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Cor blimey! What a lot of traffic out there today! Went over to Mum and Dads via maidstone – major roadworks. Took Mum grocery shopping to Macknades in Faversham –  I think they are moving Sittingbourne entirely, one house and one road at a time. Chaos.

So I settled into the traffic jam and just chatted away with Mum in the car until we eventually got where we were headed.  Is it me? Am I the only person who can see that this little island of ours is being dug up – literally! No wonder I like it up here in my little hidey-hole!

On the subject of Mum and Dad, and still wanting to share a few wedding photos with you, here is one I particularly love. My lad Mark with his beautiful girl Alex and his Oma.

Good looking couple, eh?

Not much!!!! I think the men were happy to park the top hats after a while though!!

And if Mark wasn’t looking out for his Oma, Grace was.

Or the other Mark – Mark 2 ! We have 2 Marks in the family now. Grace’s beau is also a Mark. Also mixed race. Also 6ft 5in! Also handsome!

So it was a tall wedding, if you know what I mean. The Grays are all pretty tall. Dad, brother Steve, Marks…

Dave is comical. He’s over 6ft himself, but he always says he feels dwarfed by my lot!!

Bored yet? Tomorrow I will share some pretty whacky photos with you – from the safari!

Yep. We all went on a safari! 100 guests! It was certainly a day to remember.

In our full regalia…yikes!

God knows what Mum and Dad really thought! But they climbed aboard and had a blast.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, ” Dad said.

“Want to put your trainers on, John?” asked Mum.

“No dear,” was the response.

But more tomorrow. It was honestly the best day ever.

I am having such fun looking through all the pics and selecting ones to share with you! It is such a great thing to do!!

Hope you aren’t bored! Well, you can always switch off!


I did say I would share a Groovi Border project with you too, so here’s a neat one with bamboo – in readiness for the safari!!

I really like the Border plate with the banners on it. It is so useful!

No instructions required here!

Note to self: put butterfly higher next time, so the Y shows!

Wishing you Serenit too.

Don’t forget the Groovi Border Sale is on till midnight Monday. Good time to add 5 borders to your stash and get a free Storage folder!

Love & Hugs,



37 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Hello Barbara

    Thank you for showing us the photos, I really enjoy looking at them.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see a family resemblance between Grace and Alex? When I saw the photos the other day of the girls together I thought they were cousins. Two beautiful girls.

    Love, Roz xxx

    1. I agree Rosalind. I mentioned it when Barb showed us the first pictures and it is even more marked ( excuse the pun!) on these.

  2. The pics are lovely. Such a happy occasion. Thanks for sharing such a personal day with us. Love the card too, even with the hidden Y! Love and hugs. Rachel xx

  3. Keep the photos coming Barbara, it is great to share your day in retrospect. Could never be bored.
    I need to look at what borders I have so I don’t duplicate my order.

  4. Lovely photos. I got very nostalgic at your mention of Sittingbourne as I lived there for the first 20 years of my life many years ago now!

  5. It truly was a wonderful event and we were honoured to be invited to share a little of it with you. I do think that baby giraffe tried very hard to upstage everyone. You certainly have a very special family,both in looks and their very caring natures. A family to be proud of. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  6. Well I must say thank you to you for sharing your memories with us all I have loved looking at your beautiful photos.
    Looking forward to going on safari tomorrow
    Hugs T

  7. Keep on coming with the photos – it’s lovely to see them ! You do have some tall ones there, my nephew is over 6ft and I tend to get a crick in the neck, my niece, his sister of course, is barely 5 ft, even I’ve taller than her at 5’3”. We always say what a good job it was that way round ! Grace’s chap is very much like Mark to look at I think ! Look forward to seeing more. I’ve got most of the borders …… xxx

  8. Looking forward to more photos. You certainly have a handsome family.
    This got me looking at my own wedding photos of nearly 21 years ago. We told no-one as we didn’t want a fuss. The photographer and his wife were our witnesses, no other guests, and we had a really fun day. When we told people they said it wouldn’t last 6 months as we were both so independent and stubborn but here we are over 20 years later and as happy as the day we married.
    Been looking at my border stash again, may add to it later. Love the bamboo project.

  9. Love the photos, thanks for sharing them with us. It looks like a lovely day with lots of memories made. Looking forward to seeing the ones on safari. The picture is lovely, I suppose you could always add the butterfly as a decoupaged element on the front once you had the word in place or do a template of the banner & word first so that you could see where the butterfly sat best. Easy for me to say now I have seen your work but its one of those things that we all do at some point in our Groovi journey even when we know what we should be doing !!

  10. Keep photos coming looking forward to seeing more everyday would love to see them all you have to amazing children so loving and caring loving seeing them looking after there Oma would love to meet your parents to both seem such a lovely couple and of cause Steve his great katie often talks about meeting him, so keep photos coming will never be bored it’s so wonderful seeing what a special day you and Dave. Had was so deserved for you both love plots through you family out to us all love seeing people’s parents being loved would give anything to have my mum dad and sadly my grandparents were gone well before I was born but love been a Nan myself what a beautiful little granddaughter you have. Love the card you made and been on the sale oops fell in my basket looking forward to getting them and practicing more my pico cutting through them lots love Joy xx

  11. Keep ‘em coming Barbara; I love looking at them. Could you also include a picture of your invitations and other stationery, as I have heard so many people comment on how lovely they were?
    Sorry, maybe you actually want to keep those things private, so please ignore me if that is the case. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Annette X

  12. Bored?? Bored?? You’re kidding right?? They are truly beautiful pictures and a pleasure to share in your obvious joy of the day. Rosalind I agree with you – I think there is a definite resemblance too. How anyone can get so much beauty and joy at one occasion is amazing don’t you think?? Looking forward to the safari pics. Xxx

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Been really enjoying to see your lovely wedding photos and looking forward to seeing more tomorrow. Glad you had such a wonderful wedding! Thanks so much for sharing. Xx

  14. Never ever bored with your wedding photos, love looking into a very happy special day. We are truly blessed at having such a lovely friend, it feels like it although not having actually met you but that is how you make us feel. Thank you Barbara x

  15. Really enjoying the photos – keep them coming Barb! So nice to get a look into your very special day. Love and hugs to you and Dave xxx

  16. Hi Barbara , thank you for letting us in on your very special day.
    You had such a wonderful day as all the photos show.
    Thank you so much .
    Lynn x

  17. Fabulous photos – thank you so much for letting us peek into your amazing day. All so beautiful and handsome – what a glorious family.
    Please if it’s not being cheeky have you a photo of the back of your dress? It suited you so perfectly – would just love to see the back and how it drapedO as you walked together into your married world.
    Thank you so much for sharing. X

  18. Lots more great photos Barbara, and are we bored…no we are not! It is so lovely to see everyone looking so happy and the safari sounds like it was such fun. x

  19. Loving the pics…gives us a ‘feel’ of how special your day was. As for the handsome fellas…can never have too much eye candy but as we know they’re all spoken for by gorgeous gals!
    Your project of the day is great too Barb, always forget about these banners and they were one of the first plates I bought!

  20. I am loving seeing your photos, what a truly wonderful time was had by all. Special memories to keep forever. Your Mum and Dad look great and I agree that Grace & Mark and Mark & Alex are both well matched, handsome couples. You are gonna have some stunning Grandkids one day 😉.

    Thank you for the demo. Only 2weeks until Samuel is off to college, so hopefully, I will find time to clear up my craft room and settle myself in there for a while!

    Love always Rxxx

  21. Barb… it is brilliant that you let us into your happiness, thank you so much – did I spot a pair of red shoes under your hem?
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie
    PS – Dave will always be taller than me (I’m 4′ 11”)

  22. Hello Barb, not bored at all, keep them coming, I love watching weddings and looking at other couples wedding photo’s. Love your groovi offering the bamboo is fab, and well the butterfly was just taking a rest on the Y. Bx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Another gorgeous set of photos – what is there to be bored with?! I think the ones that touched me most were the ones with Mark and Grace taking care of their lovely Oma – obviously love her very much. Also have to say that both have lovely partners too – very good looking couples. Looking forward to seeing the safari pictures.
    Lovely piece of Groovi ( I hadn’t even noticed that the Y was hidden- I think my brain filled in the gap!) . The bamboo is a lovely plate. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all well. Donna, have a fabulous holiday. Gilly, glad to hear your friend has had the all clear. Sending love and hugs to you all,Alison xxx

  24. I am enjoying looking at these photos very much, when I get to the end of the comments I go back and have another look. You all look fabulous.
    My husband and I are both shorties, 5ft 7 and 5ft 5 but our 3 sons are all around the 6ft mark and even the older grandchildren are taller than us! Xx

  25. Love all your photos Barbara. You looked fab and you have very pretty/handsome children!! Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. It was obviously a great day enjoyed by all.xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    I could never get bored looking at your wedding photos, I’ve even been back and looked at the earlier ones again. Really looking forward to seeing the next set xxxxxx
    I really love the way you put the plants behind the banner, very clever, gets my mind racing on things to create. I love thinking out of the box.
    Love & Hugs

  27. You can never get bored with wedding photo’s! They are absolutely brilliant, thank you for sharing them with us!!!

    Ann & David xxxxx

  28. Bored? Never!!! I look forward to the safari photos tomorrow. We have done that safari but we had torrential rain and hail (in June!) At least the weather was kind to you.xx

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