A Perfect Picot Fit.

A Perfect Picot Fit.

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Several of you have been asking how to use the New Groovi Picot dies, so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak, and do a simple step by step for you whilst prepping for the TV shows next week!

It’s all about the sequence with these picot edging dies. What to do first. Simply put, you have to reverse your thinking, and do the last step first.

Let me explain….

Find the picot edging die which fits the plate you want to work with best. In my case, I am going to use the whole A5 square design – the whole plate. So I need the square picot nested die which is the third one in from the outside.

We are going to cut out the parchment first. Lay the die –  cutting edge down – on the parchment. You can see here that I have added a sheet of white copy paper underneath, and a document holder. The document holder will protect the acrylic base plate, and the white copy paper will be ideal as a perfect highlighting background, should I need it. I am cutting on the front of the designer parchment – the duller side.

Run the plates through your die cutting machine. I like the Gemini. It cuts perfectly every single time. Not cheap, but an excellent investment

Right. So now we have the picot edge, we need to introduce the white Groovi lines. I have been asked many times whether one needs the matching Groovi plates when buying the Picot dies.  In a word – YES. Look here, and you will understand.

Now we are working from the back of the parchment. Line the picot edge up with its corresponding etch on the Groovi plate. Take your time doing this; it is important to get it evenly spaced all the way round. Secure at one end with Groovi tabs, like so:

The Groovi Guard is an excellent tool here, for holding the parchment flat and in place while you emboss the line art. Rub the surface with your tumble dryer sheet, and then get in the outermost groove with your No. 1 Starter Kit tool, or your No. 1 Pergamano embossing tool. Keep the Groovi Guard close to the line you are embossing as you work.

Do the half where there are no Groovi tabs first. Then add another pair of Groovi tabs where you have just embossed BEFORE removing the first pair. Complete the square.

Bingo. A beautiful white frame, already picot edged. That’s why you need the matching Groovi plate. Whether you add/emboss the second fine line will depend on the plate design you are going to use in the centre.

See here? I have a choice. I can either introduce that second line from the Groovi picot plate, or not. Let’s not. That way, the inner frame will be slightly wider is all.

Mmmmm. Lookie lookie! I spy with my little eye a wonderful new plate! Or two! Or more!

Yep. Remember those dies I launched on telly recently? The set with our wedding invitation one included? Hang on, let me show you…


Well, next weekend on the Sunday evening One Day Special, I shall be introducing those designs in  – wait for it –

Groovi plates, 3-way overlay stamps AND stencils! So yeah. Go figure why I have started preparing a week early! And the new complete set of Twas the Night Groovi plates (from No. 1 to No. 15)  is on from 2-4pm on Sunday too. Splendid!

But today, I just wanted to run through the basics of fitting a plate design to a picot edge.

Hope that helped those of you who have been asking.

Love & Hugs,



21 thoughts on “A Perfect Picot Fit.

  1. Evening Barbara! I am loving the picot dies. And I reckon that if I get round to doing Christmas cards this year I may well find myself using them to cut the card….they give such a pretty edge!
    Hope you get time to relax over the weekend
    Love and hugs xx

  2. Thank you so much for that. I missed the show but bought the items so now I can use them properly. Nice and easy to understand what you meant as well. Thanks again

  3. Lovely, great to have a week to prepare my credit card for another onslaught next Sunday, not a parcher but the stamps and stencils will no doubt fall in my basket.

  4. Hello Barbara – just wanted to say I love the picot dies and picot groovi plates. The groovi dies are so amazing, even great in your Christmas crafting. Would love scallop edge dies for parching, possibilities for parching dies are endless, a great light bulb moment. Enjoy your evening, lots of love Donna X

  5. Ooooo very excited about the last of the twas the night being available in Groovi yay, I already have 1 – 10 so will there be a bundle for the last 5 please?
    Lovely new Groovi plates for the birds, I absolutely love the dies.
    Looking forward to next weekend already lol xx

  6. Great explaination of how to use the dies. They are very clever only got one set at the moment. Fred only asked me today what I would like for my birthday now I am torn between another set or waiting to see what you introduce next week. Decisions.Hope all the prep goes well. xx

  7. Got the oblong ones so fare not been able to play yet as still layed up . Up soon to be back playing hope get some you time this weekend looking forward to the shows love joy x

  8. I too have 1 – 10 of Twas the Night so look forward to 11-15 being available.
    Looks like the credit card is going to take a bashing with the ODS as well. The birds are so useful for all occasions. I will never be rich while I’m addicted to Clarity!!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your samples.

  9. Hi Barb, yet another first in the craft world. You are so innovative, always thinking of and producing new concepts, and different takes on things. And all much sought after by many, many crafters. Long may you reign Barbara Gray. Love you xxx

  10. I’ve been using the picot dies to cut out the other dies you’ve produced as well as stamped designs -as Barbara told me when I asked if there was any point in getting them when I can no longer do parchment work, they are brilliant for all other kinds of cutting, giving a delicate edge or frame. Love them all.

  11. Thank you Barbara for the step by step of the picot dies and groovi plates,, I haven’t had time to try any of my two sets as yet, hoping they will work with the Big Shot. Will have a go this week. Hope youre having a good weekend.xxx

  12. Thank you so much for explaining how to use the picot dies. I missed that programme and can’t record Hochanda so I’ve been wondering how to use them. By the way, I totally agree with Cherry about never having any money while I’m addicted to Clarity! You produce such wonderful items which are irresistible . I’m sure the shows will be another sell out. xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    I love the picot dies and plates – such an innovative idea and brilliant time saver! I think the fact that we can now picot cut card and paper as well as parchment is fabulous.
    Glad that you’re bringing out the trees in Groovi and also the ‘Twas the Night last 5 plates although I can see that my bank balance is going to suffer yet again!
    Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  14. Thank you for this great step by step and the 7 day warning of incoming Clarity danger to my bank account! Was at a wedding yesterday and guess what the card I made looked like, I apologise for the plagiarism xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for this, it’s a lovely clear explanation on how to use the plates and dies together and we know when you say put more tape in place first before removing the first lot. that you’ve made that mistake before so don’t want us to make it too! I haven’t had a chance to play with mine yet but must rectify that this week. I bought one set to try but I think some more might go on my Christmas list. How lovely having these Dies as Groovi plates, they really are wonderful.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. I love the picot dies not only to cut the parchment but the matching backing papers & frames. I still enjoy snipping but when there is a large number of edges to be done the dies help speed up the process. Just need to see whether its possible to extend the shapes without messing up the picot edge.
    The sneaky peaks look interesting so will be watching next weekend to see what is coming our way.
    I think I will have to speak nicely to Santa & the Birthday Fairy.

  17. Great demo thanks Barbara, I have the square ones and I’m really impressed at how well they cut. The circle ones are next on my list!

  18. These are lovely. I’d missed the dies so will have a look. Excited about the new stamps too (have not really got into Groovi, I have to confess). I agree with you about the Gemini – have fallen in love with mine, especially as it mens I can craft one handed whilst my right arm is out of action

  19. Hello Barb, a great step by step, and I am sure those who asked, now know the secret. Love the idea of the new products, some more to add to my Christmas wish list. Take care all. Bx

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