Astounding Service – Hats off and a curtsey!

Astounding Service – Hats off and a curtsey!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Wanted to share something really, really special with you.  Yesterday, as you know, Mum and Dad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, their Diamond.

We went out for the day; lovely lunch and then spent the afternoon sitting in the sunshine, eating cake and reminiscing.


Dave and I headed home before it got dark and had just got through the back door when the phone rang. It was Dad.

“I KNEW she’d remember! I KNEW she wouldn’t forget!” he told me excitedly.

Yep. There was a beautiful card from Queen Elisabeth herself, sent from Buckingham Palace, congratulating them both on such a splendid achievement.

How about that.

And the most impressive thing was that I had only applied online the day before!! Now THAT is astounding Service!!! I wasn’t holding out much hope that anything would come, being as Mum and Dad got married in Germany, and the Marriage Certificate was obviously German. But I submitted copies of their British passports too, and that must have done the trick. Mum and Dad didn’t know why I had requested their papers, or what I was up to. And I didn’t speak to anybody else about it, except Lynne Bishop and my Aunty Esther! Thanks for the info!

But I know for sure that Dad and Mum (but especially Dad) will have been absolutely chuffed to bits over that. And for the card to arrive the very next day on the actual anniversary day. That makes me want to sing for joy too. Little thing – HUGE thing.

And here’s something else which makes me so chuffed. Simon at work, who films and edits our Youtubes (and is just an all round good egg) rustled up this awards video for us. Well! I was blown away. Even if we don’t win a single award, being nominated for so many speaks volumes. So thank you for doing that.

#thankssimon. #thanksforvoting  #chuffed


Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “Astounding Service – Hats off and a curtsey!

  1. wish you all the luck to you and all at clarity .
    Thank you for all the lovely goods you bring to us
    thanks barbara
    and congratulations to your mom and dad
    love kathleen

  2. Wonderful service for a special couple. Their daughter obviously takes after them You deserve every one of those nominations, Barbara. How lovely to be able to spend that special time with your parents. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. Good luck in the awards you certainly deserve to win all of them
    I know how chuffed your mum and dad are to receive their card from her majesty my parents felt the same when they got one . It is now framed and has pride of place on the wall xx

  4. Oh wow! Great that it arrived on their special day. One more amazing memory for them both. Simon did a great job on the video, already voted so fingers crossed you get lots of awards as you all deserve them. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  5. What a welcome blog after a gruelling day. So pleased for your parents. I think I met Simon at Ally Pally. What a lovely man and so talented.
    Have a wonderful weekend to one and all. I shall be down on my plot digging for victory – of what I know not!

    1. Hi Barb, glad you all had a happy, special family day yesterday. Good to hear that this disgraceful immigrant carry on/discrimination doesn’t go that far. There is some hope left then… Your mum and dad deserve their card just as much as anyone UK born and bred!

      I intend to live to well over 100, so I’ll get mine too!!!

      If there’s any justice in the world you’ll win awards, fingers crossed. Everyone reading, if you haven’t already, please vote, vote, vote. It’s very easy to do, and it’s safe too. Barb and Clarity can’t win if folk don’t vote.

      Hope you have a good weekend xxx

      1. Sorry Anne, nae idea why I ended up tagged onto your comment! While I’m here, your digging for victory comment made me laugh. The way things are in the UK, and the world, these days, any victory would be good Anne!!! xx

        1. Hello Brenda

          We don’t know each other but I woukd like to say how pleased I am to see you back on here regularly. I, for one, have missed you.

          Love, Roz xxx

          1. Aww, thanks Roz 🙂 xx
            I didn’t know how many people here liked to read my comments, nor that I’d be missed

  6. Evening bloggy friends, hope you all have a crafty weekend planned. I am painted some unicorns for Christmas decorations. Xx

  7. What a great service indeed! Your Mum & Dad receiving 60th Anniversary card from the Queen just a day after you applied for it is amazing! Just fab! Bet they both were chuffed! Happy Anniversary to them both and All the Very Best for the future! Glad they had a lovely day yesterday!
    Congratulations on getting so many nominations. You certainly deserve them. So fingers crossed you will win a lot of awards! Xxx

  8. Hi Barbara,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch für Deine Eltern zur Diamantenen Hochzeit!!!
    Das wird für Euch alle unvergesslich.
    Und dann noch die Karte aus dem Palast und Eure Nominierungen… Da wird einem ja schwindelig.
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Glad you mum and dad had a great day they must have been over joyed with that special card well worth the effort. My votes are in of cause only one set winners for me the best all round clarity you all love ve you all the best as katie says ;Barbara. grey is the best !!

  10. That is amazing service and glad that Lizzie pulled out all the stops! We got one for my parents 6 years ago now for their Diamond Anniversary, and I pretended it was one of those cards that spoke. Every time I opened the card I read out the message inside doing my best impersonation of the Queen, and we were all in hysterics. Great memories. Congratulations to your mum and dad xxx

  11. The Palace must have expressed the card to have got it there so quickly. What a wonderful surprise for your Mum & Dad. Glad you had good weather too, it does make a difference.
    I have voted in every category for all things Clarity. I think this year you have pulled all the stops out for us crafters and therefore deserve to win – win – win!!!!!
    Have a good evening.

  12. What a wonderful story and I feel privileged to share it
    Thanks Barbara
    Congratulations to your mum and dad wow 60 years
    Brilliant that it was honoured in that special way from the Queen xx
    Voting done weeks ago. Lol.
    #Clarity Rocks

  13. How wonderful to get the card so quickly! Looks like you all had a fabulous day. I’ve voted in the craft awards and have got all my fingers crossed! Thank you for everything the team at Clarity do – you are all brilliant.

  14. Hi Barb,
    Wow! What brilliant service from the Palace. That must have been wonderful for your Mum and Dad and I must say a wonderful thing for you to do for them. I’m sure the card will have pride of place now. Brilliant that Clarity has been no I aged for so many awards and I’ve already cast my votes for you and Clarity in everything I could! So it’s fingers crossed now. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as good as possible. Been a beautiful day here today and really warm. Had a lovely day myself too. The school where my sister and I taught were holding a Macmillan coffee morning, so we both went to support it. It was really lovely to see the staff we’d worked with although loads of new ones as well. Mind you, I was pleased that I was just able to visit and not work! Sending love and hugs to you all. Alison xxx

  15. Glad you had a lovely day with your parents & what a wonderful service from the department processing the applications for the anniversary cards. Its the little things that mean so much & that card will be treasured by your parents. Voting done a while ago as soon as the voting opened.

  16. Hi Barb, it was my parents 60th last year and did the same for my parents. I must say it was a lovely card from Madge and they were both pleased too and my Mam is not a royalist. Glad yours enjoyed theirs too, something quite special. Michele x

  17. Hello Barbara

    That is fantastic! I thought you had to apply three months in advance. Obviously Her Majesty has had lessons from Claritystamp as to Customer Service.

    Love, Roz xxx

  18. Sixty years of marriage needs a special celebration. Glad it all worked out even with short notice!
    So many nominations…all richly deserved x

  19. What a lovely photo of your Mum and Dad, and the icing on the cake to receive a card from the Queen, and at such short notice too, making their special day even more so. x

  20. I wonder if HM is a parcher? Was there any white work on the card perhaps? It is lovely to think that she might read your wonderful blog and even join us in voting for you and Clarity. The service is as good!
    Jokes aside, what a happy day yesterday must have been for you all. Congratulations again and have a lovely weekend. Annette X

  21. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely photo of your mum and dad, I’m so glad you all had a wonderful day, the weather was perfect for you wasn’t it. How fantastic the card arrived in time for their special day, that’s excellent service. It will take pride of place I’m sure. I’ve already voted, Clarity all the way.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Voting already done as soon as it was possible. That was great that you applied for a card from the Queen for your Mum and Dad’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary, then it arrived the day after. They must have been over the moon when they received it. Have a great weekend xxx

  23. Hello Barb, good on you for getting the paperwork in, and well done to the Palace for getting it out so quickly. A cherished item to receive for your Mum and Dad. Love the video. Take care all. Bx

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