so. I was going down again but never again ~ I’m staying. Makes me happy. My kind of arts and crafts. Future looks good. Thanks to Barbara and her team. Keep smiling everyone – we’ve loads to enjoy together now and in our futures.

  69. I’ll join you on the high road! The only reason I didn’t buy the dies and picot edges was because I’d bought the fresh cut tree dies, town house die AND the alphabet Groovi plates and just couldn’t buy any more. There will always be sad people out there who want to bring people down to their level. I admire you Barbara so much, you are so talented. Rise above the ‘Naysayers’, they are not worthy of having your lovely blog tainted. You have sooo many wonderful followers of your brilliant company. All the best at Leyburn and Ally Pally, I shall miss it this year as I’ve double booked my weekend😔

  70. Hey Barb, have watched you go from strength to strength over the years and am addicted to Groovi now!!
    Linda Williams has embraced the picot cut dies… say no more!!!
    After the blending tool, now picot dies, can’t wait for the next “best thing”!
    Sending every good wish your way 😍 do so hope to meet you all when I’m more mobile!!

  71. My order arrived today. Looking forward to trying out the dies and plates tomorrow. Think they are genius! Well done Clarity.

    1. Hurray! First time I’ve managed to post a comment in days. Everything went pear-shaped when Sunday’s blog didn’t appear until late Monday.

  72. Hi Barbara, so glad you have taken the high road. I was so upset when I was reading all the negativity that was going on. Haven’t been feeling well, so did not comment. My Little Bird Collection of dies arrived yesterday and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the picot dies collection. They are just what I am looking for. As a newbie to picot cutting, I can now concentrate on doing the picot in the middle and the outside will be done with the dies. This will give me much more confidence to move forward with picot cutting when I don’t have to do as much of it to start. Love all the lacey looks that the picots give and want to practice more of it. I will join the high road with you. Life is too short to worry about what everyone else is thinking. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  73. Those who mind don’t matter. Those that matter don’t mind.
    Carry on your wonderful work and innovations Clarity. You all certainly matter to me and I’m proud to be part of such a caring and wonderful family of crafters x💕

  74. As a child I was always told, ” If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything” A good rule to live by, I feel. Keep enjoying the view and clear air up there on the high road, Barbara. You done good, kid! xx

  75. Dear Barbara,
    Your Blog’s always read
    Fresh cut dies are blue
    All of Clarity inspires
    Especially you!
    Many, many congratulations on 25 glorious years of Clarity creativity, inspiration and innovation. Thanks to you and all the team at Clarity for making it a fun ride!

  76. Well said Barbara, I love life and always try to put positive action into my day with a smile here and a cheery word there.
    Love everything Groovi, thanks to you and all at team Clarity, I’ve actually not been home long as have been and done a Groovi Demo at a craft place near me, 3 more Groovi converts tonight.
    Have a great weekend everyone that’s going to Leyburn, I WILL get there one day xx

  77. Along with my wonderful hairdresser I’ve embraced my grey hair at 55 which means that now I have more money to buy these wonderful new fresh dies with the cash I’m saving from no longer needing colour adding to my hair. That be my positive contribution. Go! Girlie! 🙃

  78. I also have received my Clarity parcel of the lovely Little Bird Collection dies, which I look forward to playing with at the weekend. The new Picot dies and groovi plates look brilliant, gone onto my wish list for now, but hopefully for not very long! I’m on the high road with you and your Clarity friends. The view is great isn’t it. Thank you for your inspiration, and wonderful products. xxx

  79. The parchment purists will always find something to pick on Barbara, but there is always more than one way to skin a cat as my mother used to say, and as you say some can take the high road and then the others can stick to their low road, there is room for both. x

  80. So glad you’re keeping to the High road. I’ll join you. You and all your team have given me a craft that I love and work I can be proud of. We don’t all have the same skills and I for one am so grateful that you have invented Groovi. You have thought of all those crafters with dexterity problems by bringing us these picot plates that will simplify the picoting, giving us all more time to enjoy doing the embossing and practising small bits of picoting etc. You are Ace with a capital A Barbara, don’t let anyone tell you any different.xxx

  81. Happiness is an hour or so messing about in my craft room, taking a walk across the fields with my rescued stray, Luther, breathing in fresh air on a warm day and just hanging out with family and friends. So what if some don’t like what you do, they don’t have to watch or buy. Plenty watched and plenty bought, I did and not because I intend using for parchment, I just thought they made pretty mat and layers. So you go your road I’ll go mine and I will enjoy my ride! Karen xxx

  82. There’s not much more to add after all those lovely comments, I agree with them all so I’m with you all on the high road. When you have Master Tutor Linda on board I can’t see how anyone can criticise, if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me xx

  83. I just love the new dies specially the new pico cit ones I can see me using them all around in craft as I live all clarity goodies you Dave Paul and all rest of team your all like family to us all good friends. So keep doing what you do just wish could buy them know but will in few weeks. Anyone know are to get seeds to plant a money tree 🌲. Night all xxx

  84. Sorry, but I was in a ‘granny bubble’ yesterday and my comment was totally unrelated to the subject at hand.
    I definitely join you on the high road Barbara and really don’t like to read negative comments. Each to their own, I say. I would love to buy the picot plates, but as I can’t afford them, I shall continue to do it myself, or avoid cutting round the edges! The fact that Linda Williams loves them is enough to prove that they are a great addition to the Groovi system.
    As someone previously said, if you can’t say something nice, say nothing. I love to read the comments on Groovi Worldwide, but only when they are positive. Annette X

  85. Oh Barbara how upsetting that there are naysayers out there who are trying to be so nasty. Well I for one would not spend any time even commenting on there posts – These same people did the same when Groovi’s came out and gosh what a brilliant success that is, gone from strength to strength, believe me when I say you have the most amazing gift of providing exactly what us crafters want, whether it is groovi or the wonderful new picot dies and groovi’s, I have never been happier then when I am parching or crafting, the success you have had on Hochanda launching these new dies/groovi’s says it all and nothing can detract from that. to hell with the naysayers, forget them, ignore them, you have a very happy person here typing these comments and that for me is what life is all about. I congratulate EVERY single one of you at Clarity, I know that there must be steam coming out of the roof at the Gayford Farm with everyone working their socks off, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  86. Life is great progression from birth onwards. I am 81 years on this earth and the changes have been incredible . Nothing stands still and we embrace all new ideas and innovations. We who craft have so many new and exciting things to do and try thanks to people like your good selves. Keep up the good work.

  87. Love everything about Clarity and 25 years in business says it all. Great team, fabulous products, great ideas, loads of inspiration, gets us all going so looking forward to what is on the horizon for a very exciting future. The high road is the only road. Xx

  88. Thank you Barbara and the Clarity team for the wonderful new dies and Groovi plates. Can’t wait for mine to arrive

  89. Oh Barbara, it is so sad that these people cannot join in your success rather than posting negative comments. Jealousy springs to mind.

    I have learnt so much from you over the years. You are an inspiration to all who follow you, with your techniques and innovative designs and products. As you say, “Take the High Road”, ignore these people and continue your fantastic work.

  90. Interesting isn’t it. How some people see the glass as half empty and others see it as half full. Having crafted now for some 69 years and tasted a lot of skills. My two favourite companies are Clarity and Cardio. I wonder if it is anything to do with their creative leaders.
    Both Barbara and Wendy are warm, witty, generous ladies with unbounding enthusiasm for all they do. I have known you both for many years.Barbara came to a Show we held InThe early days and then came back in her trusty van to run workshops, Wendy I have known loved and demonstrated for for many years. Both women have the gift of empathy and joy sharing their talent generously, with love and laughter.
    I think this shows in e erything they do. Their products are wrapped around with , dare I say it, love.
    That makes them exciting and wantable.long may it continue.

  91. The dies will make a massive difference for me, looking forward to buying them at Leyburn. Thanks Barbara and the team.

  92. The best things in life are free to anyone and everyone and include:

    The sunrise
    Good manners
    Fresh air
    A smile
    A hug

    I’m sure you can think of many more! It’s amazing how good these things make us feel, considering they are free!!

    Love to you all 💖



  93. I’m a big believer in least said soonest mended. So if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Rock on Clarity.

  94. I feel so sad that the celebrations for your 25th anniversary have been marred by negativity. You have inspired and encouraged so many crafters to develop their skills. You and your team bring inspiration and joy to countless followers. Please, please continue to do what you do so brilliantly and generously.

  95. Hi, Barb, I love the latest idea of picot cutting basic shapes. but I do wish that you had made the rectangular ones longer – I make a lot of A6 cards, as they are a lot cheaper to post in Ireland, compared to the larger square ones. So a longer rectangle 5ish by 7ish inches would have been great. Just a thought if you do anything similar? Carry on the great work, I love your groovi system.

  96. I love Claritystamp , great team, great products and I’m so looking forward to having the opportunity to catch up with many crafty friends at Leyburn this saturday and watch all the amazing demos, it’s wonderful 🙂 xx

  97. Thank you for developing Groovi and now picot dies, which will enable me to craft inspite of my limited vision and arthritis. You bring joy into my life x

  98. The naysayers have my sympathy. To live in a world of constant negativity and jealousy must be utterly dreadful. I hope they can eventually invite some warmth into their hearts. I watched two butterflies dancing above my lavender today. It was beautiful.

  99. The high road for me. Loving the new dies as I with my failing eyesight I can’t see to do the “needlework” and never will be able to. I have all the tools and have tried. I couldn’t even see what he was doing when Paul was demonstrating at Crowborough when sitting right in front of him – so thank you for enabling me to at least achieve something.

  100. Dear Barbara. I am so grateful for all the lovely things you have made for us. I agree with so many of the other people who have commented tonight. Hope you have a great weekend. Would love to have been there. Love to all the teamxxxx

  101. Good evening Barbara
    I will defo keep you company and take the high road
    I am as you know on holiday in Cornwall at the min
    And the sunset last night was definitely uplifting
    I did share it on FB if you want to check it out
    Love love love all things Clarity
    And yep I ordered the ODS. Had to be done. Hugs 🤗

  102. When you put your head above the parapet there will be those who will want to shoot you down. Every time you bring something new and innovative out you put your head above the parapet! I think the dies are a great idea. Unfortunately because I have another hobby (golf) which is quite costly I can’t always indulge in buying the new things you bring out but I pick and choose the items I desire the most and get them when I can. If you didn’t bring them out then I wouldn’t be able to buy them so just ignore those naysayers and keep doing what you are doing!

  103. Life is far too short for negativity. The new products will certainly enhance my crafting. I work full time. I love Groovi but don’t always have time to pivot cut.

    For those that don’t approve then they don’t have to buy the products and can picot cut to their hearts are content.

    The Clarity team do a great job and should be very proud xx

  104. Thank you Barbara for your wise words. I was feeling a bit out of sorts this morning following a meeting with someone yesterday who made me feel like I was an idiot and unloved. Then I read your blog – and it hit me – they are a naysayer – everything I said was poo poo’ed – it’s their way – it makes them feel better!!! Well good luck to them, I’m off to the high road, hoping to meet up with you as you make me feel better. Thanks and hugs to you xx

  105. How can any crafter be negative about Clarity?? Their products are fantastic; customer service second to none; design team out of this world and all headed up by the most inspirational and creative person I’ve ever met. Barbara you and your team are astonishing and my life (and I’m sure I speak for literally thousands of others) has been made the richer (well not in a financial sense obviously!!!!) for knowing you.
    Forget the negative few and stick with us who love and admire you! Xx

  106. Barb, ignore them! I am not a parchment crafter and love the idea of the Picot edge dies. Just need to convince Hubs to buy them for me for Christmas. Bx

  107. I think the dies look great although I’ve missed the shows – TV problems. I will be ordering them or buying at Ally Pally. Some sad souls can only cope with negativity to make themselves feel better/superior but little they know the joy of being positive and welcoming creativity in all its forms.

  108. Evening Barbara, leaving a positive comment on here? Easy as I’m an optimist, a positive person. Haven’t had the opportunity before so would now like to wish you and all your team a Happy 25th Anniversary and All The Very Best for many many more Clarity years! You and your team are just fab – so creative, inspiring, helpful, friendly and fun! Weiter so Clarity und Barbara, du bist eine klasse Frau! Alles Liebe Heidi xxx

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