What’s Going on?

What’s Going on?

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Had a great giggle at yesterday’s caption competition entries this morning. We’ll find a winner tomorrow. Gives you a chance to go join in if you haven’t already ….

I want to tell you about what else is going on tomorrow.

Maria, our very clever Maria, is on HOCHANDA for 2 hours,11am and 3pm, showcasing the brand new Groovi 123-Christmas plates which Linda has designed. These were the ones we used in the Leyburn workshop on yesterday. Really, really lovely.

There’s a Christmas Rose, Holly and Ivy on one. And there’s a Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Pine on the other one. They come in the large A4 sq. and the A5 sq.

Linda’s 123-Plates: Christmas Collection

Perfect for cards and tags – especially when you use them with the new Round Picot Dies with matching Groovi! . 

It was refreshing to listen to several trad parchers at the workshop yesterday, extolling the virtues of  not only Groovi plates, but also the new and very popular Picot Dies. As for the naysayers who just keep ragging on at us, there’s just no reasoning with unreasonable people, is there? So we should just stop trying.

Here are some beautiful art samples using Linda’s new Groovi designs. Wonderful.

Sheila BradleyKaren JacksonGail SydenhamChris WalkerCarole PankszteloJane TelfordGlynis Whitehead

When I look at the names of our talented design team here, I love what I see. A real healthy mix of Traditional parchers, Pergamano tutors, PCA tutors and of course, Groovi parchers like me, without a qualification to their darling names. Unless you know the individuals, you will struggle to label these artworks, or see who is from which camp. And my question is this: Who gives a rat’s arse ???!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb (aka owner of Pergamano and Groovi).

53 thoughts on “What’s Going on?

  1. They are absolutely beautiful and so versatile! I look forward to seeing the shows, although they will be recorded as I am off to see Samuel tomorrow 😁😁😁


  3. These look great as usual looking forward to the shows, ordered all the picot dies and plates, waiting patiently for them.
    As for the nay sayers I just swipe past with no comment.

  4. Just got in from a four hour journey amongst the lorries this morning, still pumped up after such a great weekend with so many wonderful like-minded friends old and new. As you said, Barbara, we are not just customers, but a true community of friends, and that community cannot be beaten. I have just suggested on Facebook that we now save our precious time and effort and ignore those who cannot allow us to choose our own way through life. Instead, let’s continue to flood the internet with the lovely work everyone produces, no matter how it is produced. I do draw the line at killing my own calf and curing its skin to make traditional parchment. I am happy to try anything new that allows us all to do what makes us happy. Right, now I am off to put the central heating on, make a hot drink, unload all my goodies out of the car and relax till bedtime. Is it bedtime yet? xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. Beautiful samples ! Lovely plates, I’ll be in the air in the morning but should be able to catch up on Hochanda from my sunbed to see the new plates on offer ! When I get back I’ll place an order for the dies and who knows what else ! X

  6. What beautiful Christmas plates! It sometimes seems that you have a hotline to my thoughts and wishes. I have long struggled with tracing the Christmas rose and Pine cones from my traditional parchment patterns and not coming up with a satisfactory design. God bless you and Groovi. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the programmes live as we have to attend a funeral but they will be recorded.
    Re: naysayers – ignore them – they don’t know what they are missing by not embracing Clarity.
    Loved some of the saucy captions and look forward to seeing which one wins.

  7. What lovely samples . I just wanted to thank you for a lovely day on Saturday. I honestly don’t know how you remember all you do – I’m still processing watching your demonstrations! I’m sorry I didn’t get to say hello to Dave (who was rather busy on the tills!) but I did want to ask his advice about wood glue – my Windsor chair has got a wonky leg about to fall off (…oo-er Mrs!). I have learnt that I will need to take all the legs and struts off to re-glue the lot, so I wondered what glue Dave might suggest please? – it’s not an antique but it was my Mum’s chair and it is REALLY comfy.
    Good luck to Maria – she’s great.
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie

    1. Maggie, my Pete uses Screwfix’s own brand wood glue – their No Nonsense range. He’s used it on outdoor things as well as stuff for indoors and he reckons it’s the best he’s ever bought. Hope that helps.

    2. You might try Gorilla wood glue Maggie. I’ve tried some of the other Gorilla glue products and I can’t fault them. I think it is an American brand, you can buy on Amazon but I think the glues and tapes are now more widely available in places like Wilkinson’s and Robert Dyas etc. Hope you can get your chair mended.

    3. Hi Maggie…So glad you enjoyed the Clarity Open Day at Leyburn …It was busy ! We had Blast . Re the wonky Chair Leg, I would use Evostick Woodworking Glue (Strong PVA really) or Gorilla Wood Glue, its seems pretty strong. So take the legs and struts out ,clean the ends up, make sure they will go back in their respective holes ! Glue them as you replace them, tapping them firmly into place. All this being done with the chair upside down. Should do the trick ! Leave for a couple of days…….x

  8. Looking forward to the shows, have put them on to record so will catch up with them tomorrow evening.
    I see that Maria is also down to do 2 shows on Wednesday, is this correct ?

  9. Once again superb samples from a very talented design team. I can honestly say that each and every one of the Clarity design team are always eager to share any tips, advice and assistance when anybody needs help. You don’t see that with every design team. As you rightly say Barb – why waste time on the naysayers – they are not important – and what’s more they won’t have half as many friends as us Clarityites. Shall be watching my bestest friend Maria tomorrow as always. Onwards and upwards owner of Pergamano, Groovi and Clarity. 😁😁😁 xxxx

  10. Everything is so beautiful can not wait to finish my cards from yesterday’s workshop. I might even post them when finished. Have had my delivery of all things groovi ordered in the past few weeks just need to time to play now. Thank you for ignoring the naysayers if it means you keep bringing us such fabulous products and inspiration then please carry on doing what you do. Love Hx

  11. Love the new plates and everything we did with them yesterday. Not brilliant at captions but will give it some thought. As for the naysayers just not worth worrying about. you are doing a brilliant job of keeping far more positive people very happy. xx

  12. Oh let them say “Nay” I for one am shouting “Hooray!”

    Recorder set for both days, looking forward to seeing the fab samples and demos (I treated myself to the new 123’s at Leyburn… Linda said I needed them or my collection would be incomplete and who am I to argue with the Master – 😁!

  13. Ypu know Barbara, you can’t argue with stupid. Definitely do not waste anymore energy on the naysayers, they are the ones missing out.
    Looking forward to Maria’s shows tomorrow xx

  14. Can’t wait to see Maria’s shows this week! The plates tomorrow are a delight and can make little snippets of cards or something much bigger… Its up to you which you choose to go with. A bit like it’s your choice if you perforate and snip or cut with the picot dies. The result will be stunning whatever!
    The naysayers are getting boring now and need to understand that the more they moan on the more we’ll ignore them. I’ve blocked a couple as I don’t want to see negativity!
    I love my groovi and have learnt some trad techniques now so I’m happy with what I do… I know no rules so can’t break any and that’s good! If it looks OK what does it matter how I got there!!!
    Have a lovely evening Barb!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  15. Hello Barbara- looking forward to shows. Just do not understand the naysayers point of view. There is a place for everything. I have just received my picot dies and groovi plates. Looking forward to having a good play with them. As much as I love picot cutting, we seem to be living in a time when there is no time. However much we plan each day , it never goes quite as we expected. These picot dies are a brilliant idea and I for one are looking forward to more. Keep your chin up Barbara, you, I and everyone else knows this a wonderful idea. Lots of love Donna X

  16. I Well actually be able to watch the shows, as did what I needed to do today. I love watching Maria and didn’t want to miss her demos. The samples are beautiful, as always, and really show off the picot dies. I am having to manage without them and hopefully, by the time I can afford them, my picot cutting will match! What a great time saver they are, freeing up time to spend on more intricate designs, and the new plates come to mind there. I am sure that there will be more stunning samples on Groovi worldwide, when everyone starts to receive their orders. Have a good week. Hugs Annette X

  17. Aye Barb, you’re the owner of Pergamano and Groovi, you do as you wish, 25 years on and you’ve never gone down a wrong Clarity path, as far as I can see! You, and 99.9% of your followers can’t be wrong, eh!

    Facebook/social media does seem to bring the worst out in folk. Or maybe they are just letting their guard down and showing their true colours, thinking they are hiding behind a keyboard!

    Sadly you find those naysayers in all aspects of life, a minority, but who sadly shout the loudest. It’s a control thing, as far as I can tell. They are trying to make up for their own inadequacies by dragging good/successful people down to their level so they can feel better about themselves. Makes them feel big and important, I guess. Nae point trying to show them the error of their ways, they don’t see past the ends of their own noses and their own agendas. Giving them even an acknowledgement gives them what they want. Just walk away and feel pity for them, living their miserable sad lives going nowhere. If no one even acknowledges their presence, never mind what they say, they’ll soon get fed up and go elsewhere. Just walk on by and make no mention to/about them or their words. Drown them out with silence.

    I’m sure your new Groovi plates will be sell outs, and Maria will work her magic as always.

    Hope you have a happy evening
    love you xxx

  18. The new plates are lovely to work with, bitesize pieces and so much potential, To see Linda’s work using these plates was inspiring. I even watched closely how she sharpened her pencil, tried it today and got the sharpest point ever! I am definitely a yaysayer – we must be the vast majority and the ones who have seen the light xx

  19. These new plates look fabulous, lots of ways to use them to build up designs. Can’t believe even after 3 years there are still people moaning about Groovi! Just think how much time they have wasted writing comments when they could have been making beautiful parchment creations instead. Sad for them is all I think. XX

  20. Evening bloggy friends, hope your Monday was a good one. Have been onto the Clarity website to order a storage folder for my dies, I do like these daily deals. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Would you believe that after all my spending at the Open Day, I put in an order from Clarity today! Yes you guessed , another folder for my dies! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  21. Dear Barbara. Looking forward to Marie’s shows tomorrow, the plates look great. So jealous of the the lucky people who got to Leyburn. Wanted so much to come, but it looked a bit difficult by public transport. It sounds to have been a wonderful weekend.
    I like the dies, but not sure as my big shot won’t cut the ones I have very well. Only manage paper and parchment but not card.
    Great to belong to a lovely family, Clarity. Xxxxx

  22. These samples are just beautiful and I would be so happy to receive any of them! Now I am neither a parcher nor a groovier, but I do know when something is an absolute delight to behold. I bet there were people who thought you were away with the fairies when you created clear stamps too, and as we know, everyone else still uses rubber don’t they?!!! x

  23. Hi Barb,
    Looking forward to Maria’s shows. Linda’s new plates are really beautiful. I bought them on Saturday before finding out we were using them yesterday. So pleased I did! The two cards we worked on were inspiring and yes I have put my holly leaf right! The whole weekend was truly inspirational and I’m thankful to everyone who made it possible. Forget the naysayers, think of the yeahsayers – there’s definitely more of us!!! Thank you again, love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Came down to earth with a bang after a fantastic weekend ( no I haven’t fallen over again!). Housework ugh! Kept looking at my half finished cards wanting to finish them, but I thought I’d better do some cleaning. Mind you my brain was a bit addled after all the concentration yesterday. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  24. Oh Barb, the new Groovi plates look fantastic. I’ve been trying hard to not buy any new craft stuff, ‘cos I’m saving to take the family on holiday to Cyprus next summer, but I think I’m going to have to have these plates!! You bring out so many gorgeous products, it’s REALLY hard to resist them. Take no notice of naysayers, I learned parching the traditional way and I LOVE the Groovi system. I started using it as soon as it came out and I think it’s versatility, adaptability, ease of use and the beauty of the designs are great. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy being able to produce something beautiful whether they know “the rules” or not. VIVA GROOVI!!! x

  25. These new plates are absolutely stunning, I think I have been waiting for something like this. I shall order them and the round picot dies, Christmas sorted! The design team’s samples are gorgeous and inspirational. Recorder set for tomorrow.
    Ignore the naysayers, they don’t know what they are missing. Xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    I think examinations are overrated!! And I think the only one who would care would actually be the rat!!!
    These are beautiful plates, and beautiful creations, as always. Can’t wait to see what Maria does tomorrow and Wednesday.
    Love & Hugs

  27. Hello Barb, all I can say is wow! What stunning work from very talented ladies, love the different looks. Take care all. Bx

  28. Hi Barbara
    Wow oh wow what a beautiful piece of artwork at the beginning of the post and then wow oh wow what beautiful pieces from the design team. They are all stunning and it shows that Groovi is for everyone. Loving the new plates, I will try and watch or record Maria’s showsas I know I will learn a lot. Just ignor the nay sayers, you are the owner of the company and you know from sales whether you’ve hit the nail on the head or missed it by a mile and I think we know which one it’s been! Thanks Dave for the chair fixing advice, we’ve got a wonky chair too! It’s amazing what you learn from your blog!
    Love Diane xxx

  29. Just got back from the most joyful funeral ever which celebrated the life of a lovely man in his 80’s. Everyone wore cheerful and bright colours, the coffin was bright red and the sides were decorated with pictures of his favourite motor bike. The music was uplifting eg: we all walked out to “Look on the bright side of life”. It made me think of how lovely it is that with all the mizzogs and naysayers around we can still be positive and enjoy things like the beautiful creations from your team. I am settling down now to watch Maria on tele. Have already placed my order!!!

  30. Loved the shows over last couple days specially as I have to keep my leg up so what else can I do but watch my first set of pico dies arrived today . Hugs joy xxx

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